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keep smiling
ABBSTER, I miss you more than you’ll know, life’s been hard for me too, hopefully you’ll be back soon, stay strong gorgeous 😘💕💫
I’ll miss you so much mate! stay strong and we’re always here for you💖✨😘
thanks for always being there for me💖💖
ABBYY NOOO😭😭😭ah how I’ve missed you so much- I really hope you’ll be back soon! 😕💞 have a nice break love
Omg I’ll miss youuu!!😢✨❤️💓
Stay strong, know you are loved, and come back whenever you want!! We’ll be more than willing to lift you up when you’re down. stay yourself fren❤️❤️
NOOOOO!!!!! Abby please don’t go!!! I’m going to miss you so much!!! I won’t forget you!!! I hope you come back soon!!!
i know it feels lik I abandoned you and I’m horrible but I’ll miss you ❤️ :( take care
Abby gonna miss ya 💞
hi abby...i miss u so FREAKIN much
I'll miss you jellybean 💖life can be so tough I just want to let you know I'll always be here excited for your return ❤️lyssssmmm.
I’ll miss you so much Abby. Hopefully you come back soon and I know that life can be hard and stay strong💓love you loads xx
I’ll miss you so much, but life is tough as you have said. We just have to power through it and hope for the best💪 Excited for your return xox💗
will you miss you loads - but im leaving too. maybe in the near future i will make a new account (once again tsktsk) xoxo
i missed u too ! i’m great.
ABBY I MISS YOU ALREADY... I kind of deleted my account on accident so you know that’s done. Anyways, I haven’t forgotten you yet! I refollowed you and still check in on your account. :)
aww abby please come back soon!!!❤️
oh no pls come back I would love to be friends!!
hey don’t leave
Awww Abby when I come back your gone.
awwww, I just came back to pc and you're gone 😭😭💕💕
cone back
i miss u
missing you Abby 💓
miss you xox❤️❤️
I miss u
please come back❤️❤️❤️
missing you Abby ❤️❤️
awh pic collage is slowly crumbling
abbyyyyy I miss you sm 💞
I miss u😭
Stream Fiesta Salsa 🤩
the foreseeable future.
miss u queen
miss you
abby i miss youu
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are you coming back yet? 🥺
come back :(:(