new week. new things to do. 

and yes i have something up my sleeve.

also my halloween onesie/costume thing came. yeet


new week. new things to do. and yes i have something up my sleeve. also my halloween onesie/costume thing came. yeet

6 6
i’m here
now i wait
Everly paced in her dorm, staring at the newfound note that had been in her pillow case. “I’m coming for you,” it read. she held the note to her chest, hoping it was a joke. maybe Nicolás or Natalie or Owen would let her stay with them or something... or she could go home. she sat on her bed and glanced from the note to the window, scared as hëll.
is it bad that I kind of want to make new characters
idk I’m still sick :))
I’m going to a concert
I fricked up my event shirt
i feel sick
but that’s okay
anyone wanna rp? :)
Karma paced the hallway leading to the dorms. she couldn’t focus on anything except the fact that she was being pulled out of this program active tomorrow
Ren Griffin tossed a pen in the air as he reread his favorite novel while sitting in the library
I feel like I just haven’t been active lately. that makes me sad :(
I need to finish reading a book for school but I really don’t want to...☹️
I can’t do anything with my rolled ankle djdnsnndnfnd
jat how did you roll your ankle?
I was walking down stair on Monday and I put pressure on my arch of my foot so it kinda tore my ligament 🤦‍♀️
that’s not good
I went to see a doctor and he just said it was grade 1 so I can’t dance for like 3 weeks
oh no
dang that sûçkś. I’m sorry jat💞
Maya looks at pictures of teacup pigs.
Everly paced back and forth in her dorm, scared and confused about the newfound note.
Sandra ate some pasta in the library.// Owen sat in the cafeteria and watched people walk around.// Natalie walked around town, trying to find a birthday gift for Sandra.
Ren sat on a bench messing with his broken glasses in a failed attempt to fix them
karma paced the halls deep in thought
oof sorry
Everly walked out of her dorm and tucked the note in her back pocket. she’d worry about it later.
what color?
I wanna seeee
I love colored hairrrrr
hi i’m back
i’ve had a busy day
also i made cupcakes today
but while i’m here anyone that sees this or comes on wanna rp?
it’s just me
also i was allergic to this dog my mom was fostering
so people thought i either had pink eye, was high, or since i kept yawning and my eye kept watering so people also thought i was crying or gonna cry
ima switch accounts
i’m back
new rp?
what’s it about?
ima join
i signed up
i like it
wanna rp?
we can have some drama
because this whole storyline with dalton and now zaylie is my favorite, it’s like my own little telenovela
Maya walks around
sorry i was eating dinner
and yeah that plays
“Kamryn.” Zac stated promptly. No response. He nudged her, “Kam?” She blinked. Once. Then Twice. No response. “‘Ryn? Ryn?!” Zac asked again, using another one of her numerous nicknames. Her eyes had a glassy and her chest heaved only slightly. She looked like she was in her own world...or at least, not in this world.
I think my doggo is sick :/
also pc broke for me
every time I type something it doesn’t even show
new update
awe poor dog go
I feel their pain
okay whoever is in charge of these updates needs to just stop already
Collin sat in the cafeteria making paper airplanes out of his notes and throwing them at people// Karma stared down at her phone that kept lighting up with new messages. she heaved a sigh and managed to stand up and pace the hall instead
Collin drops the crumpled piece of paper and looks up at Elizabeth “ah! uh sorry I didn’t see you there”
She saw a figure- so far, yet so close. Still no response from her
I have a major lack of appetite :(
he hey
Collin waved it off “how about we both just forget about it” he smiled
Karma started mumbling to herself as if she was going mad. “he wouldn’ I trusted him. but then again...”
hey cc
ima wait till people get on
oof I have to finish this packet...but I really don’t want to😬
woah there’s actually people🤭
also yes Brooke you most definitely should 😁
so update
petra found evidence against her mother, she’s not getting arrested
I am still in bed, sick :(
I’m so sick of being sick
I’m getting surgery soon and knowing how my 2019 has been going it’ll probably get infected and then I’ll be sick again
uh guys this guy on Instagram started talking to me and uh yeah
noo don’t think like that. it’ll all be fine💞
don’t say that Kat, I’m sure your surgery will be okay and if it isn’t you’ll get through it ❤️
oh no
i hope you get better kat
and remember that things always get better, just look on the bright side of everything
Collin threw paper airplanes at people// Karma paced the halls// Ren read in the library
thank you guys💕
She felt him- the force around him. He was getting closer and she was getting colder. “Kamryn.” Zac said, raising his voice.
guess what..
another bomb went off
y e s
security needs to step up their game
security? never heard of her
ahhh that explains a lot
at lot
ahh that’s where you’ve got it wrong. Christmastime has yet to arrive unfortunately ☹️
I found all these fall clothes I like, but I want them in black and if that doesn’t say anything about me idk what does😂
it’s still in the 90’s here but I am embracing my inner Fall
I have been since school started lol
that’s the spirit 😂
wait so did a bomb go off or...
yes Infact his fuse went out because he couldn’t keep up with my puns
did the bomb come out? no because he was discriminated for being bi and liking torpedoes
jk that was really bad😂
oof I’m disappointed in myself. normally I have better ones then those😬
guyssss my friend just came out to me and I am so freakin proud of her ngl
who wants to rp?
let’s rp
Collin sat in the cafeteria
i have hudson flirting with girls at the beach, carmina and zaylie being little mean popular girls, and nicolás doing extra credit for classes
^watching people but like not in a weird way
let’s hope it’s not in a weird way
yeah you never know now a days😂
Okay Collin is doing nothing. then I have karma also doing nothing and lastly Ren doing nothing😂
so who do you wants me to rp with?
