tap here! 🕰️

merry christmas! 
i got a guitar this year 
and almost cried 🙇🏼‍♀️
qotd: what did you get
for xmas if you celebrate!
model: jenna ortega


tap here! 🕰️ merry christmas! i got a guitar this year and almost cried 🙇🏼‍♀️ qotd: what did you get for xmas if you celebrate! model: jenna ortega

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@cappy: omg congrats lol! I’ve always loved the instrument! what else do you play?
@caption: that’s so lucky! aotd: volleyball, squishmallow, cosmetic stuff and a water bottle :) also a notebook and pens
AHH SO GORGG, and thank you!!
i did, but christmas has kind of been bad td bc it was just any other day for me 🥲🥲 i hope you had a great day tho !!!
and that sounds SOOOO COOLLL!!!! i got some nice stuff too!! i just made an amazon wish list and the total is 500$.. sadly i’m not eligible to get the job i want for another 7 months.. 💔💔
IKR the end is definitely a trip LOL such a good movie tho & the soundtrack was so good 2, glad u liked it !! and omg yes i remember 1st seeing donnie darko n having 2 watch nightcrawler soon after his performance really was so amazing, the both r def some of his best performances
u should b proud !! i literally find it so hard 2 find the time of day 2 read tbh ++ omg i always do that w shows too like idc how many shows I have unfinished im still going t start a new one and try and watch them all collectively 😭
& OMG THIS IS SO CUTE everything abt it the photos u chose n all the little details 😮🙏
@ cap ★ merry christmas !!!! + WHAAATT THATS SO COOL id probably almost cry 2, learning/playing instruments is so fun !! aotd ; much clothing, jewelry, and supplies for making all sorts of things
OMG JENNY ORTAGA!! love her… love wednesday
so pretty!! aotd: I got a keyboard and a midnights cd :)
ty!! hope you had a good Christmas 🫶
@cap: I remember when I got my guitar I was so happy! Only know four chords but.. you know. aotd. Evermore and Midnights by Taylor Swift, Halsey's Manic album, ACOTAR series, The Cruel Prince series, some perfume, and a little slip of what looks like paper than actually has the tiniest amount of gold in it. There's more but that would be a lot to type lol. <3
Oh and I forgot one of my most favorite gifts! A new journaling kit with a journal from my grandma!
tysm! 💕
hope urs was too~
This is gorgeous, wow!!
Oohh yes the perks of being a wallflower is so good!! Haven't read the others, but the seven husbands of evelyn hugo is somewhere on my tbr (which is wayyyy to long)
Some of my favs were vicious and vengeful by v.e. schwab, the last true poets of the sea by julia drake and the kingdom by jess rothenberg. I also finally got around to reading the throne of glass series, which was great too :)
Gasp this is beautiful! Love the symmetry!
ahh thank you you’re the sweetest 🫶
Thank you!
AHH WOW SO COOL! and a guitar ?! that’s awesome!!
AOTD: blue light reading glasses, some jewelry for school dances, and a book. I got some trinkets from friends too haha
wow this is amazing
tysmm it’s weird making collages again
thanks Emma, I’d love to be friends! that’s a good res btw 🤣💕
it’s my fav poetry book ever it’s so good 🫶🫶
@caption omg that’s so cool!! I got headphones and a few stuffed animals hehe :)
heyyy happy new year Emma!
ahhh tysm Emma!
yep happy new year!
thank you am !!
thank you sm !! ***
those r the best times 2 read, its so rewarding finding the time tho, def a new years resolution of mines is to take the time to read more !!
i believe youll be able to succeed 101% learning a new instrument is new and new can always be stressful but it will prove to be much more fun and easy than it seems at 1st , +++ learning riot grrrl songs n hole songs is gonna b soso cool i remember when i started drumming riot grrrl pieces were the ones i was so eager to learn they rlly r lots of fun
bratmobile >>>>>> deftones>>>>>>>hole>>>>>>>nirvana>>>>> literally w music taste