Collab with the amazing...
quail! She is the best! Go check out her account! Theme right now: Collabs!


Collab with the amazing... quail! She is the best! Go check out her account! Theme right now: Collabs!

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his is amazing!!❤️
I love this so much!! xx
no problem! :)
Wanna collab Blueie?!✨💎👌🏻 We haven't talked in forever and I need a few more collages so they can put me on pop page
hey blueee!!! pancake machine exploderrrrr!!!! hru?😂😂😂😂
it really should be you though 💜
haha creativegirl48 and 49 I was going strong 😂😂😂😂I know that seems agessss ago!!!
wow thanks! 😂😂💜hackers, hackers never gonna get meeee
haha I'd never!!!! pop page doesn't stop me chatting!😂
Well... Yesterday I had 6.1k followers on Pinterest... Now... I have 23,413 followers..... and I was sick yesterday! But I'm OK now!
I do thankfully!
wasnt my idea! :) im just helpig organize it!!
no you dont make a contest. thats their schedule they sent me!!!!! im thinking we should make antibullying collages etc!!!!
OK! thanks! lol
u can post it now! and btw do u like whales?
idk... just missed my friends
hey! love this! collab?
thanks for the likes☺️✨
^ you like?
I can't read it yet! My phone died.
wanna post?
Okay! Posting...
This is amazing!! 💖💖
this so nice
this is gorgeous! I'm sofi x 😘
okay... I live in the uk, I'm in year 8 and I'm addicted to bananas 🍌
also I'm a bit weird
hbu? x
call me Kat
uzzz I have a younger brother I love dogs and cats and I am bad at math I live in America and I go on road trips a lot
please like my recent!
I'm your 4,700 follower!🎉😂
looking back at our chats from last year and i still remember the soggy french fry potato launcher 😂😂
hey do you want to do a collab?
aw, ur sososo sweet!! ur acc. is making my eyes water omg and this collage? MY EYES R BLESSED 😍😍THANK YOU 😍😍
omg it would mean the WORLD if we could be frens!! i'm Raina :) hbu? ❤️
aw, tysm!! well i'm Raina (obvi😂) and i take gymnastics and dance 💃🏻 i have the most annoying-est little brother and the most loudest baby sister 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 omg i wish i could just sell those 2 😩😩😩anywho, i love chocolate and baking ❤️hbu? 💚💚
thank you!! 😌❤️
I would love to be friends! I'm Sophie! 😌❤️
hey! pctemplates here! looking for a template? come to @pctemplates for some self-created templates! requests open now!
love this!!!!!!!! 💖💖
HAHHAHA honestly in the middle of a school term:// this year is important HAHA
ya GO BAKING !! also omg no my brother is the most annoying-est and most weirdest. like he follows me everywhere with his toy trucks (don't ask ik) and he asks me to play with him and i'm like no i got homework and he starts crying like crazy and then my mom punishes me and once he did that at one of my school events and i was trying to chat with my frens, we had such a great laughing time ya know, and he just made the whole thing sosososo embarrassing, more than you can even imagine. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄trade bros? i'd be SOOOOOOO happy omg it would be a dream come true !! 😃😃😃😃😅😅😅😅😅❤️
oh dats sad.probs if he was a girl you'd be in heaven😂bat anyway, oh my bro's a brainless toddler, it's like his crazy time 🙄🙄🙄🙄like also there's this park we always go to and he's always like to me like there's this car thingy in the playground and he's always like "Get on the car!" and he pretends he's the driver and he's taking me to places and OMG I HAVE BEEN PLAYING THAT SUPER CHILDISH GAME SINCE I WAS LIKE BORN!!! 😓😓😓😓😓😓hate it sosososo bad i mean it's not like he can play dat with my sis who's 8 months that literally cries 24/7 🙄🙄
omg wow 😂every time we go out my mom is so nervous of my siblings and whenever i'm with my frens at school and my siblings are around me i literally feel like i needa wet my pants 😳❤️
omg sosososo lucky!!! i would totally do that too omg bat i can't do anything only my bro can embarrass me and the only thing i can embarres him is he's still not potty-trained yet everybody's like duh so...😂😂❤️
thanks for the follow💕💕
yes i would love too!!
wth how DO YOU MAKE STUFF LIKE THIS?!!! Congrats! 🎊🎉🎈 also, come check out my page 😸😸😸
Thanks! This was too! But I think it was posted too long ago to feature now...
okay hi blue!! i'm nicole😊
okay well, obviously i love harry styles haha what else? i play volleyball and i like going to concerts.. hmm i love netflix and i watch youtube way too much, that's about it ahah, tell me a little about yourself!!💕
🍍 #BEENPINAPPLED (this trend was started by me, kittylovelauren. check out my page for details!)
thanks! you are so talented!! 💕
of course!!! Hi 👋 I'm Kate ☺️💕
love this❤️👏🏻
I'm in shock
this is gorgeous!