a little something 🙃


<3 a little something 🙃 👋🏼

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a small break <3
take care sal, miss u already❣️❣️
amazing message + i hope everything’s going AMAZING for you because you deserve the WORLD😌😤
i really needed to hear this⭐️
imma miss you sal, stay safe please 🥺💗💕
aww i don’t know you very well sal but ill miss you
ahh sal ilysm please stay safe and take care of yourself💞
living up to your username I see <3
thank you sal 🥰 how’re you?
ilysm sal, please remember to love yourself! i'll miss you a lot and so will many others on here. i noticed you were on private yesterday and i put something up in my bio about it- sorry if you don't like that. just let me know and i won't do it again, as long as your comfortable! take care.❤️💫☁️
i love this quote and whatever your break is for (valid regardless) if there is a problem I hope you align with the solution ❤️
salll tccc ❤❤
take care we'll be here when u come back 💕
join my spring games please
hello! I am a new pc user and I would love it if u checked out my acc! tysm!
ilysmm~ (i love you so much more haha) take care, alright? i'm right here. always.🌱☁️💫
ilysmt ur the best, thank u vv much, i’m so lucky to have u as my friend❣️❣️
i hope everything’s going even better for u😤💓
hi sallll
haha it sure is! thanks :)
s a l a f
yess I shall use the tiktok tutorials 😂
yes saf here’s your sAlad
with some tea 😊
i’m sueing collageboard and their stalkerish technology😤
but my school starts on like august 1st or smth
and i’ve missed you too🥺🥺
how dare you bring the fairies in this😤😤
they are tea supporters
what a legend coming at it again with this positivityyy👏👏
hehehe get it cause your acc name is-*cough* I’ll see myself out😂
i yove you so much sal🥺 thank you so much for being there for me. i hope you’re right about the gang coming back together, but for now i can’t wait around for that. i’ll try my best to check in here and there. yove you forever salad.
just wanted to say i yove you🥺 thanks for always saying what some of us can’t put into words. it means a lot.
BAHAHHA you’re not wrong though 😂
hey sallll~! how are you? :)
lol yeah wooah’s felt weird at first but the baddabaddabing part is so catchy man
a lot of people compare them to itzy and it’s only because of one of their outfits and one of the member’s hairstyles
honestly wooah reminds me of gfriend, idk maybe from being from a small company and having that young teen/high schooler kinda concept
re// PFT REALLY? 😂
I don’t blame you-😁😂
sorry for the late reply!! ikr there’s so many comebacks and new groups I can’t keep up sksjks
that’s literally all i want🥺 i just don’t know how to do it & don’t know where to start. should i start contacting people on pinterest and insta and be like “heLLo come bAck to mE”
ahhhhh hi 😊😊
i feel like everyone’s bored and they just don’t feel like coming oN and it’s like gRrRr come back🥺
awww sksjksjs 🥺🥺 what version did you get??
saLad don’t leave mE
thanks salad :))
omg we shld
like rn
i did join the wheel tehehe also who made that acc?
wHo shall we spam first🧚‍♀️
i swear every time i pop back here you just get better. unbelievable 🤯💗💗💗
thank you!!
sorry I disappeared again🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
i was a girl in a village doing alright
then i became a princess overnight
and yes that makes sense
re:// idk i really hope i’ll make it i mean my health is just getting worse but :/ yea
anyways tysm that means a lot 🥺🥺
oof anyways
how are you?
i love this🖤