Collage by Channna


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kk thank u ❤️
love your account!
thanks for the spam queen❤️
almost done gimme a few hours
no I’m so sorry but I’ll be done by today this time I promise
😍😍😍 this is beautiful! reminds me of my queen Raini 😭❤️
What’s your problem with Raini? 😭
i am a disciple for the Rainiligion! i am sending truth your way! 🌶
All my facts are 100% legit and come from the Holy Bible of Rainiligion 😍
raini taught me to never lie 🤧🤧
Yupp I’m done
add any song of hers
u can pick
I like 7 rings
so Yupp just add the text
feel free to add more pngs
it’s up to u