I’m trying 
It’s not enough


I’m trying It’s not enough

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It is!!
you are so amazing and if you ever feel down you know we’ve got your back to lift you up and feel better, that’s what friends are for💕
It is!!! you are such an inspiration to so many people! don't give up!!! 💕
I'm here if you wanna talk. I love you more than you know <3
Manny? you ok, ilysm, I’m always here bestie 😭💓😘
I have to go to bed, but feel free to drop in a rant, so we can talk tomorrow. ilysm and I hate seeing the most amazing person so down!
I've been ok. you know... but I'm so worried about you!!' what happened?
Manny? You alright? Talk to me if needed. I 💜you
don't worry! thing always get better✨🌸
agghhhh I just wrote the LONGEST comment, and pc glitches and it deleted!!!!!!!!!
manny, I can’t comprehend how lucky I am to be friends with such a beautiful girl, inside and out, and I hope one day you’ll love your self as much as we do. I feel like that every day, but you know what? YOU are your harshest critic, so if you think you’re doing something wrong, people probably don’t think that, a mistake doesn’t define you!! ilysm Manny, I gtg but we’ll talk more tomorrow, k? ilysm, stay strong and remember YOU ARE AMAZING IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, YOU ARE LOVED AND STRONG!! I’m being completely honest here too. ily, goodnight gorgeous!
^^^ wrote another one tho, not as good but still, it’s something! ❤️ ilysm
Manny? love, are you okay?
I'm so worried can I help?
I'm so sorry for the late reply my wifi went down completely and my 4G finally reset so I can use that for now :)
hey friend are you okay? anything you want to talk about?
feeling same girl :`\
you can't be more useless than me that's for sure
I have so many moments when I do nothing cause I'm too weak
let's be friends in our nothingness
*bear hug*
you are enough. more than enough. remember that you are loved & appreciated & you need to stay alive ;)
Are you okay? what's wrong? So many people have been on your account, silently watching an idol they've always loved. (like me). If you left it would be horrific.
Here. Hope this will cheer you up.
what’s up friend? need someone to talk to cuz i’m here😘❤️
are you facing something hard? Vent out to me if you need it...
no problem! as I said, that’s what friend are for💕😊
*grins and hugs you* ahh girl, you’ve done nothing but be yourself, idk what I DID to deserve you, you’re everything I aspire to be! how are you feeling today? xx
you're probably the only one who thinks that. you know I feel that way sometimes too so don't feel like you're alone. if you want to talk I'm here for you ❤️
hey manny!! you okay love? ahh you are so AMAZING and if you feel sad or down, know that I'll be here if you need anyone to talk to okay?? ILYSM and STAY STRONG OKAY?? feel free to tell me what's up if you want
aww ok well I’ll always be here😘✨and just know your so talented nothing about you is bad✨❤️
....you ok? you can talk to me if there is something wrong x
As long as you’re trying that is enough, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. But there’s beauty in imperfection, if we were all perfect then how could we change and grow? Be kind to yourself while you bloom, it’s all part of the process<3 If you ever need to talk i’m here💕
If you ever want to, rant all your issues to me. I’ll be there for youuuu. Love you manny!!☺️❤️❤️❤️
You are very important to me🌈🌈
and also, stay alive for me and everyone who cares for you!
@caption: how I feel, every single day of my life. You can talk to me if you want, rant, do whatever 💗 You can always come to me, love you Manny💕
how are you manny?? my dads birthday is tomorrow and I have scrapped 2 card ideas and now it's 11:20pm here and I'm struggling to finish ARGH AFLCLELAPABBXMEIXJ