Collage by -Cody


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thank youuu ☺️ and hello to you too
I’ve been shii. thought you h8ed me?.
aye boo - Aurora
mm. -sits down gently and holds my sdaughter -
yes. and the guy left pc after a while so here I am. -shakes head and gently holds her tiny head-
lily aliyah. -nods and she’s sleeping - wanna hold her?
*smiles back* I’m quite alright, what about you?
hands her to you gently as she is swaddled and watches her carefully-
aurora can’t talk to yuh but wassuh - Morgan
watches her and you both then gets up grabbing a bottle and a pump -
ops nothing, ‘m in my house just being really bored haha, but what about yourself? *smiles and plays with the ends of my hair*
her man said hxll no *laughs* i’m good , yuh
comes back with the pump and latches it onto my txt starting to pump the breast milk while watching her- she seems to like you honey bun
meh bad
exactly love ! -pumps harder and then unlatches and puts the bottle into the fridge -
*laughs* workin from home, dumbbbb
lemme have her ima take her upstairs for a nap and then momma needs a bath haha 😆
i model but i also work foh a boutique
would you like to join me? -ascends the stairs with her gently
two n a half months x and lmaoo
yes haha
hi im alexa !
i’m 100% over it
hi hi, nice to meet chu sir’. im good thank you!
*nods sweetly up at chu* howre you mister cody:)
i’m diggin duh lip ring
hey -Ava
hello ‘m oliver !
aye I’m Andrea what’s up
cody? -ava
i’ve missed u so much .
hey I am Maddison