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“as an elephant, I would not make mistakes...”

“...when I tell myself that I must love myself”

@dumbo by vianney

november 08 , 2019


• t a p • “as an elephant, I would not make mistakes...” “...when I tell myself that I must love myself” @dumbo by vianney november 08 , 2019

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fun fact: this was gonna be posted on Halloween but I really needed to post my ‘October’ collage. Also, English translation of song in remixes along with French lyrics :)
this is gorgeous😍 i love the vibe if ya know what i mean😂😂
Love this!
Wowww french. I think we’ve had this conversation before but You spake French; Right? 😂✨
so prettyyyy
no problem:)
je déteste le système de piccollage
oh btw congrats on 2K! :))
nppp and thank you♥️
okaaaay 😍😍
Love it 🤗
no problem :)
wow gorgeous
gorgeous 🥰❤️
woaaah your collages a stunnninggggg 😍😍😍
thank you! ♥️
rember me?
I missed you so much
we were a group me you and fun life...... we were best friends rember?
it’s ok if you don’t
it was like a year or two ago
you had 347 followers
something around that
oh no she did!!
I made us a priv chat
nature scary
me too
y’all squad
yEs and the Teletinbies
HELLO COLLAGER! ❤️💫 round 1 for my vogue games is here! chat pages are in the remixes! make sure to enter before the 18th of November! good luck and have fun! 💕💕💕💕👏👏👏
this is so so so so so beautiful!! it’s so stunning! ❤️🦋
and thankyou so so much for the lovely spam, I really appreciate it you really made my day!!💖💗
yes we need them
hah ye
aww thankyou so so much!!☺️💖
hello collager! you only have 3 more days to complete your TEAM ENTRY for my vogue games! make sure to get it finished before the 18th of November! can’t wait to see your entry! ❤️❤️❤️🥳🤩
wAiT sO iVe bEEn prOnOunCinG iT wRoNG tHe wHoLe tIMe?
will you enter my Christmas games
we don’t need any other languages when we have wooble wub tho
so works out nicely
heya collager! there’s only one day left to complete your team entry for my vogue games! remember to include all pngs! can’t wait to see your magazines! due date may be extended. ❤️❤️
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awwww thanks!💗
I love your account! it’s so unique and pretty!
hi Emily! I’m Alana 🤓
nice to meetcha! how long have you been on piccollage?
wow that’s great! I bet you’ve gotten to know a lot of people!
just try your best, hopefully more people will be able to contribute next round ❤️
aw that’s too bad!😢
thank uNb
woahhh beautiful!
congrats on the feature
awwww this is so cute!!!
Congrats on the feature 🙃🎉❤️
Ofc ❤️
love this soo stunning!✨💗
tysm! and congrats on the feature too :)
thank you
and u too :)
congrats on feature!
congrats on the feature!!
Amazing collage we should definitely collaborate sometime
Congratulations for making it to the top 3 for best account under 5,000, best pc only edits, most creative account, and trendsetter! It’s such an accomplishment to make it this far on PicCollage, you are an inspiration to everyone! Please stay tuned for the awards today, the time for which is posted in the remixes of the latest collage.
tysm for that screaming p1 and congrats on your award too👌
ayeee broke is a language I speak😔✊
wHaT I DiDnt cOpY aNd pAsTe wHat nO
thank you so so much! love this collage btw!
i love your account! this is beautiful!
luckyyyy:(( all together for the whole year I have about 12 weeks of holiday:((((h(
hello collager! 😝 Round 1 results for my vogue games are out! come see how many points you got! remember next round is elimination so make sure to participate! also comment ‘🤫’ on the results if you wanna be team captain for round 2! ❤️❤️🥰
aw thanks!!
and I think your style is amazing! I love simple🥰
so I’m Australia the year is broken up into 4 terms each consisting about 10-11 weeks of school and in between those we have a holiday which lasts 2 weeks except for the new year break which lasts 6 weeks
boop blee blurp
doop dee dup
aw your welcomee!
idk what this says but 💖
HEY GORGEOUS COLLAGER! ❤️ just to let you know round 2 for my vogue games are out! this round you must impress me or you might get eliminated! due date is the 3rd December! good luck 🥳
Amazing collage
Also with the background for the vogue games going to do the background and with the diys doing frozen diys for the words/text and having some of the words being winter diys as well with the background going to add some snowflakes to it.
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hey emilyyy
Cool bro
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Amazing collage just finished the background for team diys for the cage games
you’re so goodddd
happy thanksgiving! I am so glad to have you as a friend!
hey emily☺️ thank u!! nice to meet you, how are you?💗
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i’m good :)
you guys should check my account I just started it. love your by the way
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hey Emily! how are you? I was thinking we could do a collab?
Omg someone copied you
oh ok
hello amazing collager! just a quick reminder that your team entry for round 2 is due in 2 DAYS! 😱 come join before one team is eliminated! 🥰 goodluck! 🥳
th are
they are**
thank youuuuu I followed u back ❤️❤️
round 2 is up for my Christmas games
round 2 is due today for the vogue games! 😱 come enter quick! and remember this is elimination round! good luck! (due date might be extended for tomorrow we’ll see)❤️
hey collager! round 2 results are up for my vogue games! so sorry if your team was eliminated! and to those who are still in make sure to bring your best for round 3! thank you so much! ❤️
oh it was very entertaining to watch:)
so creative
np problem!
you wanna fight mate
fight me
200 comments ayeeee
ah thanks em! you didn’t have to.. 💓✨😭
HELLO COLLAGER! 🤩💝congratulations on making it through to round 3! 💕 i know its been awhile but round 3 for my vogue games is up! 🥳due date is the 17th of december! 💗💗💗
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oh ok! well im trying to give everyone a turn, but if she doesnt participate in the next couple of days, you or Mal46 can be captain! is that ok? 💝💝💝💝
Hi Emily it's so nice to meet you. Thank you so much for checking my account out it means the world to me. I love looking at your collages you are so talented. The vintage tint to some of your edits are just amazing. The bold text that you use sometimes is just stunning:)
thanks, Emily! 💕
Hello people! Just a message to remind you that you are amazing just the way you are and never change for anyone! Have an AMAZING day! ♥️😝✌️😍
this is stunninggg.
⚠️ HELLO COLLAGER! ⚠️ your vogue game entry is due TOMORROW! I will extend the due date to 18th of December but HURRY! ⚠️💓🤩
haha well goodluck for whenever you actually take your test!
thank you!
hello collager! 💖 you have ONE day to enter my vogue games! so hurry! ⚠️⚠️⚠️💗
with the collage for the vogue games can you please do the finishing touches for it as the results are up to tomorrow
Yea I like that
I can totally relate to the stress of college decisions! it really is a stressful thing!
check out my page ❤️