Congrats to Holly and AJ for their features! You both deserve it sm!


tappp Congrats to Holly and AJ for their features! You both deserve it sm!

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thx for the spam!
If anyone is looking at this...good ..you need too ..... I'm not aiming this at anyone specific..just all the fake people, who are jealous or who don't know how to get over their self..... This hate is getting out of hand ..this is seriously Bull......I'm tired of these pages who are pretending to be other people...I'm tired of self advertising (has nothing to do with Subject but ok 😂)...I tired of drama and it needs to stop.... Cyber bullying is not....fun... it's horrible....one word, JUST ONE, could hurts someone mentally.... If you've never met someone, then you don't actually know what or what not they tell you (idk if that made sense but you get the point).... You guys don't know what I do at my house...you guys don't know the things I can get a hold of...you guys don't know what happens in my school life....well guess what...it frikin sucks...and people have worse lives than me...they cut themselves bc of some of you...you hurt them mentally, and they will hurt themselves physically...ALSO quit assuming stuff about people... Get your facts straight before you assume ANYTHING about ANYONE.... This drama needs to stop. PC is becoming a horrible place and causing people to leave...so just stop. Ik we can't forget about it, and it's always gonna be there. But what we can do, is put it in out past and focus on the good things in life and what big plans are ahead .. also be grateful for everything you have. Be grateful that you are/were provided with an education. Be grateful that you have a roof over your head. Be grateful that you get to eat food. Be grateful that you are here today and now in this very moment. If you read this, please respond, and I thank you for reading my problems or rant whatever
Hi,would you be interested in my house cup competition?
I’m obsessed with this song!!!!
oh heck yeah I’m listening to bury a friend on repeat non stop
it’s fine😂
and thanks
for the team collage Dance_Dreamer wants you to remix her a quote.
Hey! The results for my galaxy contest are up! Go check them! Thanks for joining and sorry about being late! -KittyStarLM
HOLY TOM i love ur icon so freaking muchh
this is amazing
alright since dash_Doddle dropped out I will be picking one winner for round 2 of the collage battle!!
yea they did
💀Self advertisement sorry!💀 Heyyyy can you come check my recent and talk to that bxtch that’s hating on me and my friend? if so thank you so much! have a beautiful day!
hey girl❣️how you been💜
You are my idol 🤗