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Round 1 results are up for my celeb games! Did you survive! Come find out!!! ♥️
No problem hun! And I think how to do ombré font is you have to download a app called phonto! :) 😘💖♥️
hey awesome cologer I am having an icon contest and it would be great if you could enter
Really glad that helped! 😘💖♥️
Thx for using the icon I did!!❤️❤️
Hey! Round 2 is up for my celebrity games! Due 3rd September! Good luck! 💖
pls enter my social media games
np 🥰
or picsart
you have to set the backround to clear and then add text, choose your font and then theres a gradiant option when you press color. than choose you two colors
Don’t forget to enter round 2 for my celebrity games! Due in 3 DAYS! ⏰
Awww! Thank you so muchhh! I appreciate all the support you’re giving me! ♥️
And I LOVE your account too! You have AMAZING ideas and your collages are always flawless! ♥️😘💖
And ly too hun! Your an AMAZING friend and one of my closest friends on PC! 😘💖♥️
Round 2 results are up for my celebrity games! And ROUND 3 IS IN THE REMIXES IF YOU SURVIVED! Good luck!
Awww! No problem! I LOVE your entries, I think they’re BRILLIANT! And I ly too! 😘💖♥️
Aww! Your my bff too bestieee! 😘
do you have insta?
thankyou soo so much that is really nice of you!💗☺️and thankyou so much for the spam I rlly appreciate it!😊💖💕
oh ok and because I wanted to add you
if you get it in the future let me know
Round 0 results are up! come and see! comment a 💎 when seen! I will notify you when the next round is up! ♥️kanani_girl33