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Liam is obviously living with Jasper
Oliver looks around the house and screams “SO MUCH TECH!!!” Ash laughs. “So are you happy I woke you up?”
Jenna finds her favorite books on the shelves on her house even though they where limited edition and she never got one she starts getting ...suspicious...
Ava looks around and sees a awkward picture of Luca and Basil tackling eachother,but we don't speak of that.
Oh lord XD
Liam finds a his moms muffins on the counter... even though... his sisters would never let him have the muffins... Liam eats five muffins
Basil looks around,there was a leather couch,and modern lightning
Oml liam
Jenna chills in her office chair
Ava sees a shrine to Luca and is officially weirded out
Liam’s my favorite OC honestly =w=
Basil eats pizza Hut pizza
Ava my favvv
Liam starts looking around for clothes to wear for the arrival party
Oliver also sees a place on the roof where she can relax, reminiscent to Gravity Falls. “This place is awesome!”
Ava slures on Boba tea with strawberries
(Yass gravity Falls)
Ava checks out the closet and find a cute dress with a outline and a Jean jacket. Naturally she tied the jacket around her waist and was weirded out. This was her dream dress...
(Gravity fall 4everr
I just realized a spelling mistake ;^;
I just type and forget about it lol
Liam stays in his outfit and goes outside trying to drag Jasper outside away from his drawing tablet
Basil finds a casual suit with a open tie and woahs
Ya wanna know why Liam stayed is his outfit? Because he’s always fabulous
Ava puts the dress away and put on overalls,jacket around waist,and a white to shirt,with French braids and a beanie. I like clothing so much I think I have a problem
Liam is that mcSTARr that shine bright lol
Oh mi gawd dats some DETAIL
I could add more lol
Great pun :D
Yes thank you thank you
Liam waves at Ava “Hi!”
Ava assumes which house is Liam and Jasper and tackles Basil (again) and shouts RIDE INTO THE WIND SWIFT WIND to which
Oh lord Ava
He respondesaid I think your watching too much shera..
Yes I mad her more hyper :3
yey :3
Omgawd that sounded creepy
Liam hugs her “Hellooooo”
Oh my god yea
gtg for a bit you can control Liam a bit
Just no doing weird things to my bean
Oliver climbs onto the roof and looks out, seeing everyone else unpack
Ava leaps off Basil and tackles Liam. Hard. Very hard.
"Woohoo! Best landing yet!" "Woohoo." Liam gasps for breath.
Basil just blinks and feels awkward
Ava stands up and gets a text on her phone. "Hold up guys gotta look at this."
Ash decides to go greet people. He steps outside and remembers the gun in his jacket. He leaves it, just in case
Oh nvm
I thought I was all alone ;w;
Ava looks at her phone while Jiam and Basil talk about stuff that boys talk about cause I'd what boys talk about
Ava looks at the contact and deletes the number and walks back to the BOIS
Don't panic your not alone he heh heh heh heh
Ash sees a house that has a lot of lights on and he can hears people inside. He knocks on the door, smiling
Ava sips more of the Boba and Basil attempts to tackle her,but fails. "You shouldn't have done that while I had my Boba basil." She said darkly but jokingly
Basil opens the door and sees Ash
"Hellooo!" says Liam in the backround
Ash waves. “Hi, I’m Ash.” He seems a little nervous
"I'm Basil,the girl is Ava,and pink is Liam and black is Jasper." "Hey." said Jasper "Should I tackle him or not..." whispered Ava jokingly
(Probably what I would say xD)
“Nice to meet you all.” He smiles. “I have a sibling named Oliver, but they are exploring at the moment.”
"Noice." Ava smiles back at him
Oof i gig in like 15 minutes
“So..Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Farewell, all.” He heads back to his house
You would honestly just bump into him not knock him over
Basil attempts to put his arm around Ava-AGAIN. But she smacks him in the face. AGAIN.
Well Bai Ash
just a quick check in
Oofies I be messing things up xD
willow looked around her house trying to find a bed
can I ask you all a question:>
Ava realize she's been sipping the Boba for a while and realizes it's barely drained...strange..
