19.12.19 「t a p」
It’s the holidays and I’m trying to glow up but good food and laziness keeps tempting me 😔✋
QOTD: which country would you consider moving to?
AOTD: Italy or Monaco


19.12.19 「t a p」 It’s the holidays and I’m trying to glow up but good food and laziness keeps tempting me 😔✋ QOTD: which country would you consider moving to? AOTD: Italy or Monaco

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omg I want to do legit everything on your bucket list❤️❤️
cool!! I love it all!
^same. all these things look so coollll and i want to do them all🤩
aotd: i’ve always thought about wanting to move to italy so same :)
or japan,, japan is super cool😎
omg yess i really want to go scuba diving SO BAD 😭 but my parents say no because they said you actually have to be able to listen to the instructor when you're scuba diving, and knowing me i would probably get lost 😂😂
i mean sure id be scared too, but the reason i would get lost is because i have a love for the ocean and i would probably like follow a pretty fish and then i would look behind me and BAM im lost 😂😂😂
and yesss i want to go to hawaii too where you can swim with pigs!!
absolutely I only said all those things because it's the truth!! I'm so happy that your excited for the knew talk show. Your on my list to be in it so get ready:) I want to do everyone, but especially the ones who have a huge role in the PC community:)
(*New)I can't seem to spell. AOTD: Honestly I want to go everywhere, but who doesn't😂 Scuba diving sounds awesome I so want to try that:)
i’m so down thooo let’s get some money from somewhere and do everything together :) and then when we finish everything we can move to italy together☺️😂 u took a japanese class?! that’s so cool! did you like it?
aw no problem!!! xx
absolutely! sameeee
woah this list sounds so fun
ahh dang that teachers sounds terrible😅 and i’m taking spanish class this year but i’m struggling😂 i can barely put any kind of sentence together honestly😂😂 i still think it’s so cool that u take japanese!!
spanish class is honestly so boring for me😓 we’ve been working on projects for it and i did mine on ecuador and (it was pretty rude) like three of my best friends had gone before me and my teacher was like “yours is my favorite so far” and all my friends got mad at me😳😂
but other than that we literally only do bookwork like he rarely teaches
ahaha the pigs there look nice though 😂😂 idk but they eat each other??
thank you sososososososososososo much you are honestly so kind! hat made my day! 🌽⭐️❤️🌊🐭🥐🍁🌻🌟🌕🥭🧡💙❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙
wt f ily
yesss I would want to do a lot of things like this 💗
also thanks so much! 💓 you always give the most amazing advice 💗
thanks!! that sounds super nice 💓💓
you're amazing thank you for everything you've said to me omg 😭💗
yeah i like the language itself it’s just i’m so bad at it and my teacher just doesn’t teach it very well (he was raised in spain tho😂) well like he does teach it well we’ve just been doing boring stuff for the past few weeks. i used duolingo a whole bunch over the summer cuz i just wanted to learn spanish😂 what’s it like living in NZ??
dude this all sounds so fun 👏🏼👏🏼
you are literally the sweetest person ever😩🤍🤍
awww thankyou SO MUCHHHHHHHHHH!!!! once again you read my mind!! how!? I can’t even express words for how kind you are!! omg!! you are sooooooooo kind!!!!!!!!!! and you literally interrupted my collage 100% on what I was going for!! ahhh so happy!☺️💕💗💖
awww same!! do you overthink things too? cause I definitely do!!☺️💕💕
yeah same! I do stuff like that too. will it be better to leave my plant by the window or not?? or is this math test a trick question!?🧐😂
hey that gives me a good idea for a collage! the quote shall be a very lovely question of - “should I leave my plant by the window or not?” people are gonna think I’ve got something wrong with me😂
hehe yesss that would be absolutely amazing!
yeah it’s good you got to spend time with them
that’s so cool! from what i can tell, i would love to live there! it sounds awesome to be able to take short road trips and have a cool city with not too many people. i live in the eastern portion of the US and it’s pretty cool😎 i’ve never lived anywhere else so i don’t have much to compare to but i like it! the weather is pretty nice like it never gets into extremes. it rains a lot in the spring and some in the summer, and it snows occasionally u never rlly know when it’s going to😂. we just got out for christmas break so that’s exciting🤠
what season/ or what events are going on in NZ rn?
ooh i’ve always wanted to do a road trip with my bestie! re//lm@o yes my math class is insane the teacher doesn’t give that many punishments so we just goof off the whole time and one kid sat on an eraser and threw it at my friend, she didn’t talk for the rest of class🤭
going to a music festival with my friends is literally one of my dreams lol. It would be a dream if I could have literally all of my favorite artists at one festival
yess I love Lana 💓
woah you’re so adventurous!!!! also I honestly have so many things I want to do with my friends 😂
thank you youre so so sweet!!
but seriously you’re one of the NICEST people ever- like you have so much detail in your comments☺️☺️🤍🤍
a bbq for christmas sounds fun! and christmas at the park sounds amazing. i’ve never had a white christmas either :( it usually doesn’t start snowing until january or early february. ooo for christmas i open presents at home, then we leave for my grandparents house. we eat a huge breakfast there and then open presents from the grandparents and my aunt and uncle. then we watch movies and tell stories until 5ish then we go home :)
have u ever been to the mountains u we’re talking about?
*Sorry for the copy and pasted message* I love your edit! Omg good job!! I’m fairly new to posting on Pic Collage, but I do have experience with making them. Can you maybe follow and like? PS: Follow for follow and like for like!!❤️❤️❤️
it’s unbelievable how nice you are! thank you for being so lovely and paying attention to my edit I really appreciate that oh my 🥺 i’m gonna cry
yeah lol😌
re:// that was my mum holding the sparkler and lighting it but it’s actually fun, it won’t pop in your face trust me lm x ao
thank you so much!! it means a lot that you actually give me advice and appreciate the collages I make 💗😂
ignore the “😂” that was an accident lol
and um, i remember the good old days where everyone was active on my account 🥺😭
lmxao sorry that ^ was so random
wow thanks so much 🥺🥺💓 you’re super sweet ily
+ ikr Lana is an angel 💗
aww thanks❤️❤️❤️
no, i’ve never been skiing before :( it looks super fun but i feel like i would lose my balance so easily😂 i love sledding though!
and what made the first time traumatic??
thank you😭🖤
thanks so much for your kind words 🥺💗 they really do inspire me to make more collages 💞
also my favorite Lana album is also born to die!! what are you favorite songs on it? mine are national anthem, diet Mountain Dew, and radio
thank you! ❤️
aww oml! tysmmmm the way your comments are so detailed is honestly the best, you’re so flipping sweet🤧💓💞✨👏🏻
this is a solid bucket list my guy👌might hafta steal something of these for mine pffft
Thank you so much! you’re so sweet with your comments☺️❤️
omg yes thank you! I appreciate when people see my dedication on edits. love you 🥺🤍🤍🤍🤍
oh my gosh😱 that sounds awful! i can’t even imagine how scared you must’ve been holy smokes😅 sledding is sm fun! we live right across from a hugeeee hill so it’s fun :) and i like to drink hot chocolate and try very hard to build snow forts😂 what do u like to do besides skiing?
I also really like born to die and summertime sadness 💗
ive been wanting to do a lot of these also!! especially the abandoned places one!!
AOTD: Germany