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btw: anyone have any suggestions on font combos?
don't worry about that!! and i can't wait to see what you've been working on, i'm sure it's gonna be amazing🥰💞
mmh, about the font combo... i like to use "bold" fonts (like bebas neue) + italics fonts! i think they match together pretty well💖
no one forgot you!!
focus on yourself and don’t worry about socials! 💕
I missed you and hru?
dwww!! can’t wait to see!
missed you💕 how have you been?
No one forgot you, don't worry about it I am so exited to see what collage you have came up with this time it’s probably beautiful as usual!!💞
I missed you!
Welcome Back Mackenzie!
missed you so much! and nooo ofc I didn’t forget I always check ur acc for new posts!<3
And I’m so excited to see the new collages!
for font combos i usually do regular/bold fonts + like king basi etc..
I could never forget about you!! Don't worry about not posting often, it's totally understandable :)
For font combos I would say what they said ^ so match more basic fonts with the italic ones. You could also look at some text collages from others and see what kinda combos they use
Awwwwww your welcome!😊
I'm doing great thank you hru?
I’m good thx! and no it’s okay!!! can’t wait to see your collages♥️♥️
heyyy how have you been??
awe of courseee❤️❤️ I’m so glad you have inspo and like I said I’m super excited to see what you post next!
I’m great 👍🏻 btw thank you! ❤️
That’s great!😊
yeah hopefully!
I'm excited to see what you'll make ❤
ooooo super excited to see!!♥️
Hi!This is my new confessions/advice account. Everything you need to know is posted <3
new post♥️
Thank you!!
I knew you did haha, I always love when you make dark royal collages :)
hey Mackenzie let’s prank Chasingblue by spamming her with the letter “L” lmk if you’re down
idk just a random letter