Yesh :3
(Greg for a bit for real this time)
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Back to the rp if anyone is still here
Ava yawns and says,"I'm going to get some rest before the party..." basil realizes that their roomies cause they both share the same house and says Bai too cause she has the keys
Ava collaspes on the bed,tired and goes to sleep. Basil goes into the kitchen and eats some Snickers
I might be back guys,I might not because of my parents 😕
Ava wakes up and locks the door. Just in case.
Oofies everybody left xD
Lonely (so lonely) I'm Mr lonely (Mr lonely) I have nobody (I have nobody)
Mkkkaaayy I'm a just rp by myself my dudes
Ava woke up a few hours later,yawning,she unlocked the door and rubbed her eyes. Basil was still watching Voltron,eating some kale salad with ranch,cause pizza ain't that healthy
Ava gave a small,"Hey." and went to the fridge (vory shony) and opened it,surprised to see a strawberry tart that SUSPICIOUSLY looked like the TART from the CASTLE. She slammed the fridge door,super freaked out and super annoyed. She got a Big Red and Drank from it,still thinking about that bootiful looking tart.
Basil watched Ava slam the fridge door,wondering what was in there hat made her so startled. He shrugged it off and ate some more of the salad. And watched Voltron cause ITS VOKTRON
Oi I’m here again!
Oliver looks around the house and checks a closet. They gasp. Her favorite maroon tank top that she outgrew a couple years ago was hanging up, along with ripped jeans she got rid of for the same reason. But these clothes were in their size. Oliver felt quite uneasy about this town, but they weren’t going to voice their suspicions just yet.
Yay ;w;
Ava goes upstairs
At the end of Basil's episode he goes up into her room to see what she was doing
Ava stuffs the Luca shrine she made in 7th grade into the closet,which she was freaked out by cause she trashed it a few years ago...
Basil see's her stuffing it in and asks,"whuts that" =w= making a anime face
Ava gives a eep! and slams the closet door shut. Basil looked at her weird and said,"so what we do now.." Ava's heart beat went from running 100k to normal,"idk. Hold up...ARE YOU ON SEAS
On,7 of voltron!"
Basil gave a sheepish grin,she got upset when people got ahead of her
"Um...yeah..." Ava got a ticked look on her face and tackled Basil onto he ground,"YOU MEAN YOU WATCHED A BUNCH OF IT WITHOUT ME?!?!" Basil sweated nervously,"Can't breathe!" Ava got off of him and Basil gasped for breathe,they were always doing stuff like that cause they were BFFs,cough maybe more later,COUGH COUGH
I am here ÙwÚ
Liam sits in a flower field. “These look like the flowers my grandma planted...”
Jenna monches on some carrots like just some carrots
Liam makes a flower crown for Jasper
Jasper walks over to Liam and Liam hides the flower crown,”Whatchu doing Liam?” “N- nothing!”
Jasper kisses Liam’s head and sits down with him
(I’m so alone)
I fell asleep. My sleep schedule is soo wack
Liam snuggles up in his sweater when a small breeze blows
Liam pops the flower crown onto Jasper’s head and Jasper smiles a little
Oliver puts on the outfit, pulling their hair into a ponytail and slipping on a pair of combat boots. They step outside and see a woods. Perfect for exploring
OooO spoopy woods
(I find that introducing new “landmarks” in a role play helps keep the story from running into a dead end)
(btw the woods are haunted OwO this be a spooky RP)
Liam gases into the woods behind the field and sees something but can’t make it out before it disappears
Oliver immediately notices the temperature decrease. But how could that happen? Wait, duh. Lack of sunlight. They walk deeper and deeper in, hearing weird noises and feeling like they are being watched. They get so freaked out that they sit down, having a slight panic attack due to sensory overload.
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oh cool
Liam snuggled up to Jasper. as he’s in sweater town (Hah more gravity falls)
Ava drags Basil outside and they start doing a Tik Tok together, (I think hall see where this is going heheh bff challenge xD)
Aw is nobody here ;W;
I was about to watch more I tried to kiss my bff challenges xD
oh wow ŌwŌ
They make me so sad cause I know it will never happen to me but I love them sOOOOb
Liam and Jasper walk around the town
wanna know the story behind Liam’s highlighter pink hair?