let’s say Karma is also at the beach
I’m on kids
Hudson saw Karma and walks up to her. He says “Hey...haven’t seen you around this area of town. you new?”
for the first time in forever
I missed a whole lot-
but I’m gonna ask one thing: was it more chaotic than the first year
okay so ima catch you up on the drama i’m in
I honestly haven’t been on much earthier. at least not to rp
mainly because i am not gonna point fingers but i’ve been giving time out because some people like causing bomb attacks
how can it be more complicated than year one 🤔
Okay why tf are there bomb attacks
there was a mystery attack, dalton is in a comatose
unless it’s Calix because we all loved Calix
it’s was my oc dalton’s father, and they are mrs. jett’s sons
love drama
there were two fires
what the a c t u a l
multiple people got shot
carmina found two new friends
what else
ya know kamryn was doing some weird mystic stuff and half dying but we good
oh yeah
new spooky place is the basement thing
idk if I should “join”
lots of crazy stuff
technically I am already a part of this but I missed seven weeks of it
Idk what I even do here most of the time tbh🤷🏻‍♀️
but it’s very complicated in my storyline for the jett family
karma raised an eyebrow “uh yeah...I guess you could say that. and you are...?”
don’t worry
it’s never to late to join the drama
ask hudson, he was invisible the first 7 weeks too
and I was in none of that because ya know school stuff😂
Hudson says “”
She blinked again. “Kamryn!” Zac finally said, raising his voice, trying to grasp her attention. She could hear Zac’s voice from the outside, but his words didn’t mean much.
carmina and julia are enemies now
my characters are still invisible *jazz hands*
and carmina stabbed julia
“Karma but i don’t really care what you call em.” she replied looking out into the water
i will make you visible
to be fair I kept replacing my characters up till like week 4
pick a character of mine to be social with
I would like the comment that carmine stabbed Julia nskdjakf
is Kamryn okay??
are there any single kids
all of mineeeee
Hudson laughs a bit and says “Well you know what they say, Karma’s a beach”
who’s available Brooke?
a good amount of people are still single
Gali texted Talon because she had no life outside of her boyfriend who was a couple hundereds miles away from her
Good question Ella- probably not but who knows🤷🏻‍♀️
all of mine too😂
Kristan wandered around skateboarding
Bella read her book I’m the library
Hadley skipped around
Ren looked at his broken glasses laying on the ground
dalton is in this love triangle, nicolás and everly are doing good, hudson is being a flirt, tobin probably has a couple girls who like him- idk, and carmina is single and evil, and zaylie likes dalton kinda- she mainly just wants to use him to get this guy jealous
Collin sat up in the rafters
dang Brooke over here with ALL the drama😂👌
Talon texts Gali “Hey princess, i really miss you.”
but at least i’m not causing bomb explosions 😂
She began to doze off- finding herself and the familiar figure in an unfamiliar room. Shattered glass, roses only showing the slightest sign of age, and water that stained the floorboards. All were contents a vase that was swept to the ground out of rage. Scuffed paint, picture frames that were hanging by single nails, and a vermillion substance that trickled down the bare surface. It contrasted the three other unadorned walls of the motel room.
Karma bit her lip in an attempt to hide her laugh. then she turned back to face him “you know you seent what I was expecting”
true true
Hudson shrugs and says “What can i say, i can be very predictable- but i guess predictability is the best yet worst. they expect it but it’s doubt that gives you the advantages...”
Hudson then says “sorry if i seem logical, i’ve been spending a lot of time with my friend carmina”
“well dam. I want to meet this “Carmina” she seems like a good influence” karma laughed
Mickey lived
Zac took her water bottle and splashed Kamryn in the face, but she had no physical reaction. She was in some sort of trance, shuttering slightly like something was coming towards her.
hudson laugh too “good is far from what people would describe her as”
“Good is just boring. But maybe This Girl isn’t as bad as you think” she shrugged
I miss you too :( - Gali texts
Mickey heard strange noises coming from a room so she listened by the door
Zac wacked her with the water bottle bc why not.
someone approach my vbs
yes Zac 😂
Mickey tried to be silent but that wasn’t really her thing so instead she accidentally leaned on the door that wasn’t fully closed and tumbled into the room with Zac and Kamryn
Carmina and Zaylie were having a student body meeting. Zaylie was now the Secretary
hudson laughs and says “well you clearly haven’t met her...”
talon texts “well i have good news”
what is it??? Gali texts
Hadley smiles ,” Sorry!! I shouldn’t have stood there!”
“Oof you okay?” Kristan asks
No reaction. In her mind, she was still in the motel room, face to face with the figure. She reached out to the figure and grasped their neck, digging her knuckles deep.
“no I haven’t. but I’m sure she isn’t that big of a bxtch. I mean queen B is sorta my thing” karma said sassily because why not
what am I even saying who even knows
Talon says “i am going to be visiting you and my family soon”
sense doesnt need to happen
Maya sits in a tree. then falls. but she wasn’t that far off the ground so she’s okay. she then just kinda lays there.
She heard a cracking noise.
we’ve gone past realism and sanity in this rp at this point
people have powers, are part of secret organization, things and such
And the figure dropped to the ground, surrounded in broken glass.
you can always rant
frfr?! when? Gali asks
“yeah yah,” Kristan says
She stepped over the body and glanced into the mirror, a dark liquid seeping out out of her eyes.
