I actually did have this convo...

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TAP I actually did have this convo...

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yeah but then I might change it sorry
because only jungkook is on it but I’ll use it whenever I feel like I need a change but I really sorry.... please don’t hate me!!
have a good weekend!
oof you changed your profile picture
hmmmm I’ll think later because I’m in reading so I’ll talk later in like 20 minutes
talk to you later sis
wassup I’m I the library
*throws book away to talk to you *
I’m back at the classroom so I’m gonna sneak talk to you
she’s out of the room!!
I was thinking about Daniel or boy story
you know?
Hey!! I had a quick question.....Could you please like my 5th resent remix it’s for this contest?? It would mean a lot if you did!! If you are wondering what it looks like because you can’t find it I’ll give you a description. It’s mostly blue and it’s Ocean themed And I had a quote on it that starts off like this..... Dear Ocean, ( Lol 😂 I cant really remember the rest 😂) Well thank you in advanced......♥️♥️
oOoOoo malificent👏👏👏