I’m just really bored
Ava leaps on Basil and says,"Let's go explore the woods! Please?" She put on her puppy dog eyes. Basil couldn't resist them. "fINe. But if we die it's your fault..." Ava smirks proudly,and almost fell off basil back,but gripped his collar. "AWAY WE GO!" She yelled to nobody is particular
Tell me the hair story
ok so Liam has 7 sisters and ya wanna know their hair colours? red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and magenta. the oldest has red and the youngest has magenta, Liam is the second youngest so he got pink hair and he rocks the look like a beast
you got a bit to read
Oh yeah that so cutee
Wow I read rely fast
I typed that really fast
BRB real quick
Ash grabs a slice of pizza from the fridge. He saw Oliver’s note sayin where they were. He sighed. Oliver was always exploring so he thought nothing of it
Mkay backk
yey people are here
Basil and Ava jumped over the back fence,onto the forest side,who knew what was waiting in there for them! Ava shivered a litrle,did the temperature drop? Basil took off his Hoodia and have it to Ava. Woah,tournament
Liam dragged Jasper to the woods “Why are we going to the woods?” “I dunno everyone else is going to the woods!”
I wish I could ship Ava and basil like Liam and jasper ;w;
Oml,following the trend
I think of Liam and Jasper’s backstory instead of sleeping
Gig bai
Something felt off, though, so Ash shot Oliver a text. “Hope you are being careful, Oli.”
Oliver’s phone went off, startling them. “Geez! Ash is so gonna get it.” They pick up the phone and smile. “Yeah, I’m being as careful as I can be :p”
You here a woosh. But you see nothing
Liam stops,”I think I heard a woosh.”
Oliver looks up, a little freaked out. “Ight Imma head out.” They sprint out of the woods, getting cut and bruised from running into trees and tripping over rocks.
Ash looks out the window and sees his younger sibling running. “Guess you had too much adventure, huh?” he yells to them
Liam speed walks away with Jasper whispering “Nope nope nope nope NOPE!”
Oliver looks at Ash and flips him off. “There’s something off about this town. I feel it in my gut.”
A random park bench is sitting peacefully... Liam walks out of the woods “NOPE!” and he flips over the bench
Oliver pulls some band-aids from their pocket and starts covering up major scratches with them. “I probably shouldn’t go back for awhile.” Ash walks over and hands Oliver one of the guns he keeps in his jacket. “Just in case.”
Why does Ash have guns?!??!
he was an assassin
oh yea OwO
Jasper has to restrain Liam as he tries burning down the forest “LEMME BURN IT!!” “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”
gtg I’ll be back tho at some point
Oliver puts the fun in their pocket, the handle sticking out. “So what if people freak out about it. I gotta defend myself somehow.”
guess who’s back
it be me
who else
bananas are berries
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(my useless self watching tiktoks on Instagram 😂)
That is why I absolutely DISLIKE bananas
(couldn’t use h8 for some reason
PC don’t like the word hātē but there are so many pages for it :/
it’s stupid honestly
Liam burns old letters from his ex just to make him feel better from what happened in the woods
Ash shrugs. “You do you.” He goes up on the roof and sits down, pondering his past. He pulls out the other gun from his jacket. “I kinda miss it.” he says to himself
oh ma please don’t kill everyone
he won’t uwu
he’s a good lil bean now
Oliver decides to go try and sleep. They find their room and get into the bed, which has a maroon comforter and grey sheets. They fall asleep, but about thirty minutes later they let out a blood-curdling scream. Ash rushes into the room and hold Oliver close, comforting them. "It's alright, Oli, it's just a dream." Oliver starts to cry. "The dreams have never been this bad though... was it a-a vision?" They continue sobbing.
Liam eats some muffins
My mom'said forcing me to go on a walk ;w;
Ava and basil are still in the forest,a SwOosH went by and ava clinged to basil arm,cause she did NOT like spooky stuff,Basil pretended not to be a tiny bit scared,even tho he was
OMG hey guys I’m back!!! I joined a bit late is that ok?
anyways Carrie is backkkkk!!!!