I don’t think half these rps would be active without ranting 😂
“Nah, I always stand in the middle of nowhere practically waiting to be bumped into,” Hadley laughs
Hadley is great
heyyyy salllll
talon texts “don’t know yet. halloween. thanksgiving. latest winter break”
And with that. She was out of her trance, but with fresh blood on her hands.
Brooke karma responded
metaphorically or literally who knows🤷🏻‍♀️
Mickey stumbled into the room Zac and Kamryn were in and she looked at them horror struck. “I-is she okay??”
hudson says “queen b you say? well i feel like you guys will get along...”
Maya lays on the floor. she looked up at the tree she had fallen out of. “Ow. that hurt.”
“oh my gosh I’m abt to cry 😭” Gali texts
“I’m Hadley,” Hadley smiles
“Cool, bye,” Kristan says skating away
“Fine,” Kamryn responded promptly, wiping the metaphorical blood off on her shirt. “I’m fine,” she responded, her voice a bit softer,
talon texts “don’t cry, i wish i could hold you right now and wipe your tears”
i bet maya is sad
I wish I could kiss you right now - Gali texts
ok name a better couple than galon 😎
💕c o n l a r💕
my Instagram is so much better looking that it hurst
ye ye
okay yeah conlar was legendary so they aren’t even like a choice
“Like spiderman?” Hadley smiles
Kristan skates more
talon says “me too...but hey. we’ll see each other again soon. also how’s school?”
Isabella wanders
conlar is number one
“school? it’s been okay, psycho teachers, drama, random cringey girls, what’s new?”
galon number two
Hadley laughs, “Sorry, my favorite superhero is spiderman” she smiles
what a nice stroll down memory lane
also that random cringy girl was me just FYI 😁
Kamryn took a deep breath. It was happening again and only getting worse. She hated him. She hated him so much. She closed her eyes.
talon texts “sounds fun, college has been interesting. lots of parties, school is kinda fun, but it’s nice not having ryan annoying me 24/7, but it’s hard being away from you”
Karma laughed again “well maybe you should set us up sometime.” she joked
oof I don’t remember if I’ve even had any ships😂
Zac patted her on the shoulder, and Kamryn looked down on her leg, realizing a giant water bottle sized mark on her leg. She turned around slowly and gave him a look.
“:((( I miss Ryan I don’t see her as much anymore “ she texts
well I had that one with mine and eyala character. Kale. that one was great
“Okay imma go now,” Hadley smiles and waves leaving
I haven’t had a ship since way before I took like a six month break
which is close to a year ago
it probably was a year ago
this rp is chaotic
i’m not gonna lie
since I had a rp ship
Maya climbed back into the tree and then fell again.
ughhhhh Lizzo is such a queeeeeeeeeeen 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😫
I love her musicccc so much. 😂
yes iris friend just said that she always thought I was lesbian because of the way I’ve always acted and now I am rethinking everything 😑
Kamryn gave him a look and wacked him back in the water bottle. She shook her head with a small laugh, placing her hands on her forehead. “I hate him more than anything I thought I could ever hate,” she said, sliding off the bench she was sitting on.
Mickey stares at Kamryn the faintest thought of recognition coming back. then she turned to Zac “should we... I don’t know- call 911!”
what’s AU’s??
maya keeps falling out of trees.
maya smh🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Kamryn sat back up, “I’m fine. I’m promise. Well I mean I’m not fine, but the doctors can’t help with this one,” she said.
if i make a third year/season of this little tv show/rp/my personal interactive telenovela, i want to have boundaries and rules and limitations on things on with powers and origins and characters and such. i just wanted to say IF i continue this rp after this school year of this ends. so sorry i’m advance.
maya and zaylie should have a nice drama filled talk
or visit dalton
Mickey frowned “well what exactly is “THIS”?”
* agree
Maya decides to do something with her life and visit Dalton.
^something with her life that isn’t falling out of trees.
yes iris.
another bomb goes off :$
Hudson says “I think i will...but i just hope she doesn’t steal you from me. because i think this might be a beautiful friendship in the making!”
who’s setting them off? that’s a secret I’ll never tell you know you hate me xoxoxo jAt
dalton was unconscious and alone in his hospital room
it’s been almost 2 weeks in this comatose (i think)
“It’s like a disease,” Kamryn explained, that’s basically what it was, “No easy cure,” she said, looking back down at the water bottle imprint.
rise and shine
So I’m guessing if I were to want to bring Skylar’s grandmother that won’t fit into the limitations😂
there’s rise and shine merch and I’m very tempted to buy it-
actually it’s boom bang boom bang, drama gurl
me too 😂
Maya sat at the foot of Dalton’s hospital bed. She sighed. two. weeks. and he wasn’t awake.
Karma rolled her eyes “you think you’re sooo smooth..” but then she just laughed again
dalton lies there. who wondered what was going inside his head
my favorite fandom is tIk tOk
I’m not really into miraculous sorry
I’m not
into miraculous
but yeah I’m not into miraculous
Mickey nodded. she was still very confused but didn’t want this whole conversation to drag out because of her. “so...does it happen often? you know the whole you going into a dream like seizer thing?”
Maya sighed again. she looked at Dalton.
no I’ve never seen it
sorry,I’m not
i used to watch it, but then i got bored midway through season 1
idk what that is
“About every week,” Kamryn said, “But it’s getting more frequent,” she admitted
Myra was decorating a Christmas tree, yes it’s October but it’s never too early.
