inspired by astro @-Blinded-
another post, another attempt of me trying to revive my acc
istg if this is pending I’ll just- this is literally the 5th filter that im trying to make this “uncensored” enough for pc-
7 more exams to go 😃


🎀14/2/22🎀 inspired by astro @-Blinded- another post, another attempt of me trying to revive my acc istg if this is pending I’ll just- this is literally the 5th filter that im trying to make this “uncensored” enough for pc- 7 more exams to go 😃

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random thing: I don’t really believe in well, valentines day but this post is sorta dedicated to it. i find vday not that meaningful because like if you have your soulmate/“the one” then I don’t think you would just specifically buy them things and treat them out on this day lien every other day you spend with them is equally or much more important like your anniversary etc. no h@te to anyone just voicing out my thoughts randomly. and now you might be thinking why this post is dedicated to vday ig- I just wanted to post smtg and I was like oh wait vday is just next mon so why not 🤷🏻‍♀️ and to those single pringles like me out there, spend this day to do the things you love and it doesn’t rlly matter if you have a valentine or not tbh. IF U DO I NEED SOME TEA 😃. for those who don’t understand the quote or where to start (because I honestly didn’t know how to arrange the text-): she waited and waited, for flowers, for love, until she realised that she had to love herself first. personally, I think that being able to love ourselves for who are comes first. coming from experience and still struggling to love myself, I tried to love someone else and it didn’t go the way I thought it would be. we both screwed up but oh well…stay safe and love yourself <3
woahh love this!! so pretty 😍
this is gorgeous, as always! i love that quote and i totally agree with your thoughts... i think vday is cute and everything, but if you really love someone you don't really need a day to tell them that! ;)
TYSM <333 all the photos i get from my pinterest @aImadulce << the L is actually a capital i , but the link is in my bio aswell ! and thanks , i really appreciate that ! +++ good luck on all ur exams <3
and I totally agree with your whole vday perspective. if you love someone, you should show it every day not just put it on thick today
wow wow wow
They're not stupid questions, it's cool to see you so interested!! You're so sweet, it's probably never gonna happen though :)
This looks so cool!! I love the layout and the colours ❤
Honestly valentines doesn't really mean anything to me either, like I totally get you. If you love someone, you don't need a specific day you know? And I also feel like it kinda pressures people into the idea that being in a relationship is like a necessary thing or something?? Like idk I just don't like the idea of putting so much pressure on a day :)
I totally get it! Trusting people can be hard, it's alright :) You can make friends with people without having to tell them your secrets. That's what works for me, I only have one person who I completely trust. Yeah, just meet new people, talk about your interests and be yourself. I think you're pretty cool 😙 Also how has your valentines been? :)
lyly this collages are stunning 🤯, I was offline for a bit and you created masterpieces, I'm impressed
This is stunning!😍😍😍
Amazing collage your account is stunning also inspirational
This is gorgeous, and the quote is totally understandable, and relatable. everyone doubts their self sometimes and is always looking up to someone we think is better than us, and we strive to do as good as them, thinking that’s they’re better, but they really aren’t. Everyone struggles, and to me v-day is about love, not the romantic kind but the general love you find everywhere!
Please remember that Lyly, and thx for this, it brightened my day!
aHH this is so pretty!! I love the images you used, and the colours! they work so well together.! :0 @caption good luck with your exams.! you’ll do great dude!!
This is very beautiful I love all the colors in this collage and I hope you do very well on your exams 7 more left seems like a lot but when your done you will be so proud of yourself you'll do AMAZING!!💖😊
ah this is so cool!!
omg lyly this is absolutely stunning!
you got this!! good luck on your exams!
this is so lovely, the colors remind me of rosé wine heh
and dâmn exams are so stressful im sorry man :(( hopefully they go well!! only 7 to go afahash
I love this and yessss I totally agree with u💕
Thank you!!
yes! most people think Valentine’s Day is so romantic but I really think it’s a marketing ploy. everything is soooo expensive, and if you really love someone, you’ll give them flowers and their favorite chocolates and let them know it all year round. I mean you don’t have to lavish them everyday, but they’ll know
^ facts
Good luck on the exams! you CAN do it!💪🏻😘
Thank you always Lyly! ❤️
this though!! simple yet the most stunning ✨
good luck on your exams!
ugh 7 exams?! that’s crazy. good luck!
ofc! and yeah sure, i think you're totally right😊❤️
Yay one less to go when is your next exam?? Ohhhhh you take 9 subjects that’s nice!!😊
hii Im doing good!! Just busy. Ive been online every now and then just not posting. sadly I dont have the time right now 😔 hru?
