🎃Collab with... 🎃 

golden_flowers! She did the AMAZING bg and I did text and finishing touches! Loved collabing with you cuz it turned out brilliant! 🥰♥️

794x695 Madihah456

🎃Collab with... 🎃 golden_flowers! She did the AMAZING bg and I did text and finishing touches! Loved collabing with you cuz it turned out brilliant! 🥰♥️

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yeah, of course! I mean, I already finished my part, so whenever you finish I would love to post it! take all the time you need though, there is absolutely no rush
your welcome and thank you ❤️
hey bestie I love this! like usual you never disappoint me in your collages!!
wanna collab
now if you’re free
wow this is stunning!🤩❤️😘
woahh amazing
you are so talented too you need to hit 2000 alreqdy
Yayyy I’ll be here for you too!! besties for life😘❤️🥰
round 1 is up
yaaaaas Ikr? I mean every word I say😘❤️💞🤩
thank you I’m honored
this is amazing!!!!!💕💕
hey happy holloween !!
oooops I spelled it wrong
no probs luv ya !!!
ooooo creeeeepyyyyy! I LOVE it! 🥰🥰
I love this and I wondered if you wanna collab and make a collage like this
btw this is -KK_Does_Art- (Sisterz_For_Life) on my creepy arg acc with my friend
art* acc
hello collager! I’m holding a VOGUE games and would love it if you could come and participate! the scoring system will be announced in a future post! only 5 per team so hurry! 🥳🥳💕💕💫💫
your literally too sweet! you both did amazing on this collab by the way!
tysm 💕
yur amazing !!!
can we chat right now ???
on my latest post ??
can u follow me plz I luv your acc 💕 !!!! 💕
thank you!
I’m glad your excited thanks for joining! 🥰🥰
thanks! 💕💕
WOW🥰🙏🏻🤭 gorgeoussss girlieee😘💖💞👏🏼
thank you! 🥰🥰💫💫
awww I would love to collab, but since I’m leaving tomorrow or the next day, i don’t want to cut the collab short if we don’t finish it. but thank you so much!!! I luvv youuu💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰
no I’m going back this Wednesday tho
Sorry I haven’t got to it yet but I plan to work on it today!
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How is my babes? 😘😘💕
same here bestie! 😭🥰🥰💕💕🌸
I finished on Friday
When does urs end?
Mine is on monday😭❤️
Thankyou sm!
eeee i know! thanks 💗
aww thx!!! love this btw
but even if we don’t get to talk a lot anymore, you will always be my bestest bestie! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕
hey! just a 2 day reminder your entry to the season games is due in 2 days please enter, I don’t want to eliminate you!😊💕
love this btw it’s super cool!!!
you placed in my icon contest !
hi it’s Marissa2mac1 plz follow this new account and help me get followers bestie!
Awh twinning😂😜
awe thx! yes u did
wow this is amazing!! and yes I’d love to collab!💜💜
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no problem! you deserve it so much, remember!? you deserve a feature and like 1 thousand followers!! you’re acount is so underrated! and I need to speak up about it!!😊💕😂💗💖💙
do you have any preferences? I love to do summer and beach themed, autumn, and flower themed so if you like any of those that’d be great just lmk! if u have anything u want to do, I’m all in I don’t really mind so just lmk!! :))
ok! I’ve been really really busy lately but I will 100% enter!!💞
also, I’m alright this weekend I have to take a high school entrance test( I’m going into freshman year next year) so yea I’ve been a bit stressed lately :/ How are your tho?💞💖
aww that’s ok lovely, you deserve so much more recognition!!! thank YOU for giving me such a high rating for the neon thing, I honestly I only expected a 7 or a 6 so a 9 was just AMAZING!!! thank you so much gorgeous!!! xxxxx😍🥰😘😍🥰😘
season games is due TOMORROW! please enter I don’t want to eliminate you!😊💕
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omg really?!?! I can’t believe it, coming from such an amazing collager like you that is a MASSIVE compliment!!!! awww you’ve made me soooo happy, tysm!!!!! xxxxxx❤️🧡💛
OF COURSE I think you’re talented!!! who could deny it?! I put you forward for the talentedcollager thing for a reason, you are one of the most talented collagers ever!!!!!❤️💖😍
I’d love to! want me to do the background or do you want to?
aw thank you!! I would love too but I’m super busy atm
ok perfect!! I’ll get the bg to u soon!! ✨✨
Hey! You placed in my icon contest! Congrats! Come and claim your prize! ❤️🧡💛
oh hunny!!! that makes me so happy omg now you’re making ME cry!!! ilysm too, I wish there were so many more of you toooo!!! lyyyyy xxxx😍😘😍😘❤️💖❤️💖
This is stunning! I love your account!
aw thanks🥺 and that’s so cool! you’re so lucky😂💞💖
awwww thank you!!!! you’re sooo kind ilyyyyyy!!!! xxxxxxx😍🥰😘
aw thank you that’s so sweet!! 💜💜
aw no your completely fine!! 🥰🥰💕💕
and thank you so much! ly💕💕
awww aha tyyyy xxxxxxx😍🥰😘
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thanks sm💕
yep I’ll make it tomorrow hopefully, I’m determined to get this one in on time lol
hi!! how are youuuu???
hey girl! i just got back to aussie, how are u? xx
the collab is gorgeous! 😱❤️❤️😍😍😍