Carrie walked in and looked around
no one was here, everyone seemed to have disappeared
Carrie notices a strawberries and cream Frappuccino. how did they know?! Carrie was too tempted so she took a sip of it . she sighed from happiness
( anyone willing to rp their character with mine and maybe start a relationship between them?)
I have no idea why I just did those emojis XD I wanna rp with someone
I’m so far behind XD 😂
anyone here? if not imma leave
I'm heree
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Lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop
Wait number not wafflle...OHH ITS EVA PFT I DUMBB
Ava sees a bush that's moving and goes to investigate. "Ava! Wait-" Ava saw nothing in it but when she turned around basil wasn't there anymore..."Basil? Where are you? BASIL!!! Ifor this is a prank it isn't funny!" Basil looks in the hush bit Ava isn't there...
Oliver ends up going back to sleep and waking up late the next day. They walk out of the house, hair an absolute mess, but not caring
Ava starts feeling her heart POUNDING Basil is super confuzzled and starts shouting for Ava
Ash follows them, trying not to laugh. Oliver’s hair in the morning is pretty crazy.
Basil thinks,"Maybe she went to the house...." Suddenly he hears a crunch behind him and he slowly walks backwards...This place was scary...Ava looked around,all the trees looked the same! WHy didn't she just listen to Basil about staying at the house...She heard a thump in front of hear and *freaked out* started walking backwards. SHe bumped into a person behind her,So did Basil. They both give a yelp and realize its eachother. WHERE WERE YOU! they yelled at eachother.
oml i typed a lot
"Me? I was in front of the bush you idiot! Where did you go?!?!" Basil yelled at Ava,"Me? I was just looking in the bush and you disappeared!" Basil and Ava glared at eachother. "Whatever lets just go home..." said Basil
oml symphony is such a good song ;w;
Oliver realizes Ash is laughing and knows why. They run back in the house, slapping a laughing Ash as they passed.
ye it’s Eva XD
( so is anyone willing?)
(oh yeah also what did I miss earlier in rlly late also can Carrie and Ava start already know each other and be friends?)
( hello?!!!!)
Liam sleeps in his bed and kinda drools a bit
Yeah carrie and ava can be friends
Ava and Basil somke how find their way out of the forest and angerily go to their rooms
Jasper sits outside drawing designs on his tablet
(Hello! :D)
(I’m here!!)
(Yey lots of peoples)
I just got out of a 30 minute shower :D
I really need to make my characters socialize more lol
Liam continues napping ignoring everything around him
(yea mine need to too)
Ash rubs his cheek where Oliver slapped him. “Jeez, they can pack a punch.” He sees a picnic area and decides to go hang out there
Jasper eats one of Liam’s granola bars that he stole while he continues drawing
Oliver brushes put their hair and climbs up o to the roof with a piece of tech from inside the house. “Time to build a robot.” They get to work.
ooOoO robot
ya Oliver/Olivia builds stuff
“hey Liam! it’s gr8 to see u again!”
( hey I’m here now )
Liam is napping in his room OwO how did you get in?
Jenna sits in the grass writing a fantasy story where she’s the main character and she’s a knight
(whoops soz I didn’t know I just wanted her to interact with someone)
Carrie walked outside and saw the woods
“wow, it’s beautiful “
she said
she walked into the woods
something brushed past her shoulder, she quickly turned around. there was no one there
suddenly she tripped over a root, and fell to the ground screaming
Calvin walked in
cool place, he thought
but then he heard a scream, more specifically a girls scream
it came from outside, so he ran out
he saw the woods and quickly looked around then dashed in
he then saw Carrie for the first time
/ Carrie looked up and saw a guy offering her his hand / “What happened?! I heard someone scream and came over to help!”/ “no it’s nothing , I just fell”, Carrie tried to get up, but soon discovered she couldn’t, as she’d landed badly on her leg/ “ let me help you up, you’ve seriously injured yourself!”/ “ no, I’m fine!” , she attempted to get up again, but failed. “ alright” she said.
