Pro tip for y’all: don’t try to long jump with socks on a hardwood floor. yee i’m smrt.



Pro tip for y’all: don’t try to long jump with socks on a hardwood floor. yee i’m smrt. 27•11•2018

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super duper smrt
pretty! 😻👏🏼
I love this sm and also that you for the pro time smrty pants lol
you’re welcome! ♥️
😂 also this is L O V E L Y
LOVE THE QOUTE 🥰🥰🥰💕💕❤️❤️
blurp look in the remixes of the collage
I love this ♥️
F A B U L O U S ♥️♥️♥️ the quote is lovely 😊. @caption I’ll plan on Not doing that is the future 🤣 hope you are ok physically. ♥️😊🤣
love everything about this!
wow I love this
thanks this is amazing too!!
thank you so much!
i really love this btw!
wanna collab?
thank you this is gorgeous 😍
so amazing~ I’ll probably never be that good lol 😂
all of ur collages are AMAZING!!! 💜💜💜
thank you
Thanks so much
hey do u wanna take someone’s place in either team bike or team boat in my games??? you will have to enter round 2 before tomorrow tho
no problem! 👌🏻
Thanks, so is this!
you’re welcome! :)
oof thanks my dude💕
@caption SCrEAMS
love this💗
love your account so much! you are so talented!!!
no prob! another page brought me onto yours! i took one look and I was in love! your account makes me smile!
omgsh thx❤️ i love this so much😍👌🏼❤️
awww! thank you! I try! I would give you a grade of 10000000% if I was a teacher and this was an assignment. but I’m not 😜 so you’ll have to settle for my compliments!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
Also, don’t dance on a hardwood floor with socks on either. It doesn’t usually turn out well 😂
this is so gorgeous
why is this the prettiest!! and cutest collage!😘😘😘😘😘😘
Thank you so much for thanking me for 7k, I barely noticed it myself and when I see everyone’s comments on how their congratulating me on accomplishing that it makes me so happy that your paying attention to my account! 🥰Thank you so much for noticing! I love you b! 💓🧸
also this is gorgeous hun!
love this😍
this is beautiful ✨
luv ur acc😱 u r talented❤️💖💖💖💖😱
thank you!
TYSM!! ❤️
@caption literally me 💓😂
this is absolutely stunning 💗😱
I'm good sorry I've been so inactive just lost inspiration 😂💓how have you been? ❤️❤️it's actually been agessss
aw thank youu
Thank you, how have I not discovered your GORGEOUS account before? AHHHHH I’M OBSESSED ALREADY!!!!
thanks for the likes this is gorgeous!
aw ty! ❤️
HTANK U 🥰🥰🥰🥰😂😂😂
I’m doing alright. Just studying for finals. How are you?
tysm!! i’m great how are you??💞💞
@caption: oh no! that would be so painful 😖😵😂
You are welcome 💗💗
stunning! and tysm!
😂😂oh my gosh. you make mammà so proud honey,
Thank you! :)
so pretty!! what does pending review mean?
love this! @caption loool