Haha Pic Collage wants to kill me :))
tHis iS fOr WillowMoon’s contest-

750x750 mlplol

Haha Pic Collage wants to kill me :)) tHis iS fOr WillowMoon’s contest-

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this is amazing!!
So adorable and cute!😻💖💕you did a very amazing creative job😉✨🎨
I am the most kindest person you know and your talent is very creative like mine, when someone’s talent is just as creative as ours, that’s where I support for them like you😇💕💕
Why does PicCollage want to kill you? Also this is a really cute picture.
Yea, PicCollage is sometimes annoying especially when you write a long caption and it doesn’t let you post something and you have to rewrite it. Also thank you.
I drew some art yesterday, and I accidentally sent it to a bunch of people that sit at my table in my class instead of my friend, and they probably think I’m a psycho. 🙃
I can show you it if you want in the remixes.
So I’ve noticed your acc in the past and you seemed super cool, but I was too scared to say anything. Then I saw that you love the liar bby too so um yeah. Kokichi and Nagito are best bois👏
re// haha, I’ll be sure to help you out some. SW- 1339-7517-0698 (Friend code)
my in game name is despair- so it’s different from my nintendo account name
re// No sorry, and I’ll be sure to approve it when I get home. Heading to the movies rn. I probably won’t be on my switch for like a month btw because I’m gonna be away from it for a while
re// Ayee man I’m definitely a lot better now but Thank you for the offer! Hru? I’m probably gonna be on Splat later tonight if u wanna do some turf wars? If your time zone is different I have central daylight time zone or smth like that lol
re// currently its 2:27 so ig it’s the same haha
Aye man I can get on splat rn if u wanna fite me >:) jk jk i hope we end up on the same team
re// no im sorry ack, but I’m still playing lol I’m super bored
Hiiiiiii❗️, I just wanna tell you that I made a New Drawing🎨💖✨ ”come check it out❗️😺”
An app called Drawing Desk, you should try it, it’s fun just like Paint Tool and isn’t my drawing Cute😻💖💕🎨
thanks. it means a lot to hear that people enjoy the trash I post haha
I’m sorry I’m such an inconvenience
thank you, I’m sorry...
I got a surprise for you, come see my Acc💝
RE//:It’s a long story UwU
Your welcome, anything for a very special artistic pony creative friend that gave me a special birthday gift🥰😉💝💖💖🌟
hey I’m back from the dead