the butterfly effect— @remixes

q/a in the comments, ask me anything :)


the butterfly effect— @remixes q/a in the comments, ask me anything :)

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Hey Kat where's the remix
Where is it Kat
How dare you lie to us
I’ve always loved how you could take such a complex and intriguing enigma of a topic and portray it in a way that’s clear and straightforward while not losing any part of its meaning. I really liked the blue accent tones in this too
this is so gorgeous it portrays the butterfly effect in such an amazing way omgg
thank you Kat! ❤️
THIS THOUGH. It’s so pleasing to look at! 😍
ooo q&a! What are some words you’d describe yourself? What’s your favorite smell? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
there was a spider in my shower and i just watched it drown while chanting “die” 💀
I will never get enough of your collages smh they’re so pretty and sunny
Q&A! oooah, what did you have for dinner yesterday? do you have a current favorite somg? do you prefer writing with mechanical pencils or wooden?
im doing not too bad, putting off an arguemntative essay that was due heh
This is absolutely beautiful, I love all the pictures, the layout is so amazing. Also the text is so great it’s so simply yet so GREAT! You are so good at making collages they all turn out stunning! I love this!❤️
steak sounds ao good rn
and listening to music for nostalgia is always so fun love that
you should save me some❕❕
Q: do you orefer mountains or beach? how do you feel about salt and vinrgar chips?
oh do you have a favorite letter of the alphabet? fav numbr?
You are way to kind!!
mm gotta agree, mountains are 🤌 also 17 is interesting, I dont think ive heard that as an answer before tbh
o any time !!
yea haha
tbh i’m probably going to ask a lot of random questions so be prepared lol
now that i realize that was so random…
this is so amazing 🤩🤩
sounds like a solid plan to me! it’s a shame that the arts and creative fields are really inconsistent and hard to break into so to speak. you have what it takes though, and I believe you can do it Kat! I support it !
I totally feel the venting on pc though. I remember the thing here was making inspirational edits, but after awhile I just wasn’t feeling it.. hard to be inspirational when I was making things with no passion left in me
pop off Kat !
I love this so much!! The colours look so nice and every picture just fits so well 💙
Thank you :)
Wow this is absolutely GORGEOUS
thank you so much kat!!!
Wow this looks so cool!
🌏New Post🌏
man that’s a great question, I’m not sure anymore 💀 I was living on cloud 9 three days ago, and then I started studying for finals and ap exams and my mood just went down hill real fast 📉 but at the same time my activities / extracurriculars are popping off? and I’m having a crazy amount of art inspiration (that I can’t act on because COLLEGEBOARD STEALS MY MONEY AND TIME /hj 😩🤧)
so I guess pretty well give or take? I also got friendzoned but that I’m honestly not too upset about because I still took my shot and I had nothing to lose. 😀👍
but how about you? anything interesting? :)
for sure. I’m the kind of person who dwells on the past, so by taking action, it kind of limits the amount of what ifs I overthink at night 😅 this is my second time getting friend zoned by the same guy, so I might end up just leaving it be at this point. I’m not too sure yet… 😶
whoa back to back proms!! sounds like a blast! where’d you get your dress from? I always have a hard time finding one that fits because I’m a midget :,)
good luck to you with studying ! remember to take care of yourself too! 😎 but yeahh collegeboard is kind of a scam, most schools I’m looking at won’t take most of my credits 💀
as for colleges, I know for sure l want to do biomed engineering. I love bio and robotics has made me fall in love with innovation and prototyping, and biomedE combines both of them!
I’ve been looking at case western since it’s really highly ranked in biomedE, my hometown uni (safety school / I’m dual enrolled there rn), and ofc the dream schools in Cali which I probably have no shot at 😅
as for well rounded, I’m not too sure 😅 I recently took the ACT and got good scores in everything but English grammar LOL. I’ve really been sleeping on my writing / English skills and it’s starting to show. I also have no volunteer hrs, rip me haha. Imy deal with my parents is we’ll tour the colleges I get into, so I’m really going off of stars and google searches at the moment xD
what about you? have you seen any colleges that seem intriguing? 👀
my comma splice tendency must’ve showed 💀
I was in an immersion program so I never had a formal English class till fifth grade, that’s probably why my foundation is bad haha…. I definitely relate though, lockdown kind of made my motivation and education tank quite a bit.
it’s so hard to deem which schools are safety schools. 😔🥲 google SAYS my stats are within the range, but Covid kind of screwed everyone over and I don’t want to assume that I’m going to get in either…
nonetheless, all those schools are really good at everything, and iirc they have good programs for what you want to pursue! they’d be a fool not to take you Kat >:)
no for real! my grade has a tiktok famous philanthropist who has done so many crazy things and I’m here praying we’re not applying to the same schools….
3 great answers! You sound like a wonderful person! Thanks for answering!
i’ve been pretty good thanks! (that piggly wiggly did make me quite happy lol) hbu
