Q&A // “tap”

july 7, 2020

here is the q&a y’all said you wanted over on my extras💙


Q&A // “tap” july 7, 2020 here is the q&a y’all said you wanted over on my extras💙

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What are some of your hobbies?
Favorite food?
What’s a quote you live by?
ooh, sry abt the cavity😬
Yeah, it's a bit of a weird time for everyone. Cheer tryouts? That's so cool.
What are your fav artists?
Song that always makes you feel happy?
Place you really want to travel to?
hmm well I can give you a few suggestions to start out with? Sigrid and Walk The Moon are two of my favorites for upbeat music. And maybe you’ll like Maisie Peters, I feel like she has a kind of similar vibe to Alec Benjamin 😊 also, favorite movie? favorite book?
hmm song u go to when ur in ur feels?
famous person u stan?
favorite sport?
how do you battle writer’s block? ☺️💕
if you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?
what’s your favorite book and why?
That's nice, where I live cheering isn't really a thing, so it fascinates me.
omg there’s something in goldfish that’s like addictive 🤤
Those are some great artists and songs!! Also any special places in europe or just in general?
Q: wanna be my friend 🥺
omg i love those songs🥺🥺
ooh yes we stan😌👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
oooooh cool :)
cool! I love goldfish too, especially the extra cheddar ones! i agree 100%, love the quote!
do you play any sports?
what’s your dream vacation?
so you like pineapple pizza?
when did you join pc?
fav colour(s)?
ahh yayyy I didn’t think that would actually work lol
I’m Elysia
omg love this pic!! you're great at photography hehe
dream job??
if u could have any animal as a pet what would u have?
would u want kids in the future??
hobbies you'd love to try?? or even ones u already do??
cool! that’s great that you cheer too!
Enough is never enough 😂
book recommendations?
^sorry Im just like taking advantage of this q/a to get some good books😂😂
favourite country?
country you would like to visit?
one weird thing from your bucket list?
omg yes maze runner love that series👏👏👏
well that’s unusual but yes I agree people would stop and stare😂😂
oooo yeah same I just wanna go everywhere ngl
hmmmm yes
no yeah I totally get that, living as a teen in times society is toughhh
woah there 😳😳😳
I hope u get un-confused😔
omg so coolllll
hehe yes llamas are adorable
aw cute!
omg yeah drawing ppl is so harddd
nice! I’ve been on pc for about the same too and had my first account that I accidentally deleted over two years ago :)
^it was sad but I’m kinda glad I restarted now :D
ah no rip arm😔😔😔
honestly same
but I just ate some lasagna so I’m all g
eh, my mom is a frontline worker and we think she might havd covid. so yeah😬
nice to meet ya Emily :)
ty sm boo💗
sleep schedules are illusions 🥴
I’m good how are you
ahhhh what happened to your arm??!
ah yeah shots are horrible
I actually meant to have spaghetti but lasagna was pre cool too🤧
ahaha rlly
welp gn
oop just realised i was v late to reply
no, sorry :/ my old user was @candycraze or something of that sorts
I just ate p a s t a
I’m so italian wow😌😂
I’m doing ok! I haven’t been on here in so long haha how are you?
hmm favorite emoji?
place you’d like to travel to?
oceanwaves...hmmm that sounds familiar...😊🤔
I rate 6/10
extra 5 point for cheese
jk it was actually v v nice
ahh oh no!! smh that sounds terrible, hope it gets better soon :’)
oml that’s so crazy... stay safe, wishing you and your bf’s families the best of health <3
how’s the corona situation where you are? we’re starting to reopen some things here but it’s definitely not normal... my school’s probably gonna be online again in the fall smh
yesss 🧄🧄
popcorn--! oh yes, I remember that account! cool
haha thank you😂😂💞
oo the background pic is🤩✨
hahah I feel thatt
ooh that sounds like it’ll be interesting 😂 I think my school was thinking of doing something similar or like splitting us up between days ahh
sigh everything’s just so crazy rn
ok let’s see how about,, fav food? fav color scheme? any pets? neat or messy handwriting? and the one i always ask lol when did u join pc?
hiiii:) how are you??
I’m good, enjoying being off school! 😂🎉wbu?
oh goodness
corona is just so frustrated at this point
that’s a very complicated theory😂 i think i understood it
aww good luck, hope the cheer tryouts go really well.
that’s so annoying, hopefully you can still enjoy your summer ❤️
i really tried 😂
^^^ooh when are your cheer tryouts?
what are your tips for making collages? I’m new so this would help~ I’m briar by the way ♡︎
ik it’s kind of simple but how are you?