I’ve run out of things to say..
qotd: What’s ur favourite way to travel?
aotd: Aeroplane or Train

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Tap✨ I’ve run out of things to say.. qotd: What’s ur favourite way to travel? aotd: Aeroplane or Train

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sure! i will make it!
btw, this is so so so stunning and beautiful!
oooooo beautiful
aotd: I really like trains too
I love ur style bestie!
hehehhe nppppp! 💕💕💕
aotd: probably areoplane or walking?? 😂😂
Heyy, I don't wanna nag, but we were gonna collab and I remixed you a background a while ago, it seems like you've forgotten about it. If you don't have time, that's fine, but please let me know.
ahh I hate English homework 🙈
😂 The Caption is mee🤣 idk what I say in ma caption lmaoo
Aahhh sorry, miscommunication. Yeah, sure I'll look for a pic.
So I pick a background and a quote right?
awww ty!
I don’t like it getting dark so fast
Hi, I remixed two backgrounds, I liked them both, so you can chose
Quote: Deep inside we are still the kids who dream of the impossible and believe it's possible.
yes of course!
gorgeous xoxo
hey Nae wanna collab sorry I never got to the last one
oh and sorry I don’t think I have much advice cos unlike other people I work better in exams
bUT STUDY AMD REVISE MY GIRL. look at your notes, check the guidelines of what’s gonna be in the test and do your best!! also if you’re nervous you can chew gum beforehand cos it calms ur nerves
oh and apparently chocolate helps u remember stuff so 🤷‍♀️
np bestie! ya deserve it! ❤️❤️
how’s are collab coming along?
okay :)
thanks 😂😂
hi I have Christmas games starting and I would love you to join they will be going on from now till Christmas so come join the fun you will have a week every time to give your entery so the enteries close next Sunday good luck
🚨 WARNING: Copy and paste! 🚨 Hey awesome collager! Just wanted to let you know round 4 results are up for my colour games! If you would like to know what stopped me from posting the results earlier please read the caption! Round 5 will be up soon! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
any ideas for the collab?
THANKS!!! I think your gonna get one two!
gorgeous!! aotd: road trip!!
love this!!