Calvin picked Carrie up, and carried her to her room
he searched around for a nurse but couldn’t find anyone
im that person in the backround who screams MAKE OUT MAKE OUT
Ava and Basil decide to walk around town to cool down the TENSION that happened in the forest
Basil watchs vids on his phone and a things comes up on the suggested feed. "Got nothing else to do..." He looked at the video. The title was NEW TREND KISS YOUR BFF blah blah blah He insanely blushed. His freckles popped out. "You okay dude?" Ava looked at him concerned "Yeah...Yeah fine."
Wow tik tok helped for once
da dabs
I just thought of something Liam would yell at Basil and Ava. “KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE CMON AVA RELEASE THE DOVES” in an intense voice
it’s not that good yet tho..
Liam sits by Jasper. Jasper keeps drawing.
“ well” he said , “ I guess it’s just me and you”
/ “ yes,” said Carrie, “” she whispers into his ear, before kissing him
anyways guys I gtg sleep cos I’ve got my first day of school tomorrow!
wait imma do a tiny bit more rp
Calvin slides his hands down onto Carrie’s waist and kisses her back
( love at first sight 😂 XD )
Liam drinks some apple juice
( lol 😂)
they finish kissing and look at each other awkwardly
*Calvin blushes. “ ummm... I’m going to go and try and find a doctor to help with your leg so... ummm... I guess I’ll see you later?”
/ “ uh yeah, see you later, and thanks “ Carrie smiles at Calvin.
( when’s the next page gonna be out?)
Later this week =w= too lazy to do any planning right now tho
(oh ok)
(btw people might die if I have their permission and there’s gonna be an interesting ending)
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I missed some it seems due to my lack of staying awake
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The love song im pratically shipping basil and ava after is la da dee if yall wanna listen to it its so good ;w;
ooh I should make a love interest for Oliver
it would be cuttee
ooooh and imma make him look like my crush uwu
truth sis
hello friends sorry I wasn’t here I was busy
is ok im just being my nerdy self and doing roblox
oh cool
(is there a park in rose
(imma introduce Andrew into the plot real quick)
Andrew arrived at the village. He was on a different train, but he still wound up here. He saw the small circle of houses on the outskirts, and walked towards one of them; it seemed to beckon to him. It was his dream home, a small artist loft but with multiple stories. “I guess this is the place.” he said, looking at a crumpled note from the mayor in hi his hands
(also please don’t kill off Oliver or Andrew I want the ship to sail soooo hard. Ash is fair game though)
OoOOh iNtRestIng
I forgot what I was doing with bava Owo
(I will not kill them I can only KILL if I have permission)
Andrew entered the house, looking around at it’s many features. There was a skeeball game and a Nintendo switch in what appeared to be the living room. An easel and canvas were set up on a balcony overlooking the village. Next to that stood a cart with many paints, sketchbooks, pencils, and miscellaneous art supplies. “I think I’m gonna like it here.” he smiles
(I’m a very detailed role player lmāø)
hi can i join?
Guys I'm so freaking annoyed rn because eon my android tablet PC decided not to support it anymore so I can't make ANY collages OR post on my account!!
hashtag triggered to the max
oh nu ;-;
Liam climbs a tree and just sits around, monches on a cookie cause he can’t find his granola bar (JASPER.).
350th comment ÙwÚ
Andrew goes to the balcony and decides to paint. He starts to paint the sky and all the clouds, along with a few birds. (because BIRBS!)
Oliver steps outside and sees the newcomer. They wave to him, but he is so focused on his painting that he doesn’t see. Oliver shrugs. “Rude.” They walk over to where Ash is sitting.
(You type so much ŌwŌ)
(again, I’m very detailed. it’s just who I am lol)
(I know.)
Ava sees Liam in the tree and decides to freak him out (=w=)
(yay Oli is socializing)
(Socializing OwO)
(Woohoo for Oli)
(my anti-social bean is socializing)
Ava blasts screaming noises from a bush barley holding back a storm of laughter
“I’m good” Liam says and gives a thumbs up
Basil just be chilling thinking about how to write the highest number even though infinite is the highest but what does infinity look like
Liam spits out some grass
(ew grass)
“Cool.” They give a thumbs up back. “Im Oliver, by the way. You probably already met my brotherAsh.”
Liam is immortal xD
“I’m Liam” he gets up and brushes off some dirt
“Nice to meet you Liam.” They smile. “Trees, am I right?” They laugh a little (which is a huge deal for them). You notice their hands are very shaky
Liam kicks the tree accomplishing nothing “Why are your hands so... shaky?”