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re//: thank you so much! that means a lot to me, honestly, thank you- and yeah! I like really simple and unique names, real names you hear everyday just get boring after a while.. and hehheh that’s a secret ;) although I can tell you he is definitely not ok, and tbh I haven’t actually thought of what he looks like under the mask- I have a rough idea, I just need to draw it,,
thank you, again! although I struggle with it I can tell I’m improving, my first lesson was absolutely terrible, I almost crashed so many times and stalled like a lOt because I had no idea what anything did. at least I’m improving from that :’)
aw, I hope it went ok! I’m sure you did great, make sure to take breaks to make time for yourself, eat and stay hydrated during the busy exam time.!
I forgot to let you know that xxfloflox and elf king stated their aesthetics in a remix to their entry!
no worries, thanks!!!
I definitely miss being on here as well. I miss being able to chat with everyone, especially you. Life moves on though I suppose...
Ya totally dude, if you feel comfortable trust them, if you don't then just don't lol. Also about your friend, I would say something like "stay in touch", but dude I don't even do that with one of the people I was convinced we would be friends forever. Those kind of friendship breakups or whatever you call it hurt a lot. I cried a lot for them but I somehow managed to make new friends and only talk to them in birthdays :/
My valentines day was also boring T-T, some dude tried to confess but I honestly just felt uncomfortable, so I rejected him. Now he won't stop texting me toxic stuff, he sits besides me and is the class "funny" guy. I feel bad for him but his jokes are just offensive. Besides I go more for women 🤠
omg it's SOOOO GOOD!!! u have to watch it, it's an order😂 honestly same, i had already read the book + seen the old movie/TV show, so i basically knew everything that was going to happen lol, but i enjoyed it so much anyways! i think that i liked this one better than the "murd3r on the orient express" one (idk if u watched it)❤️ btw everybody was great in the movie, but Emma was just stunninggg i loved her in it and i loved the way she portrayed her character! btw tysm you're the sweetest😩💘how have u been??
Oohh you're right, it does look a bit like camera rolls!!
Thank you!!
yeaah exactly, gal gadot is in it too!! same, as soon as i saw the trailer i felt the need to watch the movie lol ;)
btw me too, i have an exam next week and i'm not so sure i'll be able to pass it, i'm trying to take it easy tho bc i don't wanna put too much pressure on myself:) other than that, i'm doing pretty good, thanks!
btw, do u have/use we heart it? if u do (and if u want to obv) we could chat on there, since it has a sort of "private message" feature :) just to keep in touch <3
don't worry about that!! i was being inactive on this account too and since we all were very busy i decided to just start it off from scratch :) <3
i have pinterest too! i never really use it, besides when i need to download pics for an edit lol my user on there is @periwhinkle if u wanna chat❤️
re//: it shut because there was a red/danger to life warning in place in the area :’) apparently that hasn’t happened for a good decade or two here, gotta love experiencing pandemics and stuff like this lmaø
thank you! and thank you again! yeah! I have a couple others in the same story/universe I made called Doctor and Merchant who are very similar to him, I hope to draw them soon maybe in a similar pixel art style hehe
3 left! you got this!! I’m so glad you did good in the previous 2, I’m sure you’ll absolutely nail the last 3!!
yeah that's true!!🥰tysm❤️❤️
aww stawp 🙈 literally none of ur collages are trash they're all like superduper wicked like whaaat
tysm, thats rlly appreciated! <3 will check those songs out rn !
Thank you! I’ve been using weheartit for years to find pics!
omg ty and this is gorgeous, I love the color palette! and we should definitely colab!
tyyy 😩💞💞💞
good luck with your exams! and Im glad we got to catch up as well! maybe I will start making something soon, just dont know when I will be able to finish it <33
tysm lyly <3 haha yes the emojis and caption were a huge giveaway on what it could be 😂😅
omg but honestly every time I eat chocolate I crave sour candy, and vice versa. they’re both so good for different reasons 😩
re//: I thrifted it actually!! I’m not a big shopper, and the dress was a steal so I went with it XD
and I’m sure you know how to socialize!! you do just fine on here ;) but i know I got lucky on friends. I’ve always been shy and awkward, and it just so happened that we became friends due to mutual classes so I’m not one to say I know what I’m doing 🥲
thank you I tried 😩
aww tyy
thank youuuuu :)
omg I just realized we have similar icons lol!
