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that is really sad 🙁 ( i have a lower degree of depression and it doesn’t mean that i should be enclosed in a tiny bubble of ignorance )
like Greta thumburg said, I want people to fear it. I want people to get scared. because when you get scared of it you will act
it’s kinda rlly annoying how people are caring more about themselves than the environment. we can work out all the emotions out as well but we should focus on the bigger issue and not try and ‘soften’ the meaning of climate change, it won’t do anything but make them not prepared for when mass extinction happens. this is just plain silly I so agree with you
OmL wtH.
^^ I won’t write a whole chunk of words cuz becca said it all 😂 SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK (currently none but there’ll be more, I hope)
exactly! 😤
what?? if people aren’t afraid, then they won’t do anything. I agree with you and what Becca said too^^ It doesn’t matter if we are scared or depressed anyways because there are much bigger problems, which if we don’t try to solve, we won’t even get the chance to be scared anymore.
luv wat ur doing keep it up 👍🏻!
crookies I’m not sure if u have heard about this or not but students around the world are striking and protesting bc of climate change
it’s honestly embarrassing and sad how there’s ppl who doesn’t care about climate let alone believe in it
np! wow although it has been reported that some people worry about this issue so much that they develop anxiety, the importance of this should not be downgraded just to prevent others from worrying about one more thing. sigh, it’s ridiculous :/
Hi there, I am in love with your account and was wondering if I could have permission to repost some of your collages!? (With credit of course💕)
Yeah, I'll put them on a white overlay tysm💕💕
I remember u!! xx how’ve you been x
Hi, I think this is something you'll be interested in: and NO it's not a sketchy website 😂 this website really woke me up...
and yea... I heard about this issue before. Prime minister's are saying that we shouldn't scare children with all this. It'll ruin their childhoods. So raising them in a bubble of oblivion is okay?
hey descendants_queen here can I borrow some of your time to enter my icon contest because you make great collages and if you can do that you probably can make great icons xx