i’m sorry 
don’t hate me😘


hey hehe i’m sorry don’t hate me😘

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Welcome back!!
Welcome back dude, I understand life gets really busy with theater 😂
hey again bella! how’s school doing? and what school play did they choose for this year?
hey Bella!! welcome back💞 how are you??
Bellaaaa how are you????
and ik this is random but what’s your last name if you don’t mind me asking 😂
that’s theater for you 😂
check who I’m following
oh okay 😂
your last name 😂
If I know your name then if you leave like meg 😭 I might be able to find you again in the future on social media and stuff ya know 😂
and I’m glad your good I’m just stressed I’ve got all my exams coming up ahhhh
it’s alright, life is being too busy for me and I’m just tired all the time 😂💞
ooo that’s cool, my school did the lion king
no i wasn’t. but my friends were. they got young nala and scar
Hi! I’ve just been looking back on my PC & I realised we haven’t talked in so long!
Just wondering how ur doing :)
idk. just letting you know that I AM sorry and I don’t feel up to typing a shh it long paragraph of apologies because I’ve done it too many times recently. if you don’t want to accept my apologies then don’t. I certainly don’t håte you but if you håte me then oh well I’ll learn to deal with it. so yeah. I’m sorry.