Ava comes out of the Bush looking like a depressed bean cause the prank fail ;w;
“Oh, I guess it comes from not sleeping ever, being anxious all the time, my serial killer mum, and drinking a lot of coffee.” They shove their hands in their pockets
Liam sees his cookie on the ground and just stares at it
(one of those things is not like the other xD)
Ava gives a FRIENDLY wink to the people and goes inside to get a cherry coke,
Cause its a cherry coke
Oliver sets the backpack they carry around everywhere down and pulls out a bag of Goldfish. “Uh, it’s not a cookie, but do you want it?”
Liam looks at Oliver surprised “....... coffee? how much creamer do you put in it? I can’t have creamer it’s just gross.”
I took too long to type ;-;
“oh no thank you.”
“No creamer. Just pure black coffee like my soul.” Ash overhears this and yells. “Oliver’s soul is rainbow and they put soooo much sugar in their coffee.”in
Ava looks in Jiam's fridge and mAgIcaL a cherry coke is there. She grabs it and walks back outside. "Hey liam,I never knew you liked cherry coke." She took a sip of the fizzy goodness
“ASH SHUT UP.” Oliver yells back. “Ignore him.”
Liam looks at Ava,”I don’t that’s Jasper’s..”
Liam looks at Oliver “Wait so you like creamer or no creamer I CANT TELL WHO’S LYING.”
Ava looks at it and thinks oh cràp
“I don’t use creamer, but I use loads of sugar.” Oliver confesses. “Technically, the color of the coffee doesn’t change so I call it black.”
hah oh no no no.. Jasper unnoticeabley stands over by Liam
Ava gives a awkward cough
Jasper glares at Ava
"You don't mind do you? Heheheh..."
Andrew finally finishes up his painting and sees the group of people hanging out. “Might as well go see what’s up.” He walks over. “Can I join the par-ray?” He grins
Jasper gives a thumbs up
Ava feels frightened by Jasper and dares to continue sipping the coke
Liam smiles and says “Helloo!”
gosh Jasper’s intimidating
Basil finaly figures out how to break the space time viral fourth wall
Yup if I met jasper I would just glare right back at him xD
Andrew smiles back. “Hey, small gathering of people I’ve never met. I’m Andrew.” Oliver drops the bag, slightly freaking out. “Wait-are you Andrew Allen? The artist? I LOVE YOUR WORK.” There is a tinge if red in their cheeks. They don’t usually express emotion like this among aquaintances.”
Liam appears and slaps Basil “NO FORTH WALL BREAKING!”
Basil looks like the sad cat Anima thing face
Liam goes back to where he was
dramatic heel spin and all
Andrew smiles. “Tup, that’s me. Didn’t know I had any fans here.”
Liam eats some raisins he had randomly
Ava pats Basil reassuringly and as friend cough for now cough kisses he boo boo
Ash clears his throat. “Anyway.. let’s all explore this place. It’s big enough to.”
Ava realizes what she just did and blushes fiercly and put her oversized Hoodia hood over her head
Liam smiles “Ok!”
"Yeah let's explore..." she was desperate to get away from the moment
Jasper gives a silent nod
Gtg baii
“Alright. What should we explore?” Ash asks. “N-not the woods, please.” Oliver stutters our.
“How about the park!” Liam smiles
(don’t worry I’ll be on for awhile)
Ash nods. “That’ll work! I might have seen a swing set...” Oliver starts jumping around. “I LOVE SWINGS!!!”
Liam grabs Jasper’s hand, “Lets go.”
“The siblings rush off, racing each other there. Andrew kind of hangs back, thinking.
Liam and Jasper walk at a normal pace
The duo arrives at the park. Oliver bolts towards the creaky old swing set. “Ash look at how old this swing set is. This park must’ve been around for awhile. Ash laughs, but notices something on one of the benches: a crimson stain.
Liam sits on a rocking horse like a child
(we stan rocking horses)
(wow I have so much detail (<— sarcasms))
Jasper sits on the bench (OH NU.(
Ash investigates the bench. “Uh..guys?” He sounds uneasy
Jasper looks up “What?”