Mickey then flared at Zac who was just sitting there “And you don’t try and help her?”
sorry this tv show is so good
Zac floofed his floofy hair and held onto his whacking water bottle, “Interfering makes things worse...besides just trying to get the person to gain conscious. Yeah, it just typically makes it worse,” he said.
i might go to bed
“then why were you hitting her.”she rolled her eyes “but there has to be someway to help some cure. some answer. anything?!”
i’m tired
but not tired
and i wanna rp
you should go then💞
but i wanna watch tv
nuuuuuuuuuu you need to have Zaylie come in and cause drama with mayaaaa 😭😭😭
I posted a question on my story that was Netflix recommendations? and I just checked the responses and my wrote “study”
^^my mom wrote that
I love that.
“Once. And she wasn’t completely gone,” Zac commented. He had dealt with this far too many times and he far too tired to argue. “And there’s a cure, but-“ Kamryn cut him off, “Only if I kill the person who inflicted me with it will it go away,” she said.
I’m not making any sense anymore but okay
Zaylie walked into the hospital room with a rose. she then sees Maya and rolls her eyes and then smiles awkwardly
yeah I make leave soon too
great drama 👌🏼
time out will come to you
yes bombs
Maya looks at her. “oh. hi.” she smiles.
spice this up
someone speaks my language
Idek if I like where my characters are going
I’m just delusional
o well
I’ll probably end up making brand new characters anyways
😂oh no
Zaylie says “hi...” she then sits down next to him and holds his hand. she says “i can’t understand you...”
Mickey frowned “and who is this person?? do you even know”
honestly same kat
wait Brooke did you respond to Karma
“Oh I know- I know him way too well,” Kamryn said.
why iris?
I just ate a cup of ice and I’m run a mile
“Hmm? Wait me or Dalton?” Maya asks.
they’ve lasted the longest so far, but it may be time to make new onessss
Maya’s flaw is that she’s too nice. even when she knows that someone is super toxic and mean she is still nice to them..
Mickey makes her famous confused face yet again “well...? who is it?!”
oh sorry
what did she say?
well try and start drama or get them involved other ways then just having them run into someone
uhhhh hold on😂
“That- my friend- is a way too long of a story,” she said.
Karma rolled her eyes and laughed again “you think you’re sooo smooth”
I’m really tempted to make new characters
Ethan went on a brick throwing spree. Myra there candy canes, yes it’s still October. Julian was on the roof. Millie was eating ice.
“but I mean- I guess...okay whatever” Mickey said still confused as to why she couldn’t just say the name.
Brooke reply for Zaylie
the freaking update makes the text white and it’s hard to see😤😤
I knowwww it’s so stupid
Hudson says “Oh i know i am. the amount of girls i flirt with and such and the ghost”
Kamryn just nodded and ye ye
New character timeee
Zaylie says “you. and i want to make myself clear when i say this. back. off.”
Bc idk what to do w my current characters
I need to stop
oof 😂
who’s idea was the make the text white? honestly-
“ghost you say?” Karma was intrigued
someone who lacks common sense that’s who
Maya looks at her. “What do you mean, back off?”
I literally don’t know what to do
“oh I know! let’s make the font white...wait for it- ON AN ALREADY WHITE BACKGROUND!!!”
I’m this close to writing an angry Karen email
Like I don’t know I want to make new characters but I know next week that I’ll probably just end making new characters again and like argh
Mickey then looks at Kamryn “do I know you?? I swear I’ve seen you before...”
“Bottle Queen, my drunk friend,” Kamryn said, reintroducing herself
sorry my phone was about to die
Mickey blinked once before she fully remembered “o-oh right!” she said awkwardly “I forgot about that thing”
Zac could go ride a bull bc why the frick not
nooo we can’t have anyone dying
imma head out I have to go grab ice for my ankle and imma watch Netflix 👌🏼
“Bottle Queen?” Zac asked her. Kamryn just smiled, “Yeah, I’m the bottle queen,”
zaylie says “here is how this is going to go. once dalton wakes up, i am gonna come to him and he will be all over me like usual. well date, and then once my ex sees that he’ll tell me he loves me again and then dalton will be gone. but right now your in my way. get away from dalton. don’t even talk to him. or else.”
I’m probably going to head out in like the next few minutes
okay nighty night
cause idk what to doooo
dang dalton is causing a big fuss 😂
hudson says “yeah, flirt, hookup with, then just never talk to again. ghosting”
Maya stares at her. “So you’re just going to use Dalton to make some other dude mad?! That’s bulls**t! You can’t play with people’s feelings like that! Zaylie, that’s a stupid idea.”
Mickey smiles “This is the Queen you are speeding to so you best pay your respects.” she said in a fake British accent
okay never mind I just heard werid noises downstairs
oh don’t mind those noises that was just me :))
“Yeah Zac you peasant,” she said, laughing lightly as she poked her friend in the cheek
I have issues too don’t worry
Zaylie laughs and says “but it works every time. because that’s the thing, does he like you? ever said he loves you? because that’s the thing. i’m smart, pretty, and rich. what’s not to love”
“ahh I see. for a second I thought you were a nice solid guy but now...” Karma said teasing him “you’re just as bad as all the other guys I’ve dated”
you can always make one🤷🏼‍♀️
I should just have my characters date and fall and love until death does them part and knowing me death for them could be in the next hour
I’m just saying there are many ways to fix this if you really wanted to
well I mean that would be dramatic
Maya looks down. “You might be right. But at least I have a soul. and a heart that isn’t made out of ICE.”
