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hey, how are you? :)

july 17 , 2020


• t a p • hey, how are you? :) july 17 , 2020

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July 11, 2020 is two years since the start of this account. Thank you everyone for everything :)
love this
I love the colors and how you did the text! happy 2 years!
this is so pretty!
happy 2 years btw! 🥳
this is gorgeous🤩 happy two years!!🤍
happy 2 years😌
this is stunning🤩💕
omg this is literally sooo aesthetic!!
alsooo how are you💓
and aww happy two years!!🤩
to love or to be l o v e d
this is so beautiful😌
I’ve been pretty good too!! are you on holiday?
omg lucky!! do you have a summer bucket list?
aaa this is so aesthetic 💗
happy two years!! how are you? 💞
this looks amazing bro👏👏👏
so pretty 🤩
ooo unfortunately it’s not summer for me :(( ahah it’s winter in aus but if I did have a bucket list, I would love to have like an indoor photo shoot aha
or build a fort :)
ah I'm doing well! how are corona restrictions in your area?
this is so prettYY
happy 2 years!
this is cool!!✨ & happy 2 years!🎉
haha it’s fine, and tysmm🥺💞💞
this looks so cool!!
omg yess they are!! and having movie nights with blankets is such a vibe :)
same for me, restrictions are easing up but I don't want to go back to everyday life again since cases are rising too..
so simple but dang so pretty❤️
yaa omg mixed with pizza too🥺🥺
wait no way really?! omg i’ve been in irish dancing for ten years now! so cool to meet someone familiar with it haha😂
u used to? <3
oh wow that’s crazy
so sweet to meet a former irish dancer :) did u compete?
ah i see
thank you :)
This is so cool! how are you?
yes samee!! what are your go to toppings for pizza?
thank you so much!! 🥺💕
this is soo beautiful 😍
aaaand i just realized i havent been following you omg I’m gonna fix that right away
The second round is up. Make sure to converse with your teammates.
AHH T H A N K Y O U !! 😳😳🥺 it means so much 🥰🥰💗
also, NO PROBLEM! you definitely deserve it 🥰💗
ooo I love pepperoni!! I love all pizza flavours but I love meat lovers and supreme :)
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hahaha im not too much of a picky eater so I don’t mind :)) do you prefer pizza or pasta?
ooo love this!!
whattt I was going to say my fav food was pasta!! hahaha and I also like sushi and burritos💕wbu?
it was the wrong insta used lol it’s @guppydacat 🥰
as am I
oooo yumm grilled cheese is yum!! do you have toast for breakfast
thank you for all the likes! i love your aesthetics 💕
ahh tysm!!
thanks patrickkkkk😌😌😌😌
zoom is 🤢
Thank you! I love this btw :)
You’re welcome 💖
*ruins 69*
how do ppl use zoom and not look like trash with a trash voice😔👏
this is so pretty🤩🤩
i’m quite honestly obsessed with your aesthetic,,
me too Patrick me too😔
oooo I love toast! but sometimes I eat cereal or I make pancakes :)
Thank you! It will help a ton! Your account is amazing!
thank you! so is this! you find such great pictures!
thank you! this is amazing as well!
ahhh I cook them with no added stuff but then I eat them with blueberries and banana and maple syrup! wbu?
hey, sorry to bother you but part 1 of award voting (nominations) are up! come vote today! ~PC-awards2020
thank you!! I love this to!! 🥰
ooo yum bacon! and omg I love strawberries! what are your fav fruit?
thanks, how are you?
love this!💕
aww you’re too kind! and np! x♥️
tysm for the nice comment!! also this is so good and so are all your other collages
thank you!!💕
I’m good. what have you been doing lately?
omg aw thank youu!! and ooo I love grapes! frozen grapes especially in summer tho are😋😋 I also love watermelon and orange :)
well, at least your busy:)
calligraphy, exercising, and reading, you?
tysm !!☺️💙
i love this too !!
omg you should try them one day!! ooo I would have to say slushies because I don’t have smoothies very often😅😋but slushies give such a summery vibe alsooo snow cone trucks are literally my favourite!! wbu?
yaaa I have this home made slushies machine and it’s soo good!!
ahh yeppp it’s winter in Australia and normally where I live it doesn’t get too cold except maybe at night but it hardly goes below minus degrees during the day
wowww that’s sooo cold!!! do you have to go to school in that weather!?
rip the parrot cult😔😔😔
very fun😌
THANK YOU! so is this
Ah thank you!!! 💖💖💖 I love this too!
I’m Bella :)
yes, do you?
Well nice to meet you!
hmm, probably Greece, you?
i got to thinking about it and i definitely think this is something that i really really love
i’ve never been this happy with one of my collages😳
ahh ty
omg woahhh I’ve never experienced minus degrees before😱you must have to wear sooo many layers of clothes!!
so aesthetic🥺
omg woahh just a sweatshirt!! I would freeze
does it get really hot where you live?
agh yeah
I gave another hint!
Ahhh thank you! I thought it was a mess 😰😂💓
thank youuuu
Uh what’s your extras?
ahh do you prefer a hotter temperature or colder?
Ohhh ok thanks!
I’m an idiot 😭😂
wait what
no I thought I figured it out
I mean head of a horse body of a horse it is a horse
yeah same!! like spring/autumn weather :) do you ever have snow days?
But it is the horse right 😂
ok I’ll follow you back :) also TYSM for being so so nice🥺
ahhhh the vintage vibes🤩✨
thanks, how are you?
I’m good, what is your favorite book?
I like to read and my favorite is probably the Swiss family Robinson
im goodd just very bored
my mom just thought of a huge list of chores that need to be done and guess who has to do them all? 🤡
ahh i don’t understand summer classes
summer is for a break from school right?🤡
ahh you’re in college🥺 i thought you were in high school
it’s about this family that is on a ship and then they get stranded on a island:)
you're welcome :)
legit you style is so inspiring to me, it means so much that you like mine ☺️thank you💗
ty !!💙
uhhhh ok what’s your username so maybe i can invite you? 😂
oh haha closing and opening the app again fixes it😂 thank you!
i invited you so we’ll see if that works
exciting 🤪
we have actually never had days off due to the weather cause it doesn’t get too extreme
omg snow days would be so fun at school!
💗of course💗 I hope you win something☺️
yes i finished like an hour ago
and they were the most boring chores ever
like some chores are kind of fun, but these were flat-out boriNG
hey it would mean alot if you joined my battle only a few spots left-katie
thank you!! so is this!!
thank you emily🥺💕
thank you ☺️
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woahhhhh this is stunning ☺️🤩
wowwww so beautiful!! 💖
so pretty 💜💜