~~This is what 💔 feels like-Jvke (tap)~~
How are youuuuu? What’s ur fav song?👀 Love y’all <33


~~This is what 💔 feels like-Jvke (tap)~~ How are youuuuu? What’s ur fav song?👀 Love y’all <33

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oh im alright… other than being very suicidal rn :,). hbu?
thank you so much!! sorry to hear that you got friend zoned too TvT definitely s*cks, but any person would be lucky to have you so don't give up ! :)
dang :( i was jealous of relationships when my ex broke up with me so been there done that (i kinda miss her sometimes tho but like in a friend way not gf way 😂)
haha thank you!!
yum, I have never tried Nutella on toast, I’m curious to see what it would be like!
this is so cool!
I’m good how have you been? sorry to hear about your heartbreak, but things will get better, I promise! ❤️‍🩹
my favourite song right now is probably bad idea by Ariana grande
yeh makes sense :(
ive never really had many real crushes but if i do then i get over then quickly ahhh the amount of old crushes that makes me think of 🤣
thank u!!
prayed for ur family <3 i hope u don’t get sick too!!
dang thats sucks :(
idk how to get over crushes just forget about liking them i guess… trust me… ive had crushes on too many straight girls :,)
damñ… im sorry :( crushes are hard to get over :((
stunning! hru?
aaaa thank youu 💓
hey how are you?
Round 1 has been posted!
that’s great, and me too lol!!! i have so much school to catch up with😭😭
I’m doing good thx
Amazing collage
tysm!!! i could die u never know 🤩
thank you! ❤️
this is amazing!!
thank you!!
oooo fav song rn I’m not sure I have so manyyy!!