I feel like a useless sack of potatoes I can’t do anything 🤦‍♀️
Mickey stood up and dusted herself off “well I should go but if you ever need help with your...uh problem- feel free to ask.”
but you are always making more so why not make a human one
Hudson says “Yeah...i guess so...” he sighs
“thanks,” Kamryn nodded, standing up. she honestly couldn’t believe that she told someone about that dilemma but then again Mickey was the longest person she had a convo with that wasn’t Zac in a long time and idk anymore what I’m saying pls help my head is starting to pound
just use a few ocs for every rp your in
evenly use them all
reply for Zaylie
Zac and Kamryn went their separate ways bc idk
oh sorry
Karma frowns and pokes his shoulder “hey I’m just messing with you. you are- so far- a lot better than any other guy I’ve met because you actually want to talk. “ she grinned
it’s okkkkk
zacccccxxxxcccc looked for someone to talk to
Kamryn looked for someone to talk to
Mickey bowed once before skipping off
Zaylie says “i have a soul, and i have the boy you love. and what can i say, even with a heart of ice people love elsa...” she smirks
is it normal to eat straight up ice?
Zac and Kamryn both failed at socializing
ye ya ye ya
Hudson says “Thanks...but i’m still not the perfect little gentleman guy”
what am I doing with my life
“whoever said you wanted to be! trust me those guys are are all talk and no game.” Karma shrugged then sat down in the sand
Maya sighs. she looks at Zaylie. “Fine. You win. I’ll back off.” She walks out of the room then pulls her phone out of her pocket. she had recorded the whole conversation.
ooo maya coming back
hahahahahaha hahahahahaha
okay back
is baby stitch human?
Maya’s like “I’m bout to ruin this mans whole career”
no Brooke it’s literally stitch from the Disney movie.
Collin threw a paper airplane at a police officer and then he started getting chased
Hudson sat down next to her and says “i know that...they are boring. who said a relationship was perfect and rainbows and sunshine!” he laughs
no no. you guys have it all wrong. it’s stitches twin brother bxtch. wait...🤭😂
well i mean idrk who you’ll use it
“people who like to sugarcoat things. also known as people who have NEVER been in a serious relationship” karma laughed to herself
reply for Zaylie
ok sorry
Zaylie rolls her eyes and caress his cheek. she says “hot but naive...”
what idea
just watch he’s gonna wake up and slap Zaylie
you’ll see
i know when he will wake up
but will you guys?
Maya sighs. She didn’t want to show it but Zaylie’s words had hurt. she looked down at the recording of the conversation. at least she had some things against her.
i wonder what will happen with the recording?
shown to dalton or one of his friends?
idk... will we...? duhduhduhduuuuuuhhhhh
used as blackmail on zaylie?
No Maya’s not thAt mean...
-to be continued-
maybe shown to Dalton or one of his friends.
aww mayaaaa but I want dRamA
i feel like maya might show it to hudson or something and ask him what to do like their last conversation
brookeeeeee karma replied😂
hudson laughs too. he then says “i guess i’ve never really been so good in relationships because i was scared but also upset because i’ve never found it. like how my mom did...but then my stepdad died...”
that’s literally what I was gonna do. except that Hudson is talking to someoneeeee
Karmas expression softened and she hugged Hudson. she couldn’t help it she was just a comforting person. then she pulled back “ah sorry..”
oh whoops😂
have her just come Incase their conversation it’s alright. then Karma gets śûçked into the drama too😂
Maya runs to find Hudson. he was the only other person she really knew here, and since he was Daltons brother, and he knew Zaylie, he was the best person to tell.
i meant if you want...but i am going to be honest i don’t like all the canon characters from real things like spider man and the meracuals or however you spell it and all the none human monster creature things. idk because i can accept small powers or abilities and skills and dramatic backstories, but i want this to be somewhat realistic you know...
wait wait wait... dalton and Hudson are BROTHERS?!!😱😂
Hudson says “it’s okay...i need comfort right now” he laughs a bit
you didn’t know?
dalton, hudson, and tobin
ahhhhhhh okay well good to know🤣
well then...
Maya sees Hudson. “HUDSO- Oh. hi. sorry.” She says as she sees him and Karma.
Hudson says “oh hey maya, how have you been since my advice?”
Karma quickly stands up and brushes the sand off of herself “ahh sorry! I don’t mean to be in the middle of something” she says Turing towards maya
Maya looks at Karma. “No no, it’s fine. You’re okay. Hudson’s my crush’s brother.” She then looks at Hudson. “Wellllll... Zaylie kinda threatened me....” she plays the recording of her and Zaylie’s conversation
i don’t have many ideas
“dam...she went to all that trouble for a GUY??” karma said in disbelief
Hudson laughs and says “that’s just sucks that dalton hasn’t realized any of this yet”
“guys are REALLY clueless to be fair though” karma shrugged
“Yeah...” Maya says. “But I’m nOt going to let her win!”
“ooh ooh ooh! I’m good at this whole revenge plotting thing” karma said getting excited
hudson says “yes they are karma...but to be fair girls can be clueless sometimes too.” and hudson looks at maya and laughs and says “good for you! beat that bich”
“I wILL.” Maya responds.
“Ooh can you help me?” Maya says to Karma
“oh hush Hudson the grownups are trying to have a conversation!” Karma pushed him away playfully then turned back to maya
Karma nods vigorously “I’m Karma by the way”
Maya smiles. “I’m Maya.”
Brooke died
rip Brooke 😂
yeah ig. idk there are just a lot of rps already and you keep changing yours and stuff...
