Come on guys let’s keep our squad alive!


¡NEW CHAT PAGE! Come on guys let’s keep our squad alive!

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hi👋🏼 sorry I signed up for the contest so late, I will hopefully have my edit for it done soon
Aaa I’d totally join but I dislike contests as a whole :,0
oh hi! :) someone? hehe sorry I’m late :’v
I just got a text from this saying we hate haru, please don't tell me this is still going on!!!
^ me too >:v what’s happening again?!?!
wht ?? just got a comment saying we hate haru !?
^^Dude can you stop 🙄🙄🙄
please stop
like I love the ppl on this squad but if this keeps happening I’m leaving
not that anyone would care but I’m literally done. whoever is doing this is rly immature and it’s rly stupid. haru is a good and kind person
and the person spreading this drama and hate is just being toxic so stop
please stop! why starting again the hate on Haru? it should say #weloveharu❤️
that’s it I’m leaving the KRUSH squad. I’m sry to everyone whose a mice person on here but I can’t be a part of something that keeps hurting my friend
stop just stop
dude you suck man you made 2 amazing people leave this squad, can you just stop already?
I’m hating this. this person is making everyone leave and honestly, I’m about to, also. this person needs to stop being immature and LEAVE. it’s complete and utter bs.
Hi everyone. It’s Mochi and just a heads-up I was sent from Kim_V_Tae to help MAGICSHOP and all you guys with KRUSH since I know it’s been chaotic.❤️
^^^Also, if you have any questions for Kim just let me know and I’ll text or tell her at school. But please don’t bash her with questions and give her a headache.😊👍
Also, Sofia, sorry if I got your name wrong- I’m kinda bad at names- can you please post your bio whenever you can? Thank you~☺️❤️
ah yes sure!
the password is the same right?
and no problem hehe I’m also bad with names lol
Yes, if you’re thinking of the one MAGICSHOP made- then yes.❤️
you wanted to see me?
Also, Kim mentioned something about a collab you all are doing? If you guys need help with planning that then just let me know. Also, if you guys have any ideas for some cool things to do with KRUSH let me know, no idea is a bad idea!👍
Hello, just scroll up a little bit if you’re confused on why I’m here.☺️
I’m just trying to get the group together to talk about KRUSH since I know things are getting chaotic~ So I commented to everyone.
oh! okay yeah things got real hecktic but it’s stopped since the password has changed. I can’t believe all that nasty stuff happened. it’s rude 😡✊💨
I still don’t know the password tho so hopefully I can get that in the future (not at the current moment tho cuz I barely have time to keep up with everything in my life)
You can just ask me or MAGICSHOP or even anyone in the squad if you want the password.❤️
Also, JibootyHwaiting- what can we all call you by?
should we start planning the collab? 👍💕