Nature is angry. And we fool ourselves if we think we can fool nature, because nature always strikes back, and around the world nature is striking back with fury.

Use Ecosia! It’s a search engine that plants trees when you use it to search stuff-it also


Nature is angry. And we fool ourselves if we think we can fool nature, because nature always strikes back, and around the world nature is striking back with fury. Use Ecosia! It’s a search engine that plants trees when you use it to search stuff-it also

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caption continued: Ecosia searches also removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!
There is a magic machine that sucks carbon out of the air, costs very little, and builds itself. it’s called a tree.
^^ 😂👌 also, this is honestly so true. I just stan every word you type, honestly.
‘no earth, no autumn.’ I agree but it isn’t our earth dying, it’s most living things on it (the ones that can’t adapt to the earths temperature changes which is like humans and animals)
there will always still be autumn because of how it orbits the sun so. ig just no one to witness it which is still devastating:(
wow so pretty!! and tysm ❤️ ecosia is so cool!! I've shared with my friends and some of my family 💖 I really want to support organisations with a plan to support a healthier future. *rant* when I bring up this topic to the rest of my friends, one of them said "the earth is going to die anyway, so there is no point in trying to save it. Our efforts are in vain"... That shocked me... We still have the opportunity to change!
^^ @becca but after the mass extinction/ intense climate change (?) autumn might end up becoming really different from what it is like now isn’t it?
well yes but from the way you were saying it it sounded like just the general idea of autumn. if the temperature was rising it would still have different climates because of how our earth is titled on an axis causing different temperature ‘zones’ in different parts of the world depending on if you’re facing the sun or not so no, it wouldn’t be the same all around.
^^yes I’m guessing it will change but autumn isn’t all about how it looks, it’s just about WHEN it’s that time of year for the temperature to be different, it’s just one of the four seasons and seasons aren’t categorised by appearances but rather WHEN it is happening
but overall yeah I agree I was just talking about the overall autumn time because that’s how it is categorised
@bio: yesss people need to sort out their priorities, the other day I was talking to someone and I told them about how climate change is gonna doom us all and all those facts and she didn’t even care! she thought everything would work out in the end, like srsly normal people like her don’t even know how major this issue is!!
damnnnn wow she needs to sort out her priorities. uhmm yeah bcz of the earth and the sun other parts will definitely be hotter than others, but maybe it will change like you said, but all I know is that there definitely will be at least 4 seasons even if that means some temperatures rise
I hope I can tell he difference between poisonous mushrooms 😂 what’d I do in an apocalyptic world if i couldn’t??
^^oml honestly same, my friends know a lot of the problems related to climate change but they still don’t do anything about it? they just shrug it off !! and I literally rant to my Sister about this but she still eats so much beef and just doesn’t care much, it’s honestly the most frustrating thing to convince people that the environment is important.
🤷‍♀️ this one guy at school said that I must be a robot because there’s no way a human could sing so well and I almost died Bc I don’t agree but I thought it was funny
so gorgeous
haha yeah I just think that they match the aesthetic of a lot of my collages 😂 I didn’t even notice that I use them that much
you know, this is incredible!! aghhhh I love the quote sm! the colours are so beautiful together, the doodles that you did of them mushrooms is SUPER CUTE!! ahhhhh this is AMAZING!! you should be proud! LOVE thissss💚
this is so so so amazing😍😍🤩 and omg oo I didn’t know that, I’ll definitely use ecosia now
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OH MY GOSH A FREAKING FEATURE THANK YOUUUUU 🙏🏻 it’s been a long time since my last feature so this is a special surprise! I’m glad that this was featured-it can help spread environmental awareness :) 💚
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wow this is so powerful! congratulations on the feature
thank you!! sorry for the reply but atm i’m kind of this in between of okay and not okay😅and i try to when i remember but it’s something i should def get in the habit of doing
every thing that they and have a lot about them is that they have a thing and a lot about that and then we are about 🤩his name was
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this so beautiful
I agree I feel like it’s helps some people but I think it can also be too restricting and exclusive of many people who still want a community but don’t want to fit into a label
this is beautiful💗 and congrats on the feature!!
about that the only thing about that it was what about
same!! :/ also WOW this so deserves to be featured omg it’s beautiful and spreads the right msg 🌎🌿🌞
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WOW THIS IS INCREDIBLE. It’s awesome that they featured this, it spreads the message. congrats!
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1. What inspired you to stand up for the environment? 2. Do you know anything about Politics? 3. What is you’re real name? 4. How old are you? 5. Do you have any thoughts about the Brazilian government? 6. What do you think about people donating to the Norte Dame instead of the Amazon fires? 7. Where did you get to know about the Amazon fires?
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ahhh thanks for the feedback! heaps of my collages I feel like are missing something that I don’t know but I never know what it is😅😆 ahh do you reckon I should go back to my older style or keep my recent styles
as to is about was whan to is of ask I’do has tham about lot is ask to no no no no no no no no no no no no
I thought it was cute😂
ahhh yeah that makes sense! thank you, also could you possibly remix me what your fav collage of mine is, just getting some feedback😊😊 ahh yes sometimes the background does make it difficult to do text
awww luv te Fox!!
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this is so cool. it reminds me from something from Disney
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god it really makes me so sad how our earth is dying and everyone’s like, “oh we’ll be fine.” and I’m like “um no”
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I love the fox❤️🐺
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Read the caption on my recent post :))
lol that’s okay, I’m definitely not!! I just think people on YouTube give it such a bad wrap and are super dramatic. when I’m reality they have good stuff!!
I saw your comment on @ifoundtheavacados page, and I agree so much. I’ve seen something that was like “Albert Einstein said that if bees go extinct, there will be an apocalypse.” Idk, that could be false information though
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re://i worship you bc you are the only sane person who viewed that collage apparently.
re://and I absolutely agree
as we do
absolutely agree
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this is really pretty. I luv foxes and they are adorable. 🍑🦊
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