Karma smiled “nice to meet you maya. now tell me about this Zaylie girl”
sorry mates
wait one second
welcome back from the dead
“So she’s Dalton’s ex. but she wants to get back with him so she could make her other ex jealous so she can get back with him and she’s gonna hurt Dalton again and he’s already been hurt enough. both emotionally and physically.” Maya says.
Karmas eyes widen “she seems a little...obsessive”
“Exactly!” Maya says.
good night everyone
Everly walked to a bench outside of the school and pulled out the notes. This was so strange. Who would want her to die, and why?
Owen nodded his head to his music in the cafeteria.
Sandra skirted around the school
Natalie sat on the bleachers and read her book.
nice icon 😂
all my peeps are free
(Sandra, Everly, Owen, Natalie)
we should have like a party or something
with the characters
lol yes
all my characters are free w no lives (:
we could have like a rooftop party or beach party
oh yeah
beach party
someone remix a chat
remixes :)
ima have drama on here
and at the beach party
dalton was unconscious in the hospital, alone in his room. it was a calm day, dorothy had been visiting as much as she could but she still had work and fixing up the school, yet she found time.
but at the very moment she wasn’t there. neither were dalton’s brothers. it was his unconscious body laying in the hospital room with no movement
Maya went up to see Dalton. oh how she wished he was awake so she could tell him what Zaylie was going to do. but he wasn’t awake.
something just happened
what happened?
As he laid there in his comatose a doctor and a nurse entered the room. They looked at him and then put him in a wheelchair.
my friend and I were texting yesterday. and she came out to me and I told her I think I’m bi... but no one was suppose to know
oh no
hey parents are going to actually kill her and my parents...I wasn’t ready
maya came in at the wrong time
it’s gonna be okay :(
her mom read the texts and knows everything and so my mom ready mine and it’s all just gone to hełł
i really hope the best for you and your friend
I’m shaking
I feel like I betrayed my friend. she asked me to not tell anyone and here my whole family knows now
Maya looked at the nurse. “Um, where are you taking him?” she asked, a nervous shake to her voice.
oh no... that’s not good...
she’ll forgive in time, plus, good can happen eventually
The Nurse says nothing and continues to wheel him out the room. The doctor was getting files and such as he was fixing up the room
Maya tapped the doctor’s shoulder. “Excuse me, Sir?” she asked.
The Doctor looks at her for a few seconds and then continued to collect the files and papers
meanwhile the nurse had gotten past in the hallway with dalton, but then took a side exit. they then got to a black car and she puts him in the trunk.
Maya sighed. “Well that’s quite rude of you. Aren’t doctors supposed to be nice? Don’t ignore me please.”
she sounds like a mom hahaha
the doctor then gets a text and then starts to head out of the room towards the exit the nurse and dalton went out of
maya asks for the manager 😂
“Ughhhhh.” Maya follows them and keeps trying to get their attention, saying things like “Excuse me?” “where are you taking him” “Hello?” “dãmñ are you ignoring me because I’m Asian? that’s racist. I’m suing.” “hEllO?!” “stop ignoring me!” “you guys are the rudest hospital workers I have ever met.”
I’m sUIng.
The doctor then pulls her aside to a closet and then injects her with some liquid and then locks her in the closet.
he then quickly walks away and gets into the car. they then drive off, but to where?
i am evil
Maya kinda sits there and mutters “racist.” then passes out because of the liquid then wakes up later. she looks around, very confused.
Maya looks around. She tries to open the door then finds that it’s locked. “Help!” she yelled. “Hello?! Anyone?!”
find out next time on...
La escuela de Unforntune
how are you?
eh, i’m holding up ok, i’m currently grounded 👏🏼 lol i’m not even supposed to be on
what about you brooke?
I just feel really disconnected with everyone on here
i am feeling good, kinda
im in nineties for all my classes, made a bunch of friends, allergies were happening but life’s good
my sister got diagnosed today with bronchitis
i think it’s called that
something bronchitis
Jack heard Maya’s voice, and ran to wherever she was, and banged on the door, “heLLO?”
Maya sighed. “Well s**t. this isn’t good.”
well i will make it my mission to make you feel connected
oof hope your sister gets better 💓
you and kat
maybe maya should call someone is she has her phone on her...
maybe she can make a new friend at the hospital to help her
maybe one of sal’s people
aw thanks Brooke 🤧💞 I just haven’t really rped with other for quite sometime :/
who would you like to rp with?
Maya sighed. she took out her phone and... it died.
i have carmina and zaylie, a little mean girl duo
hudson the boy who flirts and ghosts girls
tobin my little baby boy who likes frogs and reading dr seuss
Maya kicked the door. “hElP!”
and dalton who is in a comatose and was just kidnapped
oh yeah
and dorothy is here
but she is forgotten and ignored
and she is the one taking more control of this school than the principal himself
jack heard Maya’s voice from inside the room, “hello?” he yelled, he couldn’t really hear her
and facing charges against her ex fiancé for attempted murder against her and her sons
wait what
but you know...normal things you expect from a girl like dorothy
oh yeah
that’s a soil
no one know that yet
forget what you saw l
Maya heard Jack. “Omg thank god a person! I’m locked in the closet! Can you help me out?!” She yelled
majority of the people get so shocked at what i do
but hey
at least when i am bored i don’t keep starring bomb explosions in this rp 😂
wanna join the fUn
not really fun
more of torture-ish
like a never ending nightmare for the jett side of the callery~akin family
okay who does dove wanna y’all to
i got people
social people
nice people
mean people
good people
evil people
make a pic
also is anyone on?
ima check the beach page
I feel like ramming my head through a wall
headache or worse?
or do you just have something going on?
being sick just has me questioning my existence
sometimes i questing things about life and planets and other galaxies
but mainly i just get a realization
like this is real
this is now
and sometimes it feels like autopilot
but ifk
sorry i got hungry
and i had to eat
so do you wanna rp?
oof sorry I disappeared
but ima take a shower in a bit
it’s okay.
so when i’m back i’ll tell you
Jack tried pulling the door open, “it’s jammed!” he called out to her, trying with his might to open it
“Okay... umm... You pull and I’ll push it open?” She said, as she backed up then rammed into the door.