Thank you 🥰
yess exactly. although I’m always craving sushi these days haha. I honestly hàtë shopping / thrifting alone because I never know where to start, but doing it with someone else has always been fun for me. although that might just be because I’m indecisive🤷‍♀️
and that’s understandable. I’m definitely a lot more put together online lol. irl I’m always contradicting myself and rambling when nervous 😬
and I’m going to stop you right there because I know for a fact that the people irl are missing out. you’re selling yourself short !! also also I’m no good at talking to guys either lol sometimes they intimidate me with their heights O.o my friend group started with like four people, and eventually our “other friends” kind of joined and merged together. I’m not that close to the guys, and you can tell by how I didn’t stand near them 😅
re:// I keep forgetting that I have an extra thst I created 😭 idek what to post on here since I’ve been remixing irl stuff on my main. >_< but yes I’m definitely gonna start posting on it again haha
omg, that's weird! i'll remix u a screenshot of my pinterest acc, maybe u can't find it cause literally NOBODY follows me and i also don't follow anybody lol😂 let me know if u can find it then💖
re//: thank you!! yeah, his design has pretty much remained the same but he went from a background character sorta weird scientist that sew animal parts together to a main character who is just a soft boy and would never hurt anyone or anything uwu
and ye! he has wings! part of his backstory is that his family forced him to work hard and tried to mould him into the ‘perfect son’ so he found comfort in birds. eventually he defies his father’s wishes and basically runs away. that’s the simplest I can write it, it’ll take me ages to explain the whole backstory since he’s one of my most built up characters, if not the most worked on, lmaø
aw, that’s ok, you tried your best and that’s all that matters!! grades don’t define you and who you are. and no problem! I’m always here for you <3
your welcome!
Thank you ❤
I'm sorry your first relationship felt like that, better things will come for you 💕
I know sometimes reaching out and starting convos feels hard, but if the friends are still worth it, do put in the effort. It might bring beautiful things ❤
aaah tysm lyly!! btw yeah, i tried uninstalling and then re-installing the app, but it still wouldn't let me post lol :) so i just added some doodles and it worked apparently
I meant right now u have a similar icon lol we both have people with books on their faces haha
thank so much !! hope we both get out of our creativity blocks soon !
DANG I LOVE SARA KAY’S REMEMBER THAT NIGHT. or all her songs really- she really makes me feel things 😖🌿
thank you lyly~~ the glowing red/yellow/green is the same as making it glow regularly, but I individually wrote out each letter and changed its color that way, if that makes sense. lmk if it doesn’t and I’ll try to remix what I’m saying haha
yup you described shopping perfectly. I end up wandering around aimlessly sometimes 😔✌️
thank you!!
I live for your meaningful comments! love how you really look at the details of everyone’s collages 🥺☺️
hi! thank you for the comment ☺️ ty it’s good to be back! though I didn’t expect a welcome back from so many people xD
thank u ! I rlly appreciate that !
lyly im actually on pc for once lol
i haven’t been on in forever and i’ve missed you :))
response from my extras: just a little discord formatting and googling things like “aesthetic symbols copy and paste” :)
miss you too lyly <3
re//: really.? I can write out a giant thing of backstory and lore if you’re interested in hearing it!! it’s kinda hard to post about my characters and things because I have so many and am working on so many projects, I jump from one to the other and it can get confusing :’)
aw, if grades define you then that’s ok, just remember that they’re not the end of the world. I’m sure you did amazingly, from experience the last minutes of study can really help when recalling information since you revised over it not too long ago
Hello! It's not quite yet time for judging, but if you could check the remixes of the round five post and read over elf king's remix with the dark background and clarify that you are okay with their requests, that would be great!
Although if you would rather them not submit the collage they referenced, that is fine as well.
Hi! I wanted to reach out again to see if you are okay with the concept of elf king's collage entry. They want to submit a collage about a very sensitive topic concerning mental health (see their remixes on round five for more details). If you are not comfortable with that topic, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!
aw don’t be sorry! take care!
don’t worry about it! I’d be happy to show you how I did it so do let me know! :)) and yeah double posting is pretty rare from me, it just so happens that Sara Kay’s sparked some crazy artist moment in me 😅
and tysm lyly you’re always so kind to me. I hope all is well <3
Thank you!! The font is garden flower :)
Yeah sometimes I just write stuff and it's somewhere between a poem and a story haha :)
Yes it's heartbreaking to see how innocent people are being hurt in this war and I really really hope it doesn't come to a world war or a war in the whole of Europe 🤞🏻
You can always take some time to see if they're worth it or not, reaching out to them probably won't hurt you know? So if you want to, you should!! Take all the time you need though :)
aww tysm!! and yeah actually i didn't make that on the train, i was just finishing up some things (like the text, filters and so on lol)😂💕
re//: ok!! I’ll start writing a short summary, I’ll probably remix it so I didn’t obliterate your comment section lmaö. I can also write how I came up with their names and stuff if you’d like :0 and aw no problem <3
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miss you SO much
doing alright
Tysm <DD 💛
Aahh you're welcome. Hope you and your friend work out. Also it's okay if you don't see each other very often. I've got some friends I sometimes don't see for months, yet we're always good when we do see each other. It's just hard when you're in different classes/schools. I believe in you ❤