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it’s happening, I feel it, I’m slowly becoming obsessed with Harry Potter again ndissjskaoqkak. This isn’t going to end well because I could tunnel on this for days and not get anything done, big yikes 😫 I’m hoping that collaging about it wou


🐍 Tap Here 🐍 it’s happening, I feel it, I’m slowly becoming obsessed with Harry Potter again ndissjskaoqkak. This isn’t going to end well because I could tunnel on this for days and not get anything done, big yikes 😫 I’m hoping that collaging about it wou

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dUDE YES I WAS JUST WATCHING THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE LMAÖ- man I’m going to the harry potter studio tour tomorrow and I’m so freaking excited- bUT BRO THIS IS BEAUTIFUL AHHH
re//: ooh, that’s cool! nanotechnology sounds so cool!! and same here, I go off and focus on random things that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the main story much, but like for me working out how the magic system works has made it SO much easier to understand and write, and having a good idea of some of the things happening around the main characters allows me to add secrets and stuff linking them together
aw I’m sure your writing isn’t that bad, I’m sure it’s great man!! I haven’t even started writing WoE yet :’)
caption continued: I hope that collaging would satisfy my weird obsession on Harry Potter right now but I don’t think so 😭 please rate 1-10! QOTD: Hogwarts house? AOTD: rαvєnclαw
aotd: RAVENCLAW buds!!
Slytherins color scheme is 🤌🤌
I honestly havent read through all of harry potter, idek why I stopped its so goodahahs
re//: yEA TY- we’ve been wanting to go forever, but my dad bought tickets for Christmas so we’ve been trying to get through all the movies which we couldn’t lmaÖ there’s too many to watch in five days, oh well :’)
@caption: I’ve always thought I was hufflepuff but that pottermore website said I was slytherin, but then to be fair I took that quiz like four/five years ago and can’t retake it riP
yeah!! man reading books where the author has clearly understood and fleshed out their world and characters are the best to read because you can tell they’ve enjoyed and had fun with it as well as plan it out fully. I also find it easier to understand as well because they can describe it better for someone new instead of just assuming everyone will understand it like they did
Woah, I love this so much!! The vibes are just right and everything fits so well ❤
Aotd: pottermore said gryffindor, but that's so not like me so I say ravenclaw haha :)
beautiful!! @caption: I’m a hufflepuff actually lol!
I love this sm. what house do u think you’d be in?
wow i love this
I don’t really know 😭😭. I took a test and it said 25% ravenclaw, 25% hufflepuff, 25% slytherin, and 25% gryffindor. so ig all of them 🤔
re//: yeah!! it was extremely fun, the only problem being it was sorta a museum instead of like an attraction, there wasn’t really much to do as such since they’re the actual london sets and I guess are pretty fragile (since they were made out of paper and resin and stuff, it was all blocked off), but I enjoyed it either way!! I ended up splitting from my parents and just walked around myself lol and when we met up towards the end in the shops we all shared what we took photos of and bruh we all missed so much, we’re already talking of going back sometime soon and I’m so excited- it’s definitely worth the trip and you won’t regret going
aw ty! and man I was deciding so hard between the normal hufflepuff scarf, the quidditch hufflepuff scarf and newt scamander’s (bc favourite character) bUt I eventually went for newt’s since it was knitted and softer than the others, plus I like the yellow and grey colour compared to the yellow and black, idk the black just didn’t really look too nice to me- I wanted to buy newt’s wand but it was £35 and compared to like the elder wand it just looked like a stick and I don’t think it would’ve been worth it :’) I’ll find a cheaper one online lmaö
yeaH, I wanna delete my pottermore account and try again but like what’s the point idk, I feel like I align with hufflepuff and always have ever since I first watched the films. plus I like my patronus hehe my lil grass snake- and dude other quizzes online I‘be been given all the houses, and man those quizzes that have questions ‘which house do you think you’re in’ or ‘which house do you want to be in’ at the end annoy me bc that’s what I wanna find out bruh idk
re//: yes, agreed, it was an amazing experience! I’ve seen loads of videos and stuff of replicates from the parks in like new york and stuff and they do seem a lot more interactive, this one was walking around for 3hours looking at all the sets, props and animatronics on display and that was used as well as reading signs about them, how they were built and work. you couldn’t touch anything either, and it was all roped off, I saw a lot of parents struggling with really young kids like toddlers who didn’t understand and just wanted to run around lol
