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hey what’s up it’s kyson
I’m good how are you
nothing much hbu
same and thanks very much I like yours too
I think it’s unique
really *chuckles* it’s a pretty basic name
haha every girl is in jk *laughs
ahh thanks :)
wanna do something?
nooopppeeee your picking
but ladies go first
*chuckles* neither do I
okay byeee *waves*
heyyy how was shopping *smiles wide*
that’s good I’m glad you had a fun time and I had a pretty fun time myself
we were paddle boarding and I totally didn’t fall off 😂😂
yeah I did :))
😂😂 omg haha
rudeee jk
yeah? *smiles wide*
*chuckles* your cute hah
mmm I’d disagree
*chuckles and blushes a bit
I’d change my ears in a quick minute hahah and I’d change nothing about you your perfect
oh? *chuckles and blushes harder*
I know right hahah