Liam walks over “What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”
“Doesn’t this stain look like blood?” Oliver chips a peace of the stained wood off and puts it in their mouth. “Yup! It’s blood.” Ash facepalms
Jasper looks at the stain and continues sitting
Everyone just be staring at the blood
“You didn’t have to CONSUME the blood Oli.” Ash sighs. “I give up Olivia.” He quickly covers his mouth, having accidentally let slip the name Oliver despises. “You are so fxckxng dead.” They glare
Liam awkwardly backs away
Jasper still be sitting on the bench
“Alright calm down you too.” Andrew says. “That doesn’t change the fact that there is a HUGE BLOOD STAIN ON THE BENCH.”
Liam just stands there and Jasper gets up
“I guess I could go to the creepy old guy who runs this place...” Ash ventures. “He might have answers”
(ooo I can finally roleplay as Mayor Jackson)
(your welcome lol)
Adh walks off towards the mayors office and knocks on the door, not expecting a response
Mayor Jackson opens his door “Hello...” he gives a creepy smile and has a twitching eye
“Oh, hello sir” Ash isn’t fazed. “Um, I have a question. In the park, my friends and I found a bloodstain on a bench. Should we be worried?”
“Hah... no.. it’s... normal..” he closes the door before questions
(oh mai)
“Well that was...odd.” Ash walks back over to the group. “The creepy old guy says it’s normal.”
Liam let’s out an “eep!” and hugs Jasper
“Well that ain’t normal.” Oliver declares. “I want out of here.”
Liam gives a worried look “But remember the train AND the tracks disappeared
“Theres no other way out..”
“So? I can walk. It might take awhile, but I can do it.” She marchés off to the house.
(hah remember how everyone went to sleep? that ties into the story it was to make people forget the way back)
(I am le smort boi)
“Ugh. Oli’s pxssed.” Ash finally says. “It’s mostly my fault.”
Liam looks confused
“So Oliver is nøn-bīnāry, but they tend to act mor male so that’s why they prefer Oliver. I called them by their birth name, and now Oli is mad.”
*i meant Oh. dangit
“Yeah...” Ash sighs. “I get it. If that was me, I’d act the same way.”
Andrew pipes up. “Uh I can go talk to them if you want.. “ His cheeks gain a little color for a second and he hopes no one notices
“Wait. I don’t remember the way back. How is he gonna walk there? Everyone fell asleep...”
Liam makes a face at Andrew like “ooooooooo....”
“I’ll figure it out.” Andrew proceeds to walk back towards the houses
lemme show the face that Liam makes because it’s hard to explain
I used Gacha Life =w=
the eyebrow wiggles
Liam just stands there
(sad viola music)
sorry I’m on FaceTime with my besties. I’ll be back in a bit
Imma make this into a book on Wattpad when it’s at the ends =w=
this is gonna be fun
I'm so nervous I snuck onto my tablet after my parents went to sleep
I panic at every tiny noise
I feel so sleepy ;w;
the best thing is hide it under your pillow if you hear footsteps
So where be ocs at basil a VA wanna join the party
don’t ask how I know that
I'm in the laundry room xD
might wanna go back and skim through everything that happened
I did xD
Luca might make a surprise visit muh hahahah
he gonna get trapped here then, you can come in but you can’t leave
Welp then he might not he may not but maybe
Oml the dark is scaring meh
I probably go sometime at like 10:50 or something
If I get caught I'm in so much trouble
Liam gives you a hug through you screen
Thanks Liam ;W;
Liam drinks black coffee and Jasper drinks a sugary drink with whipped cream on the top
Ava and Basil walk over to where Liam and jasper are,she looks at her phone
Ava sips the coke from earlier, daring Jasper to do something xD
Ava's phone goes PING and startled she drops it where Liam can see who's textingvher. (Is luca)
Jasper gives an intimidating glare with his green eyes and Liam looks up at him “Jasper? you there? Your glaring at Ava.”
Ava glares right on back smirking
Staring contest
Luca texts again and Ava doesn't hear,but cough ANYBODY can see it
Liam waves his hand in front of Jasper’s face “Hello???”
