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Awww, I’m so sorry you considered that and I hope you have a good life one day, you deserve it more than most ppl. ♥️
That sounds really great, it does seem to be a sign, and something to look forward to! Strength and happiness to you ❤❤❤
awwww I‘m sure it was a sign. I was thinking about killing myself like 2 years ago I think and then I thought no girl you gonna fight life has something good for you just wait for it. And here I am happy as never before with my bf since 13 months and I started my job got to an amazing school found new friends. Girl you’re life is gonna be great believe me you deserve it💕❤️❤️
everything happens for a reason and this dream u had obviously happened for a reason. “someone was looking over u” and said to themselves: wow this is one special person who deserves a life on this beautiful earth. I know my words don’t mean anything and can’t stop u from harming u, but I really do hope that all of the support together that we give u will encourage urself to continued stay strong.
u are so amazing and deserve this fabulous thing called life💕
I just had a thought. A glowstick has to be broken to glow. And maybe its the same with you. Who ever decided you to have this life thought: you have to break and it will hurt but you will shine the brightest afterwards cause all the other glowstick never broke so you’re the one to shine. I thought thats a nice thing to think about when you ask yourself why me?❤️
Awe I’m so glad you had this dream. there is hope in the darkest of places and I’m glad something has helped give you hope. I love you so much💓✨
I think it was a sign. That suture you dreamed of, that was the future you deserve, and you will get it one day. I’m so sorry about how you’ve been struggling lately, I hope that things start looking up and continue to do so, until you find the happiness that you undoubtedly deserve. Ilysm, and I’m here for you. Keep your head up, girl, we believe in you and we’re with you every step of the way♥️