08.05.19 「t a p」
tysm for 400 followers! I love and appreciate all of you heaps 😚❤️
QOTD: what’s a food you’d like to try?
AOTD: spicy fire noodles with rice cake


08.05.19 「t a p」 tysm for 400 followers! I love and appreciate all of you heaps 😚❤️ QOTD: what’s a food you’d like to try? AOTD: spicy fire noodles with rice cake

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aotd- poutine 😩👏🏼
subway chocolate chip cookies are thE BEST
aotd: kimchi, I need to know what’s so good about it
I’m doing better now, thank you! :)
yessssssssss omg
AOTD: idk probably octopus or squid 🦑
thank youu 💕
this is so relatable
AOTD: I have no idea. Probably something too fancy for me
thank you! you’re so sweet!☺️💘💘
I’m from IN which is just super exciting 😂😂
aotd: squid or octopus. I always thought it would get stuck half way down my throat and then I would start hyperventilating. I also once had a dream that the octopus climbed out of my throat and strangled me to death. I know, I’m weird😂
awwwww thank you! I really do wanna get closer to you but like I’m an awkward mess and we’ll probably end up talking for 2 minutes and then it would just get really akward and I wouldn’t want that
butter slime is the freacking best! people always told me I was a weirdo since I’m almost 13 and I play with slime
oOf stabbing the foil of a Nutella jar always give me shivers down my spine. ITs JUsT SO UH-
subway kookies are probably really good but in the state I live in they don’t sell kookies
ooof I just realized I spelt cookies as kookies. like jungkooks nickname. i need help, kpop has gotten to deep into my head
ohhh yeah I've always wanted to eat one
oOf, poor you. I would loWkeY freack out
thank you for all your sweet comments!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
oooo same I play piano too!! I’m not too good haha😂💕 haha I don’t really do a specific dance style
uhhhh the absolute worst! I had to write a 5 page essay about someone who lived like 1000 years ago
oh and btw do you have PicsArt. it has a dm and chat feature so it would be really easy for us to chat
OOf good luck, at least I won’t be the only one ripping my hair out writing an essay😂
I do have insta but the god dàmñ app always glitches when I try to chat DM someone
the link isn’t working, my phone is stuffed up. I’m getting a new one in a month I just have to deal with my phone being an aßß for a little longer
yeah. I find myself using PicsArt more for chatting. it also is better in terms of editing supplied
i was talking to someone on PicsArt so ima are a chatpage so we can all talk together
give me 2 mins I’ll get started on the chat page
the chatpage is up, we can talk now
aww ya for piano I never got lessons I kinda just taught myself haha same with dance well my mum taught me how to play piano a bit and I learnt how to play the flute at school!!
woahh I’ve always wanted to do ballet well I did it when I was in primary school but switched to swimming instead which I regret
oh thank u!
I love ur account
thank you!! :)
awee, thxx
awww thank u
awww ofc
that’s sweet of u ur very nice too
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I made a remix cause that comment ^ might get lost lol
awe thxxxxx
bahhaha sameee the only good sporty thing I can do now is running
no problem 💙💕💓💖
I relate with EVERY single thing on this🤣🤣
AOTD: hmmmm I don’t really know what I would like to try
aww tysm 💗
aw tyy :)
ahhhh same but I’m better at long distance running than short distance
thank youuuu☺️💘✨
hahahaha running is the only sport I can do Im so bad at all the others haha
I’m seriously un co
tyty!! 💕✨
awwww you’re too sweet thank you so much 🤩💘
yeah!! awesome account!
thank you!
thanks so much for the spam of sweet comments!!
+ omg this is so true
please follow me 🥰
sooo true!
mochi 🍡 they look yummy
Mochi seems rlly delicious 😋