Collage by nightprowess


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wow I really missed your writing Kat I can’t even explain how good it was! I personally have not dealt with the topics discussed in your play yet somehow I still felt something?? dang- and the way you describe / set up the scene omg I can imagine it so well. the word choice is immaculate ! glad to see you being active here again, I missed you!
my day was pretty boring if I’m being honest. I went to school during spring break to do some robotics stuff. I wanted a nice break, but nope we had so much to do and I ended up going every single day >-<. have fun in Nashville !!
I don't even have the words. I love your writing so much, it's so beautiful. The play was so well thought out and I loved to see his process. I'm so glad you're writing again ❤
You truly have a gift! I am fortunate to have never experienced death within my family but this made me feel all the emotions. The way your portrayed Andrew’s development from grief to acceptance was beautiful. Keep doing what you’re doing!
wow- im literally crying after reading this…the overall layout, the words used, the actions, I can feel it. i think this was really worth it and I swear if you don’t win the contest I’m just gonna cry (again). i rlly can’t wait to see more of your writing or even collages or more of your things, you never seem to disappoint any of us on here :) and honestly, that’s great that you’re trying to be more active and getting along more with the community <33
girl you got me crying, this was really well written❕❕ it really made me think about my own situation, and you portrayed how going through grief really feels, especially the disbelief. ive got a soft spot for happy endings, so that was nice closure at the end :)) im glad youre getting back into writing!
tell me how nashville is when you have the chance, that sounds so fun :0
and I just got off of spring break heh, went to AZ/NV/CA and it was HOT but also nicr to hike around and see family :D