There's a dripping noise and it's giving me a heart attack
"Hey Ava um-HELLO!?!?"
Oh lord Jesus Christ banana tango oo lala UwUz FRiC ItEaoni .com potato
Ava sips the coke,and it's goes down the wrong hole,which makes her blown it out of her noise in pain and cough it out,"OML IT BURNS"
Liam looks at Basil
Jasper makes an evil smile
Basil shrugs
“Your partner broken too?”
Ava throws down her phone on the table and blows her nose in a yissue,iT bUrNs
"I think she is"
I gtg good nighty night
*phone buzzs* luca:listen I'm sorry okay?! Basil reads it and his eyes widen it points at the phone to Liam and jasper while Ava is erm...preoccupied
Liam looks at it, (gn)
I’ll be on in about 20 minutes uwu
the party has arrived òwó
Good morning peoples
Good morningg
Liam continues staring at Ava’s phone
Jasper ignores it
Liam rocks back and forth on his heels
Ava grabs the phone and says nervously,would you believe me if that was a different luca?"
Liam looks at her “No.”
Ava stuffs the phone in her pocket and mumbles something about a phone number
Omigawd liam be getting seriouss
No it just be like a Hah... no.. kinda no
I couldnt go to sleep last night ;w;
Alright BRB gotta start mah laundry
I actually slept really well last night
for the first time in forever.... ✨
Liam makes some more coffee
Jasper thinks “A coke wasted... again..”
earlier Liam drank a coke but then spits it out
Eep I just woke up
Let’s see I I traduces Andrew into the plot line, everyone went to a park and found blood on a bench, Ash went to see the mayor, who said it was normal. Ash made Oliver angry.
*intraduced (this is what I remember happening)
yep 👍🏻
Liam eats a croissant “This day feels like it goes on forever...”
(STAHP I coulda dropped my croissant)
(I love that meme.)
sorry guys my internet went BOOM
That meme is perfection
( can I pls pretend that Calvin saw the blood too whilst looking for a doctor for Carrie?)
( hello???)
I don't think waffle is on rn
(or am I >:3)
Ava gives a "pft" and tries to get a tiny bit of the croissant, a freaking
Liam smacks Ava’s hand “Don’t touch ma croissant!”
"i WiLl hAvE mY rEvEngE "she said like a Anima demonic person
Omigosh what if later I can use one of the draw the sad things and draw basil ava jasper and liam
*draw the group
There's one with two of them kissing and one is high fiving the person behind them and I can just add wone
It's so funny yet cute ;w;
I’m bad at drawing so I just put the names on them
Imma just make a ton ÙwÚ
why is this so fun?
Imma stop before I go insane
Guess who isnt asleep yet
(did I guess right?)
hello? OwO
I’m all alone ;-;
last one
I’m all alonneeeeee.... potato chips cheese screech magic macaroniiiiii
im here! sorry
wait i gtg oop sowwy
good night
good morning my fellow weirdos
Liam drinks some tea
Andrew stands outside Ash and Oliver’s house, wondering the best way to go about this. He was told Oliver was pretty good with weapons and they weren’t in the best of moods at the moment
Jasper is going for a walk outside
(okay anyone else take like 30 minute showers or is that just me lol)
(I take longer showers)
I take shorter showers xD
What's in the remixes o.O
draw the group things I just put names on them and I LOVE them
I might do it later today cause I gotta do it when my mom's gone because she doesn't know I have pintrest
( heyyyyy )
(Carrie and Calvin gonna join but they don’t know what to do CIA they stupid lol 😂)
We haven't role played the whole day lil
alright I’ll stop with the memes 😂
ok I’ll try and find more templates
I will halp! >:3
You guys still on? ;w;
I am anyways
Ugh I still can't do anything cause of stupid picot lage having to update and I CAN NOT BECAUSE OF BEING LOCKED OUT OF THEORY PLAY STORE eEeEe
Gooooood morning peoples
goooooooooooooood morning
I made 3 more ;w; it’s too fun
ha I made my OCs outfits for a reference because I forget
^oh look my other account 😂😂😂
I'm watching vote on and I'm just adding in my Volrron OC cause I can lol