always, i’ll care — jeremy zucker

very obsessed w his latest song tbh 🌿💓 happy saturday everyone :) i have a three day weekend this week so i have some time to take care of myself and make collages 💫🧚🏻


always, i’ll care — jeremy zucker very obsessed w his latest song tbh 🌿💓 happy saturday everyone :) i have a three day weekend this week so i have some time to take care of myself and make collages 💫🧚🏻

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yw and yayy first like n comment:)
your edits just get prettier and prettier 🤩🙈🔥
aww wow. this is soooo beautiful. teach me your ways.
this is so gorgeous🤩
AWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH 🥰you’re so kind omg😤❤️
so beautiful:))
Beautiful 😍 you are so talented
aww that’s smart. I have no idea how to edit. my hands just do what they want haha.
no problem! ❣️
wow gorgeous!
This looks awesome. I love how colorful and tropical your account is
You have an amazing way of making your text and it just makes your whole edit stunning
I'm syd btw I would love to get to know you:)
//Benzie says thank yah😌💕💕
omg wowww this is so so so gorgeous kat🤩❤️
so so so pretty 🧚🏼🧚🏼
Aww thanks 😩❤️
Thank you so much kat. I love your name
IKR🥴😂//sHes a Bernese mountain dog aka she’s going to get v big 😌😂
she’s **
thank you so much 🥰🥰 this is absolutely stunning!! i love the colors and the doodles and just okiloveeverything-
AW FR PC REALLY BE PLAYING WITH ME😤😢// and ikr big dogs are the absolute best to hug🥳
favorite song is probably from now on or rewrite the stars from the greatest showman because they’re just great😂 and my fav plant is any type of succulents ! :))
How did I find PC.....well I wanted an app to edit and when I made my account I saw that I could post different colleges on it. So i thought I would try it out:)
eeeeekkk thank you 🥺💗💗
WOW! I love this collage! can we be friends?
I’ve always loved your collages!
Thank you sm♡
I’m Joanna!
thank you! ❤️
thank u💕
AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH😃❤️ yeah idk where my random moment of patience came from tbh😂
thank youuu 🥺
yeah it kinda hurt😂 but not as bad as i was expecting!
EXACTLY see you get it
Hi Kat! My fav is getting to chat with awesome users on PC! what about u?
Hey come check out the newest interview with Delartista
Congratulations! You and -iicorgidreams- have won Collab Contest #1 Round 1! Your prizes include a shoutout (which has been posted) and 10 likes. Thank you for participating! I hope you sign up again for the next round! ~𝓔𝓵𝓪𝓻𝓪
guess who won the collab contest! ❤️❤️
im so glad you like it!!
Hey it's Tropical_Spring(Syd) And Countingstars-(Camila). We started a joint account come check it out and give us your feedback
awww 🥺 thank you! 💗
GURL I- tysmmmm I mean that with my whole ❤️
how are u doing now! btw, I love your new extras account.
1. my first name is camila:)
2. im an ariess 🌟
8. to many to even count 🙈 in first grade, this guy gave me a teddy bear bigger than me 🧸 in 2nd, a guy told me he liked me and thought i was pretty 💫 in 6th, i "dated" this guy that really liked me and I liked him a lot too, but then i left the school :( in 7th, a guy gave me a carnation on valentines day, and in 8th, a guy wrote me a song 😖😂😂
9. my best first date was probabblyy when this guy me to go to our school dance with him, and it was really fun :) we laughed and talked and we danced a lot of slow songs 🥴
47. lol you might think im hella weird but i like my music reallyyy soft 😂 i HATE loud music ✋ everyone thinks im weird theyre like "tUrN iT uP" and im like "nO" 😂😂
I’m doing fine 2. I’m sorry about the extras account thing tho.
If u have time, can we have a collab?
OMG! thank you! I’ll do text if you don’t mind☺️
like make a group account ooooo🔥🔥
thank you so much 🥺
oop wrong acc
YES exactly! (she should be proud of that sentence😂) I don’t wanna name names but someone is using “inspo” more like doing the exact same thong and it’s frUstrating.
thing* whoops
YEAH JOINT ACC!! ...I’ve never done one before what can I do to make this happen😂
you did?? that’s good😅 I was going to say something but hopefully i don’t have to anymore😂 thank you for that
I was the same when I first started out, still am tbh😂😂most of the time I’m just experimenting coz I don’t know what I’m doing but you’ll get there
yessss steal go
oh no and I feel you😂
ohhhh. yeah. i was kinda mad after the first one, which was our collab, and then the second one i was just like heck no. maybe if it continues, ill try to say something😂 its probably a good thing tho that you cant be mean!😂
oh yeahhh I used up all my emails lol// DANG UR JOKE REALLY GOT ME ROLLING😆😆🥴🥴🤪🤪🤪
well i think theres a big difference between mean, and strength/standing up for yourself/doing whats right for yourself. That sucks but im so glad you found good friends. I was kinda in the same situation too a while ago
nahhh I highly doubt it
yeah especially since the profile pics are the same 😂🤪
let me know if im overreacting, but have you seen her extras account icon? like, that really bothers me, cause its basically copying the ones i made for you.
and like honestly, her whole account and extras are becoming verrry similar to yours. Idk if im making a big geal out of it or not tho, so sorry if im bothering you😂
beautiful ☺️