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so bxb right ?
yes please lol I sxck with all the others
it’s ok, soars we doing dirty or clean ? either is fine by me
we can do dirty but we can always skip over it lol
ok sure
I’ll remix my in a few minutes
your remix is pending
I’ll remix it again
it’s still pending
also let’s decide on a plot first
ok, so how about we both live in western London, but go to rival schools
and you work at London zoo in your free time, while I work at the cafe in front of the zoo
we’re complete strangers at the start of the story
oh and can we make it dirty ?
great idea and yes we can
ok do u want to start ?
since it won’t let any remix’s show rn on the post let’s just describe our character lol
Ashton turner, 18-23
pansexual, born the 15 September
works at a boba shop and wants to be a detective
doesn’t like mango boba, circuses, small children, arachnids and heights
likes reading, horse riding, strawberry boba his dad and little sisters and working at the boba shop w/ his best friend
nice! sorry it took my so long, schools crazy rn
Ezra Cortlie, 18-24, gay, born in late January
works at local zoo as a zookeeper, doesn’t like arachnids, being alone, rainy rainy days
likes reading, working, teasing people, animals,
ok perfect can u start pls ?
(ofc sorry it took so long, had a 4-h getaway and a bunch of other things )
*Ezra walks out of his school and the bus since a bunch of other students included Ig him are going to a knowledge bowl at the challenging school *
I’m also on that bus but I’m going to a different place* *the bus goes on for a few blocks and then drops me off near the zoo*
( that’s okay)
(hi it’s been a few weeks, are you okay ?)