Collage by misfits-_-


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hi hi hi handsome 💙
misses you too
can we do somethinggg? maybe that movie?
okie *smiles a little up at you*
what movie? *watched you*
*nods* sure, you want any snacks?
okay kitchen then? *holds your hand*
*walks to the kitchen with you* (just did)
get what you want *looks around and at you a little*
*grabs a cup and fills it with cold water*
hi hi 🥺🥺
its okay babe, i haven’t been feeling the best lately so atleast it wont really spread to you x
its okay i promise
*nods* as long as your ok with maybe not feeling so well after, i understand if you dont wanna do it anymore
miss you
hi hi
you doing ok handsome? i miss you and we haven’t talked in awhile
is ok, i missed you too