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oh Anna while it’s rlly hard to read this but I understand. you have been an incredible friend to me while I’ve been on pc and you are seriously so talented. pls take care and I wish you the best! 💖🥺
awww I’m gonna miss you so much Anna, please take care of yourself. if you’re ok with it, can you send me your socials? I’d love to stay in touch with you 💕
Anna, I’m going to miss you so much. you’re not a toxic person. you’re a great friend, you’re super kind, and a beautiful person. thank you for being here for me. the rp gang as a whole will miss you tons. if you want we can keep in touch on Pinterest. I also have discord so if you want we can talk over that too. i love you so so so so so much. don’t forget that. 💖💖
anna, the last time we spoke we weren't on good terms, and i'm sorry about that. i forgive you for what happened and i'm sorry that i didn't handle things well. i'm sorry things aren't great for you right now, but i promise it will get better in the future. i have pinterest so i'd like to keep in touch, as long as it's all right with you. and i will of course miss you. i'm glad i got to meet you, even if things were a little rocky towards the end, you were still a great friend.
don’t blame yourself and put everything on u. it’s not all ur fault. please take care of yourself...i h@te to hear u bring harm to yourself. while i’m sad ur leaving, i’m happy you’re doing the best for you. please keep doing what’s best for you. hope things get better and life will bring you good times. you’re a great friend to many people on here, and such a wonderful person. wishing the best for u and sending love🖤
we haven’t spoken much but I know you’re a good person at heart and whatever you did, it doesn’t matter because as you said, you are owning up to them, righting your wrongs and in the end, we don’t judge people on their worst mistakes. it’s hard to not be jealous or attention seek, almost everyone will and have at some point but what matters is how you choose to live your life with that. I’m not going to give you fake positivity, because no things could get harder but things could also get better, it really all depends on your choices and the actions you make and from the little time I’ve known you, you are not one to choose the wrong path. even if you get lost in your life, your emotions, your focus, I still truly believe that things will turn out well in the end and the journey is all worth it.
I have no idea if I make any sense but I’ll miss u so much Anna, I just wish we could’ve gotten closer💞💞
idk what to say. i know what it's like to be considered "toxic", and it's not a good feeling whenever you feel that way about yourself, or when others call you that. But there's a reason behind everything someone does and while i don't completely understand everything, i do understand some things and i'm accepting it as it is. i'm still accepting you. you were a great friend to me and i'm sorry that things aren't going well for you. it sounds like you have endured so much and i know you can get through this. leaving will be good for you and while i might miss you, i just know that. it's good that you know what you did wrong, because now you won't do it again. know that i love you. know that the rest of the gang loves you. and if you ever decide to come back (which i doubt but idk) i will welcome you with open arms. we can keep in touch. stay safe in these times. again, this will be good for you.
anna i didn’t know it had gotten this bad. dude i am ALWAYS here for you, no matter what you do. sure, maybe you’ve made some mistakes, but at least you owned up to them. and I knew you had an rp friend group, but im sure you weren’t the only person that made it fall apart. if you ever decide to come back, anna, we are always here and we will never judge you. everyone on pc is a loving community and a family, and you will always be part of it. take care of yourself anna, and stay safe. ily <3
ily!! take care❤️
i'm glad we could work things out. i'll follow you on pinterest once i figure out how to get back into my account cause it's been years since i used it. :)
ill talk to you on pin a lot i promise <3 please try to stop, anna, i know it’s hard but just think. god gave you that body. it’s your only body and you have to take care of it. 🖤
thank you Anna. I’ll go and send a friend request
it says that you’re not accepting friend requests and that you’ll have to send me one so my discorded is __pan__cake__#7444
ah dude we haven’t talked that much but my pin is bbeeaannss if u need ANYTHING💞 stay safe💞💞
oh sureeeee do u hv Pinterest?
nvm I think I’m already following u, r u annadacorgi?
ohhh...Anna the time we get to know each other was wonderful,,I’m really gonna miss u grl...don’t forget that never change that golden smile you carry on...ily..take care and stay safe, love -Jules
i get it anna. take care. ilyt.
bye anna, i get it. i know we haven’t been talking but i wish you well wherever you are and whatever you do.
roblox and Pinterest would be dope
i actually don’t have any other socials at the moment :( i may come back to instagram but idk
i’ll miss u a lot anna. it makes me smile knowing that you consider me a friend when there’s a whole bunch of other people on this app who are cooler than me that ur friends with haha. i wish only the best for u, take care of yourself and i hope ur safe🖤
damnn could that have gotten any more sappy🤭 jeez why do i sound like i’m at a funeral i should be happy i’m talking to u🤪 lysm hope everything is incredibly amazing for u dude cause u deserve it👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️
alright I followed you and sent a friend request :)
i don’t have pinterest but hm yes i got roblox literally a week ago and i was so clueless😂
i hope u do come back🥺 only if u want to tho
I’ll search you 🙌
on roblox I’m lysmonster1 and on Pinterest I’m Elysia Jay
ight ight😌
i’m pretty sure mine is rob boss and som number😂
i look forward to that too 😌💖
I’ll fr miss u tho😔
Anna I’ll really miss you but you were not the cause of anything that happened. You matter so much, it’s amazing how much you matter (remember that). I’ll really miss you but I respect your doing what’s best for you❤️❤️ ilysm take care
k a t i e#9837 is my discord— stay safe and pursue these new hobbies and new friends. i sincerely am going to miss you, but continue to grow and may things get better for you. times may be hard now and i’m sorry for that, but just keep going.
i’ve changed my settings— i couldn’t find yoi
how are people still liking my collages and stuff i
i like killed off pc and everyone hätes me lol
ok why did i even re download this app
uhhh it just brought back a lot of bad memories lol
i made the entire rp gang leave and nobody even remembers / cares or cared about me lol
ok idk why i even downloaded this lol when nobody will see this oop
ok bye
^^ i saw it~ @bio and i remember you. i'll never forget you!! i care about you and that won't change. everyone doesn't häte you and i'm sorry that this brought back a lot of bad memories. if you ever need me or whenever you need me just comment on an older post. i'd be more than happy to talk to you! i'm sorry that i didn't see all of that sooner... sending love~💌
hi anna. you might not believe this, but i miss you. you meant a lot to me, to the gang, more than you realized. things may have ended badly, but we still love you. you will always be apart of the gang.
are you back or just checking in? 🥺
aw ok, I tried adding you but it said you weren’t accepting requests lol