3 0
and thanks
cani tell you something
i'm bisexual
ur bisexual
wait what?😶
you have never told me this
i think i moved on pretty fast
wait bi means you like girls and boys?
i'm not talking about you-_-
ik boi
i'm talking about my ex
not uuuuu even tho ur my ex
dude what is with the winky face 🤮
wait what? you to dated😅I am in confusion...
i am nervous because i just told my crush i liked her
oh sorry I was telling someone why the cops came yesterday
omg yesterday my mom was at a non profit volunteering and she asked a guy to clean up some dog cr@ p bc is dog cr@ ped in the middle of the grass where everyone was walking and he started saying the f word to her and he threatened her and I was in the office with my grandma and my uncle and she came up to the window of the office shaking bc she needed help so my uncle went to help her and the guy grabbed a hold of him and spun him around and then my dad go there and he took a picture of the guys car and license plate and the guy came over spun my dad around and punched him in the jaw and I was ready to go out there and literally murder this guy my parents called the cops on him and they got it on video the cop searched up his name and he the man had 3 charges of rape against him and it said he raped a little kid and that just makes me so mad🔥🔥🔥🔥
ugh people these days🔥
oh geez
ya I was shaking with anger🔥🔥🔥
I literally had murder on my mind🔥
I h8 rapists😭😭😭😭
that's a good song
the victims of rape never have there lives back to normal it is so sad😭😭😭
yeah it is but I was about to kill him🔥
😭I forgot the part where my dad has a gun and after the guy punched him my dad put his hand on the gun if they guy came to him he would of shot him
pew pew
pew pew pew 😂
when I am older I’m gonna carry a gun bc I’m gonna arrest ppl
bc ppl are stupid
hehe it’s dangerous and when you get shot with a bullet proof vest it still hurts from force of the bullet it just saves you from the bullet going in you
ik 😅
danger is epic😈plus if I get shot I won’t really care bc I don’t really got much friends of ppl that care bout me sooooo I will welcome the danger
what abb me? 💔
plus it would be worth it risking your life to save ppl it’s just an amazing job
you care about me but the ppl that live close to me don’t really care
how r u
like my brother he doesn’t give a f about me
mostly my friends parents care the most about me and my grandparents
her name is zarah
I need a taser
Haha I’m a single Pringle
haha forever single🤪
yeah well he actually broke up with me at dinner bc my brother was picking on him and he has a crush on this girl at school
I h8 the beach😒it’s so sandy and filled with sharks ahhhhh sharks *starts shaking*
tbh you act a lot straighter than you are
did you ever do a trembler?
Nora and I would like to do a trembler with you?
it’s a link where you click on it and it’s almost like zoom but you can show pictures and you can show your face and stuff it’s fun! wanna try it?
sure in a bit
ok! I can’t wait! but you’ll have to keep your microphone off
oh ok! did you ever even like a guy?
yeah I’m not talking either my voice is like a mouse... except... when I’m screaming at my brother
I don’t like my hair cut either my mom cut 5 inches off of it😑😑😑
I think Nora will put it in her bio all you gotta do is click on it and it will take you there!
why is your sadness increasing😑
ok I will tell her!
just tell me when ya wanna do it🤪and then I’m gonna make myself look presentable!😂😂
ok Nora won’t be in it but it will just be us two
ok I don’t have the link yet😂
I’m only gonna show my face 4 5 seconds bc I’m ugly🙈
yeah I’m in😂
me either
me ugly🙈
did u change the abbcd password?
no I thought u did?
gtg talk to u in a bit
she said she don’t know either she’s single, or taken! other than that she left, anything you want me to tell her?
I did delete it
I gtg bye ttyl
yep I made a bio for myself lol
cool me too
Yes she may or may not come back
No she said she didn’t feel safe here
it’s fine
yep I got everything
but that’s weird..did you do the right thing?
(*btw I promise I didn’t do anything*)
huh thats so weird
who all did you say it to?