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Hello beautiful being! I know spam is hatable so I won't do it:) I just came here to tell you that you are amazing and to ask you for a favor: please love and be yourself, it doesn't matter what people could think or say. Oh and thanks for existing btw. Have a wonderful day/night!💙✨
low key samee
so cute. lol
how ??
did you talk to him about it
omg I'm sooo sorry
are u sure
I feel so bad did he say why
ask him
I'll try
nothing yet
he likes someone irl
yah im sorry
you knew jade and letty
might of been bree
i think ur cute rhi
Is anyone on hers sinke i need a woman that i can treat lje a queen
what lol
can i talk her pls i have a crush on her🙊
*hugs you tightly* Don't be mad at me..
*sets chin top of your head* Okay good
*gently rubs your back*
*looks at the ground*
*takes a step closer* I don't know what I would do without you...
*cups your face in my hands* I.. do..
Peahces. Look at me..
*holds you close*
Shh.. *strokes your hair* don't cry
I'd love to honestly.. but what if for some reason this doesn't work out? It could ruin this
Even if we don't work out I'd still care about you
Yes you are *sits down in front of you*
*pokes your side* Whatcha doing?
Warm air does rise and cold air sinks.. makes sense *pats your head*
*watches you and smiles*
*laughs nervously * Umm yea
*scoots you down a bit and sits up still hold onto you*
Hi *smiles a lil*
What was that face for?
*stays seated sighing and watches you leave*
Nah I'm good, thanks though..
*sits back up and looks at you*
sooo... *looks at the tea and then you*
Pretty swell .. *lays down on the couch*
*starts to drift asleep*
*lazily smiles back*
*falls asleep*
*mumbles incoherently*
*wakes up and looks at you*
it's true
we’re Angie
we're is Angie