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no that’s what we call her
On pic collage your not supposed to say your real name
Oh sorry I didn’t mean you had to change it. To me it just looked a little 😬😬
you spelled my username in your bio wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
thank you for sticking up for me
she a real one let her stick up for me u hater your just jealous
ok guys! listen I love both of y’all SOOOO much! but we all need to stop being mean to each other!❤️
did u see whet she did this is not right
no, what?
no I did not
Ayy I don't really think you should leave over something as small as this. She'll eventually forgive you. but if you do want to leave, well, it's your choice.
Re:// Yeah. I saw she was ignoring you. But I think she'll eventually get over it. Maybe just give her some time.
Re:// And I do hope she gets over it.
Re:// Nahhh you aren't. You were just being kind and trying to help.
Re:// Yeah. And I understand that. But that really is a good trait to have. Somebody like me wishes they had a trait like that. But, it's not your fault. Your friend is just overreacting a bit.
Re:// No problem. Glad to help.
thanks for the follow♥️💕
no i ’m afraid not, i don’t really know her
from what ive seen maybe because you talked to a hater but once again i do not know
i hope u guys can fix this💕
good luck♥️
are we still friends?
not u
she’s not your friend
thank you for your encouraging note.
I helped me a lot.
she’s not your friend
Re:// Ay, what's going on?
Re:// Ay no it's fine, I've got plenty of time to help right now.
Re:// I think... maybe you could just not talk to her for awhile. Maybe just some alone time might help her, and then she might get over it. That's all the information I have in mind for now.
Re:// This ain't your fault. These people are just making it a bigger deal then it has to be.
Re:// Missouri, USA.
Re:// Ay I'm weird too. That's fine.
Re:// Ay, cool. 👍
Re:// Never have.
Re:// Same lmàø.
Re:// Nope. I have a boring dead inside voice.
Re:// Lol.
Re:// 1. 14. 2. Blue and red. 3. Cat.
Re:// Ah, cool.
Re:// Probably not as weird as me. I'm super weird. In a bad way.
Re:// Lol.
Re:// Oh. Never had done that lmàø.
Re:// I'm surprised I even have friends. I don't deserve any, though.
Re:// Aw. ❤️ Well, guess you're right.
Re:// Yes.
Re:// I don't mind the questions. Lol.
1. Two full brothers, and one half brother and one half sister that doesn't live with me. 2. One dog, five cats. 3 & 4. I've been to Destin, Florida. But I kind of hate vacation.
Re:// I'm the kind of person that likes to stay home.
Re:// That is amazing to hear. I'm so glad you guys are friends again. And, I'm always here to help. 🤟
That’s great to hear, I’m so glad you guys fixed things.💕♥️
Re:// No problem. 👍
no we just have the same name im mariah too tho. we can be friends if you'd like
ok how r u
im great actually
yea they are lol, but my crush i like ive liked him for almost a year but the bad thing is he has dated one of my bsfs before but she gave me permission
if you dont mind me asking how old r u?
im 14 but i turn 15 in August
thats cool
oh i asked one of my close friends on snapchat how do u know if ur crush likes you and she said "He looks at you when you walk in your room try's to talk to you" so i think he likes me bc everyday in math he always looks at me when i walk in i think
eeekkkkkk i hope he does
what time is it for you
paw paw michigan
ehh kinda its rlly cold
can u help me on my recent
but the thing is i-i-i love him
im 99.9% sure
is that bad?¿
whys that bad
i do love him tho
thank you so much!
idk if ive asked this but whats ur name
ok lol.
aw thank you so much my dear..💝
yea i did
awe thank you
im so scared for tmrw morning
*sorry for advertisement* heyyy does anyone wanna join my contest if you could that would be great thxs!
bc i almost got kidnapped this morning
yea. I was out for my bus(6:18 am) and this random white truck stop in front of my house and sat their for like 3 minutes and when my sister and I ran back up toward the house the truck drove off. I told the cop at my school when i got to school, but it scared me and my little sister
weve never seen the truck before
hi i have a huge headache it hurts........
I’m sorry!! 🤧
not replying to you when Razz was ignoring you
I was worried 😂
u agints gay ppl??
hey love!! 💕💕
you okay
what happened boo?
I’m super surprised...
(btw congrats on 200 followers!!)
your collages are beautiful as ever
Oh my bad. Question marks....
this collage is stunning 😍😍😍😍❤️
beautiful !
awww thank you sooo much 😘😘😘😘😘
Un wait why are you talking to oof itsme?