it was very interesting the fact that it’s a genuine film studio, like a couple giant warehouses with pathways for the tour build around it. at the entrance there are two signs, one for the studio tour and the other for the north gate which I’m assuming is for actors and for other warehouses for different movies. we could see the back of a new set in the distance behind when leaving too so ye, it’s cool how it’s still being used and I think my mum said they’re filming aspects of the new fantastic beasts there-
yes!! gOd eddie redmayne plays him so well, the first fantastic beasts movie was a huge obsession of mine back in 2016. i’m glad I had Christmas money to spend, I ended up spending £62 ($85) on the scarf, a shirt and a small key ring. man I really wanted the house robe but it was £75 ($101), and that was just the robe. the tie was expensive and jumper was like £50 bruh I ain’t spending that much :’)
exactly! a test can’t really decide things for you based on like ‘which dumbledore quote is your favourite’ ‘what’s your favourite animal’ like huh- but ye, what’s the point of doing the pottermore quiz and getting upset when it says I’m a different house or smth again. I guess it’s useful for people like my sister who don’t know what house they’re in tho,,
omgg 😩
thank you!!💕
I associate myself as a ravenclaw or slytherin honestly but at this point idrk
don’t worry I’m falling down a Harry Potter rabbit hole as well 😭😂 I’m a ravenclaw btw
STOP because I’m re watching all the movies, and then after I finish the series I’m reading I’m going to re read HP 😭
this is absolutely stunning!!😍 btw, aotd: ravenclaw <3
Test came back negative and I'm feeling all better already :)
woahh this is stunning omg ♾/10 as always!! AOTD: gryffindor but I took it long time ago, so idk maybe it changed-
Thank you so much! I love this, it is so beautiful! I absolutely love Harry Potter, and every now and then I get really back into it and have to read all of the books again. But currently my sister is reading them for the first time and it’s so fun to see her go through all of them!!! Aotd: I’m a ravenclaw too!
im late too- happy new year <3
Harry Potter is a thing you can’t resist😂😂I myself am a Potterhead but yes I’m doing fine ty for asking
ahhh love this sm!! im so so obsessed with the whole hp fandom but no one that i know seems to understand!😫😫😫
Thank you!! I can't really believe it's been 4 years haha, it doesn't feel like I started that long ago. Glad to have met you on here :)
My friend is doing much better already, so sweet of you to think of her ❤
ahah, im not that knowledgeable on the subject too but ofc I understand the plots😂
haha, I may add a twist to it or smtg- idk if I shld do it or not anyways :) but maybe I will <3
haha, oh my gosh, im getting memories about the part on ‘giving credit’ the drama and chaos- oh well, we all learn it the hard way but giving credit is really smtg serious and impt to me ANYWAYS tysm for the sweet words, I definitely look up to you as well, as an older “sister” and someone who gives literally amazing advice ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ let’s change it around for a minute- my fav memory of you- honestly, every single minute we have meant together is very memorable for me, I love it whenever you simply stand up for me even if I’m right or wrong, how you would give me the best advice ever especially when it came to relationship advice despite you having no/not much experience when it comes to dating tysm ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
re//: yeah, I think it’s also because people normally want like a memento? like you don’t go to an attraction and not buy anything. my family get fridge magnets, I normally get keyrings and my sister will get some sort of jewellery. that reminds me they had a really cool phoenix necklace that wAS £130 LIKE BRO CALM DOWN- man I could buy a cheap one somewhere else, i know it’s a phoenix but if I saw it i wouldn’t immediately think Harry Potter??
no idea what to reply because my brain is empty but yea, I definitely enjoy and cherish all of the moments we had ever since we first met, you have always been so encouraging, looking and caring after me. and yEs your advice is helpful and meaningful as well ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
and thank you :)
hey, how have u been?
omg sameeee reading is my escape from the realities I have to confront…
I’m good too ty!
Ty, I hope school is going well too! I’ve found that some of the stress in the pandemic is ofc super annoying and it helps to channel it in the arts aka music but can also be channeled into my English classes, hehe! and also any other paper writing class
it’s an app called fonts, hold up I’ll remix for you
same!! I love love love making them look pretty and stuff cuz it makes me WANT to come back and look at them to study!
this layout is to die for