“yeah, sure.” jack mumbled, as he pulled the door with his all his strength which wasn’t much to begin with. the door pulled open, and jack coughed trying to see maya through it all. “are you okay?” he called
“Yeah. Thank you so much.” Maya said, walking out of the closet.
“no problem,” jack said, confused as if this was a normal thing to happen. “why were you in there anyway?”
maya just came out of the closet
respect ✊
Maya shrugged. “Well, I came to visit my friend Dalton, who was was here because he got shot, then a doctor and a nurse came in a took him and I asked them where they were taking him but the doctor pulled me aside and put some drug in me and locked me in the closet..”
“what the frick.” Jack said, “well .. that sounds .. fun.” Jack finally said, “how is dalton doing though anyway?”
hey jat
“Well he got kidnapped so not good, I’m guessing? But I don’t know what to do now... I should probably tell Mrs Jett... cause she’s his mom but idk where she would be.” She says.
jacks eyes widened, “thATS HIS MOM ??????” jack exclaimed, “ oh my god I take back all the bad things I’ve said about mrs. Jett.” jack said shaking his head, “did you find dalton though?”
i’ve been failing being active and running the rp
“No... I don’t know where they took him...” Maya says
have you guys watched or read the movie or book after
because it was originally a harry styles fanfic and hardin 🥰
i am back
hola brookeee wanna rp?
wanna rp and make some couple ships that don’t involve killing unless someone cheats and my characters have to go coocoo
Talon came back as a surprise for gali and his parents and ryan and some of his friends too
Gali was casually walking around with a couple of her friends
Talon was walking around and then texting gali “i miss you”
“I miss you too,” Gali texts back. // “Who’s that?” Her friend asks pointing at her phone. “Talooooon,” Gali smiles
talon texts “i wish i could just hug you and talk to you rn”
riiiise and shiiine
my profile picture is kinda getting annoying not gonna lie 😂
it’s been a while Jat 😭😭
“me too 🥺” Gali texts
it has 😰
sorry me dudes
i thought michael was gonna die
so happy to talk to you guys again ❤️
but we are good
me too
: )
ily too💞
talon then saw gali from the distance and texts “hey gali can i ask you something?”
i love you guys :) 💕💕
omg it’s like the whole fam
“ofc!” Gali texts
wait can u send the invite again? my discord motifs are off for sum reason so it always expires
Eliza sits in a tree and reads // rely plays the grand piano in the music room
yeah I can send it again and um well
im only failing one class thats good, but im starting full on college classes after midterms
talon texts her “turn around” he then looks at her and smiles
ahh me too I’m doing college stuff and I’m like WHY 😭😭
I haven’t started doing college stuff yet lol I took a practice psat though
Gali looks behind her and drops her phone. “Oh my- TALON!!” she yells and hugs him
do you guys mean AP, dual enrollment, or are you both like super smart and are in college college?
I’m also doing waterpolo and swim team
I’m in the Magnet program
I’m not super smart I’m an idiot
I literally don’t know what I’m doing
tis sent
I actually need to be catching up on stuff
so I’m probably going to be heading off the night
what even is life, why do I nee to be doing this tho
im in college college I'll graduate with my associates degree and im automatically accepted into my home college since im already a student there
woah lyds on top of the whole game
when I get a car imma go meet all of you guys
also why do you keep doing “-Grace”
wait lyds how old are you?
not to be rude or anything I’m just stoopid ^
she’s a year older than me I think
bet im in Ohio so like im in the middle of all of you you guys come to me
I'll be fifteen here soon im a young one
my mom isn’t letting her my drivers license until I’m 18 🤦‍♀️
I’m California so if y’all live in Cali imma go yeet over to u
OHHH I was like oh
my sister doesn’t like me I don’t rly like her either so the feeling is mutual
I’m in CT 😎
my mom doesn't trust me to get my temps
but she kinda has to because pretty soon I have to drive from home and campus everyday
wait lyds am I stupid or didnt u live in la
liviToday at 10:09 PM did you the procedure aveToday at 10:13 PM ha ur funny u think I started
why didn’t u guys just make separate accounts and also how old r u guys-
I did half time cause half of my family lives out there
talon hugged her and then kissed her. he then says “hey”
Gali kisses him back
oHhHh do y’all have Instagram
hi Brooke
I hate the new update jdbsjsjrkwjsj it makes the text white and it’s hard to type 🤦‍♀️
I highkey need to catch up on all of the school that I’ve missed
oh I didn't download the update
but I’m still feeling fatigue so I want to go to sleep
I have to make a boomerang but you know cc loves to procrastinate 😎
idek bro
lyds hacked it and didn’t download it
oh my gosh
also who wants to rp, i have many people and need more drama
knowing me I’m going to do neither and instead spend the next hour wasting time and wallowing in the work that I should be doing but am not actually doing :/
a person I follow mentioned this girl on wattpad is on life support right now because her heart stopped
I shall rp
Talon Smiles at gali and then looks at her friends and awkwardly laughs. and says “oh sorry- err...was i interrupting a little friend get together...”
but I’d i disappear it’s because I ordered rise and shine merch
oh god
is that girl okay?
and went to look for my debut card
“Nono it’s fine we were just walking out of school anyways,” Gali smiles
wait you ordered it?