not too shabby, this upcoming week ill be a bit busy with orch performances hahaha, I rlly need to practice 🥲🥲
ooo how was prom?
I have no idea lol..
I honestly wanted to see what your first collage looked like lol
haha it is super good tho!!
HA the recital grind 💪💪💪 what piece are you playing? :00
wooah that sounds familiar, good luck for whenevrt rhe recital is :DD and tbh same, tues my chamber orch is performing a quartet piece and the 1st violin part is a whole MESS :’) it literally just jumps all over the place, so we’ll see how that goes 😀😀
oh lol!
mine was like a little picture thing bc I used to use pc for family pics and stuff
followed back >:))
also I don’t think we have either?! we might’ve started one awhile back, but the. we both got tied up with other things and didn’t finish it xD
replying to previous convo abt colleges: you’re right! it’s better to focus on what we’re doing instead of trying to match what everyone else is doing. there’s no one right way to college. I do believe we got this, we’re mega stacked 😎
this is really absolutely beautiful, the pictures chosen are rlly cool and the cottagecore vibes from this just hits
q&a questions: how are you haha (thought I would ask), where do you usually get your inspo from? be it for collages and/or poems. what’s behind your motivation, what encourages and inspires you to do better?
and can I have ur talent 🙏🏻🙏🏻
thank you <33
thanks kat! I still got time though, the bio exam is next week so I can study (procrastinate) a little more 😤😤 your first one is env sci on Tuesday?
this is so beautiful!!
hehe I actually took chem last year and am taking bio this year. 😅 but ty anyways Kat, much appreciated <3
I feel you though, I got a 5 on the practice world hist. test, but I haven’t formally studied yet LOL
yooo a 4 is still really good!! obviously a five is ideal, but no matter the score I think you did amazing Kat ! one down!!
I’ll cross my fingers for you thst it’s a decent curve thst benefits you 🤞
thanks kat! 💕
Oooh yeah sunset lamps r so pretty! 🤩
Thank you!!
Thank you! ❤️
howdy 🤠🤠
aw nooooo. 😩
omg I can’t believe your following me that’s a big achievement for me
thank you!! i see, it’s rlly crazy and insane how you get your inspo from all sorts of things and HOW, HOW DO YOU WRITE WHILE GOING THRU A SH•TTY DAY 💔💔
awee you’re soo sweet!! and oh! thx for letting me know
how are you?
omg no!! I bet you’re gonna pass!!
and oml pc such a dirty dog, tsk 🤨🤨
oh! well trust yourself! you will pass for sure ♥️🙂
I’m doing great! just piled with work haha 😅
mostly picking up my online assignment slack. as per usual, ive decided to do everything the last two months 😌😌
also I was out swimming yesterday wirh friends and there was a raft we were messing around on a raft, I was pushed off and banged my leg on the raft edge so now my leg is swelling! 😄
ignore me saying raft redundantly <3
other than that im good, its warm :D
how have you been?? :00
oml exam season </333
thank you so much kat!! I really appreciate all the advice, it sxcks to see that you had to go through that. hope things are better now!!
oh wow! I’m glad it’s not as bad now
thank you so much!! YouTube and Spotify are awesome! what kind of music do you usually listen too?
*sigh* kat, every time I look at this collage, it just gets prettier and prettier. love the thing in the remixes too!! best wishes to your bright future! 💞
hi kat :) long time no see! how are you?
haha that’s alright, your writing is still mind blowing and I would adore to read more of what you come up with :)
hi Kat! how are you?
ahhh finishing exams might’ve feel so good! and I hope your back feels better ♥️
ahhh tysm that means a lot!!! glad you liked it
omggg you got it all right!!! yes I’m 14 and I love art it just makes me happy and yes I love reading (depends on the book tho). yes I love spending time with my friends and I adore spicy food 🥘!! and I do like pickles tho lol 😂 and yes French vanilla smells sooo good 💕
ahhh I’m sure you’ll feel better!! and yes I was in shock too!! like you got everything right mostly
Ik it’s pretty cool!! I’ve been doing great just stressed with final culminating tasks!!
ahh that’s exciting! i’m pretty good, i have about three weeks left thank god junior year is almost over
aps were tough this year lol
oh I totally relate!! sometimes I’m in the mood for Lofi and then other times I’m in the mood for Taylor pining about someone..
dayum that’s a lot omg
i took apush and ap lang and called it a day, the essays almost killed me
it’s been a long-ish timeeeeee
how have you been
tysm!! yes it is French!!
oooh your name is so pretty kat!
actually since there have been a lot of covid cases recently (me 🥲) my school decided to end early so it’s sort of nice but it ends the first day i’m able to come back so haha
omggg only long sleeves and pants sounds pretty good, just not in the summer tho!! I’m sure you’ll find something else!!
how are you?
goshhh it's been so long how have u been kat?
aSlO this is stunning and that's on Fax <3
thank you <33
they weren’t too bad, fr just painful LOL. kudos to you for taking that many aps i would not have made it.
new post 😛
actually laura thinks she’s my friend but I know the truth about her
also pc support isn’t even active
pls follow me! I’m a huge fan! just saw this account and I already love it
Kat hru, what have you been up to lately?
hey kat, how has your summer been recently?
haha 😂 you should make a spam acc! they’re super easy and fun!
i love ur acc!! i think I remember when I first followed back in like 2017, amazing as always!!
this is absolutely stunning