🌸T A P🌸
I made this for a contest and was trying a new style.
QOTD: Do you like this style or my current style better?
AOTD: Idk! You tell me.


🌸T A P🌸 I made this for a contest and was trying a new style. QOTD: Do you like this style or my current style better? AOTD: Idk! You tell me.

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oof I’m fine, just sLiGhTlY dead inside. Do you have any pets? I want a doggo so baldly o_O
AOTD: I don't know. They're both gorgeous 💖
Also, I have been on PC for about a year
i love this!! 😻😻
aotd: this style is beautiful & your other style is beautiful 😂♥️
wOh this is beautiful and yaaa
i’m good !! :,) wbu? love ur posts💕💕💕😊
justttttt 😍! AOTD: this but only slightly because they're both amazing!
No problem 💖
You’re background Pack is in the remixes
no problem!! i hope u feel better xx
wooooah incredible! and I’ve been on pc for OOf maybe a bit more than a year???
oh yeah I remember that
my friends account was called LongHairedPrincess
what would you like to do for the collab?
stunning! 😍😍 I’d love to and I’m emma 😆
ooo, what’s her name?
you’re welcome :)
Contest prizes coming now! 💕
im on pre-pointe and i was self taught but then i decided to take some classes
sorry for the late response i was at a wedding🙂
I don’t mind what theme you can choose
that’s good , headaches r terribleee >:( what r u doing now?
WOW and your so good!! that’s amazing!
I replied to ur questions you answered! they are in the remixes of the Q&A Post❤️ -Maddie
ummmm probably green and/or blue 🐢🐳 u?
I love this style and your current style. I can’t choose! They’re both soooooo amazing! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
well she got a new phone but she couldn’t remember her password but she didn’t use it a lot a lot anyway
awesome!! those books are SOO good also! 💕 have any favorite foods?✨
I would love to but i just gotta finish a few other collabs!!
of course! I don't feel comfortable saying my name, but I think you have a very pretty one!
i love thissss
yeahhh you should definitely start watching! only negative aspect is that you might not have time for anything else left cause you spend your time binge watching lol
nope I definitely can’t dance. as well as I can’t sing. though I play two instruments so I don’t have a problem with rhythms.
yeah, it probably does take a lot of practice. I would especially need loads of it. but 1. I don’t have time for it and 2. I don’t want to take time for it and shorten doing sth else because I don’t feel like it‘s necessary to be able to dance so I don’t want to put lots of effort in that. I barily have time for riding and my instruments sooo. yeah.
do that!!
do you know Jensen though? because I think he‘s only famous for spn. if not i‘ll make sure to remix you lots of hot pics from when he was younger lol. cause he’s 40 now. oh.
omg thanks you too 😂
don’t be sorry! ur totally fine haha💓💓💓 hope u have an awesome week!!
hmm I think I started September last year. hbu?
nice! my phones rose gold lol 😂
stunning!!!! 😍💕💕💕🌸🌸
AOTD: I love both! 💞
congrats on the feature!!!
congrats!! I just want to tell u that @-CakeyCrez- stole this collage 😢
I would never steal your collages
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c tro bo
i love this!!
a m a z i n g!!! congrats on the feature u deserve it this is beautifullll!!💜💜💜
love this beautiful
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I love this style! Keep up the good work
so true
so true
omg gorgeous
i love it❤️❤️
I love this 💓
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the most awesome, gorgeous, FEATURED collage! Congrats on your feature! 😊🎉
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