I almost did
I’m just going to go
I’m on the edge of getting it
I don't know she was in a čömáa previosuly
but I don’t have a ton of money on my card so idk we’ll see
everyones sending her prayers that she'll wake up
its @-rcbin
life has been crazy
oh my god, I hope she can recover...
her brother is keeping everyone updated but she overdosed on her tuberculosis medicine
I hope so too
sorry for ruining the mood
it okay
it’s **
does anyone wanna rp?
I can
Ethan sat on the grass and ate a jar of pickles. || Myra was sitting in a tree spying
Eliza sat in tree and read the book The Great Gatsby, she wasn't just an artist but she was also a logophile and enjoyed anytime she could get to read. // Remy gave up on the grand piano after awhile and snuck into the kitchen to grab something to eat real quick except he got a bit distracted when he felt like someone was behind him
Maya goes to find Mrs. Jett
Myra takes out her binoculars and looks at people. || Ethan threw the pickle jar (say ow if you want to be that person)
Ethan seems to always be throwing something
it’s his hobby 👌🏼
Remy frowned when the feeling of someone behind him went away and he noticed myra in the tree with binoculars. "what are you doing?!" he shouted
Eliza frowned when a glass jar hit her in the side and knocked her book out of her hands and out of the tree, "Seriously?!"
I wanna make another oc and his name will be varian but ill do the form later or something
Myra feel backwards out of the tree, “Oh um just investigations.”
my friend just ft me and she cut off like 12 inches of her hair and dyed it purple and she’s asking me what to do cause her parents will be mad and idk what to tell her
tell her to wear a hat
Remy's eyes widened when the girl tumbled out of the tree and he quickly tried to help her up. "investigating what?'
we’re not allowed to wear hats there lol
um uh a wig?
“Oh, my bad.” Ethan sighed and walked over to Eliza
“You know, who’s been causing all the bombs and fires and stuff, I’m doing it for my blog.”
Eliza blinked and leaned over so she could see who was talking and realized it was Ethan. "so is throwing things just a habit now?" she asks with a smile before pointing down at her book. "mind if you grab that for me please?' // "oh.." remy frowned slightly. "I don't think you should be investigating that stuff without an expert. you might get hurt myra."
sorry my WiFi crashed
Ethan nodded and picked up her book for her, “Sorry about that...I throw things to you know get rid of anger I didn’t realize I was aiming at anyone..” || “I am sorta an expert I did it all last year and it doesn’t really matter if I get hurt,” Myra shrugged
its okay I was looking at zodiac memes
Eliza frowned, taking her book and setting it on her lap. "What happened?" // "It does matter because whoever was behind this could kill someone." Remy went cold when he felt that feeling again where someone was behind him
Eliza frowned, taking her book and setting it on her lap. "What happened?" // "It does matter because whoever was behind this could kill someone." Remy went cold when he felt that feeling again where someone was behind him
what’s your sign?
“Nothing worth talking about,” Ethan shocked his eat and leaned against the tree. || “Well that’s exactly why I’m doing it so no one else gets killed or hurt.” Myra sighed
im an Aquarius but I guess im a Capricorn now
"Well, it's worth it to me. . ." Eliza said reassuringly. // "Yeah- d-do you feel that?" remy asked quickly
I’m pretty sure the sign change thing only counts if you were born after 2016 cause that’s are what some people are saying 🤷‍♀️
“It’s just family issues, my family is constantly at each other’s necks all the time.” Ethan explained. || “What do you mean?” Myra asked nervously and glanced around quickly
oH thank goodness
but is confusing because some people are saying that it’s not real so I’m generally confused 🤷‍♀️
Eliza hopped out of the tree, which was probably a bad idea, but caught herself by leaning against the tree. "Did something happen for them to be like that?" // Remy turned around and then looked back at Myra, his blue eyes wide with fear. "Like someones constantly behind you?"
“Money,greed I guess power,” Ethan sighed. “Some people in my family have some a sense but most of them are chaotic and would do anything for the fortune.” || “No...Are you okay?”’Myra looked around again, “No ones here...”
"Define . . . anything." Eliza mutters, her brows knitted together. // "I. . . think so." Remy whispered before looking around once more
“Anything.”” Julian sighed, “Murder, that kinda thing.” Justin looks down, “But I’m not like that.” || “I really don’t think anyone’s here, deep breathes in and out.”
Eliza stayed quiet for a moment and looked down at her shoes. "If you didn't like me when I found out about you selling weapons. . would you have - would you have killed me like you said you would have to had done?" // Remy nodded quickly feeling a panic attack rise but tried to take deep breaths, the feeling not going away. "Ive just been feeling like ive been being watched."
something wrong with my brain Ethan************
Ethan sallows hard, “I-I don’t know I really hope not....” Ethan says and looked away
Myra gives him a hug, “It’s alright your safe... no ones watching you.”
(I gtg since it’s getting late)
alrighty night sat <3
you know what the sad thing is
the only thing that’s keeping me going is that my doc martens are coming soon
this is still open-
i’m getting ready for héłł week
i’m not prepared