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Lol edit account
should I change back?
natty... my phone got confiscated
tell belle k?
that’s Livvi
tank u natty
Re; Sure! 😊
I would love to be friends! You can call me Blue!
Ok Natty! Tell me some stuff about yourself!
I want a white hat bc the Murica hat belongs to someone and we had to give it away so now I have to make a new one
ahahah okay 😂
Well, I am 1️⃣3️⃣ years old!😊I am in eighth grade!😉My favorite color is Blue!🐳I love to play soccer⚽️and I am on a cross country team🏃🏻‍♀️I LOVE FALL😱😱🍁🍁🍂I also loooooove pancakes😂I am a pancake goddess😂If you haven't noticed already, I am veeeeeeery weird😂I have one annoying little brother😣And I love turtles and whales!🐢🐳
thank you!!
oooo😂Is your brother older or younger?
OMG your account is amazing