Hey guys! QOTD- do you like to dance?
AOTD:hedouble hockey sticks yes


Hey guys! QOTD- do you like to dance? AOTD:hedouble hockey sticks yes

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stunning!! ♥️♥️
thank you 🙂
beautiful AOTD: yes but I don’t do it very well 😂
thAankyou QOTD: Yasss I dooo💕
Yessss!! But I’m not very good at it🤣
AOTD: yeah!
woahhh beautiful
love this
wanna collab?
lol 😂😘💘 and tysm 🥰❤️
gorgeous! 💖
aotd: sameeeee! Do u take dance lessons or competitions or just for fun?
AOTD: Yes! But I don’t have any musicality.
I’ll do back ground ...what theme do u want and will u do the pigs and stuff too or do u want me to
lets do like a golden hour theme with gold hues and sparkles
ok I was just wondering!
no worries!!
aw thankyouu
aotd: yasss
a b s o l u t e l y s t u n n i n g ❤️❤️
aww tysm brit💓
AOTD: I’m a dancer so I kinda have to like it lol😂❤️❤️❤️
Of course! What part do you wanna do?
aww thx xx
ofcccc!!💗missed you way more😇I’m great I?
oh wow I’ve been out for a month now
nope you haven’t asked me that before
yes actually I went to France
I'm glad you like it, I posted it!
hi! could you come join my contest!♥️
join my icon contest
there’s the bg for our collab💓
Thanks for the spam!💗💗
AOTD yess! this collage is so pretty I love the text!
sure thing! do you want me to find a quote and do the text?
amazing account!! mind leaving some tips? hope we can be friends!! ⛈💗
this is amazing, you’re so talented!
I love this song!!
AOTD: yes! I do hip-hop💖 are you a dancer?