Collage by nEw-AcC


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awww I love it ty
I’m doing meh😂 I had my first sleepless night
I just couldn’t sleep
I was also starving
it’s truuueeee😂
😂😂school got cancelled so I’m happy
Haha!!! we got a storm... tomorrow I have an ortho 😒
ohhhhh i was suppose to have one today
it’s okie
to some museum
i dunno
where are you going?
oh I’m so stupid 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
and do you live in Tennessee?
oH mY gOsH you gotta travel that far?!
fxck life
Seraphine was trying to use me again😐
she made me a hate page
I blocked her😕
can you screenshot?
that made me laugh😂😂
oh lordddd “my wrath”😂😂❤️❤️
I’ve noticed😳
yeah i get it😂
oh lord😂 he’s busy prolly *puffs out my chest and deepens my voice* uhm hello I’m Jayden and I’m in love with a beautiful you lady *laughs*
*puffs out my chest again and deepens my voice again* hey you young lady! you got a problem? *bursts out laughing*
*laughs more* W-what 😂😂😂😂😂😂
*stands up and flips my hair* oh hunny ik I am *laughs hard with you*
*continues laughing* we both are crazy axx potatoes! *acts surprised and walks around like a crab*
*turns around and faces you* I sAiDdD we both are crazy ašš potatoes!
*whips and then dabs* CRINGE QWEEN RIGHT HERE!
WATCH ME WHIP *whips* WATCH ME NAE NAE *Nae nae’s*
sorry had to shower
dating life is great😊🤞🏻
*hugs and stutters* w-what’s w-wrong?
oh my gosh!! I’m so sorry *hugs tight*
why don’t they?
oh my gosh 😂❤️❤️ don’t fall 4 colt 😂
😂bc he’s already flirted with Bre tonight
oh my *laughs*
I’m switching to my edits acc
sorry I fell asleep
wuts wrong
it’s cute:))
no your crush😂 *uncrosses your arms and laughs*
*laughs more*
*frowns* and I miss jj..
and jet
no if you truly love hi: you wouldn’t give up♥️🤞🏻
just like I haven’t given up on jj!♥️♥️♥️
yes ik but when we weren’t and we loved eachother but he was dating trin and Gwen so I waited and waited
but be patient♥️♥️♥️
am i special to you😁😁😁
nothing I just noticed I was the ONLY one that had more than one picture... other than Jayden
😂donttt you loooove meeeee
*gasps* yayyyy lol
*laughs* have fuuuun
Maybe I scared him 😱
*acts dead*
*sits up* DoNt YoU dArE *acts dead again*
OOF *tickles your neck* ArE yOu TiCkLiSh HeReEe
heyyyydats noooot faiiiirrrrrr
*runs after you and laughs* cooome back here!
*laughs and trips* waaaaaaaaaaa *fake cries*
waaaAaaaAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaa *curls up in a ball* WAAAAAAAAAAA
night niiight! I wuv you tooooo♥️♥️
DiD yOu SaY yEs
CHANGE YOUR FXCKING BIO RN😂😂🤪🤪🤪😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😱😱😁😁😁😁
I’m rlly not:(
i also see mah name in thereeeee😂♥️♥️🤪
also I’m a dead potato! *laughs*
I jUsT bRuShEd A kNoT aNd It HuRtTt
i had a dentist appointment 🥺🥺🥺
Hahahahahahhaha hehehehe hehehehe
yes or is!😂
yes it is***
don’t feel bad♥️ he probably likes others anyways 😒
but he can also be a complete ahh tooo soooooo
no problem❤️ *hugs*
uh oh 😯
w-what did h-he say?
...Ignore him...
just block him he’s hurt you too many times
what do you mean?
mmk gn🖤💛 ily2♥️
morning love 🖤
how are you?
same tho lol *plays with your hair*
lol *covers your eyes with my hands* night nighttttt
*whispers* oofers
just ignore that ahhhole
he’s hurt you way too much it’s time to give up on him🖤😕🖤
i miss jjjjjj but he’s busy:)
it’s so adorableeeee!❤️😩 ty fir sending me it bc I can’t see their acc🖤
it’s okie he’s going thru a lot rn:)
how was your day today?
good ty... I got to leave school early:)
not rlly😅 I had to go get my pallet expander
oof 😂😂
girls gotta win!😂🤟
my parents found out abt my prob:( so now they are forcing me to eat under super vision
im eating but with guilt.. and so much of it:(
it’s okay ig..
gn other child I love you too🖤 talk to you tomorrow💛
sleep good🖤😊
good morninggg!
my app is finally working again😊
yesterday I was bored soooooo I did
thank you
how’s your weekend so far?
oof luckyyyy (sorry I was busy)
hungry and teeth are sore but that’s life
yeah🙃 just teeth are fxcking sore as hxll.. my dad just tightened the expander and OMFGGGGGGGG
It Is NoT fUnNyYyY
it feels like someone just hit my teeth super hard😐
sureeee😂 gn sis ily2💖
grace:(.. they like each other still.. i feel like I was his second choice:(
on pic collage yeah but he’s barely on.. :( I’m a barrier I swear
no I’m his second choice..
*looks down* I love him but... ughhh
Oh my gosh😂😂
Oofers😅 is it okay if it’s a remix bc I don’t wanna post much on here😅❤️ I still love you sis.. just I don’t want ten chat pages again😅
hehehehehe ❤️❤️❤️✌🏻
ion know.. ion think so atm.. he only ‘flirts’ with grace
and me ofc but if we’re talking otherssss
I don’t wanna let him go:(( that’d hurt me:( and him:(
*Whips with you* WATCH ME WHIP
*cries* FAITH
We have a better way
I can’t calm down when I thought I could trust Delilah.. to not do that.. this is the second time..
you getting worried?💔
you can say that you caught him.. I honestly dgaf anymore...
I love ya too *smiles weakly*
you can if you want:):
Delilah is in the middle of telling me... like I didn’t know..
and Jacob is now on
they both feel guilty..
I have to take a break tho🖤
I will:) I’ll pop in sometimes:)🖤
oh my gosh yes it’s me😭❤️
*hugs tight and tears up* no it’s.. SERAPHINE😭😭
no I don’t I love you❤️❤️
okie gn and I love you too
has Seraphine say anything to you?
SaMe 😂
I’m just upset with the fact that i cant sign into any of my acc’s
even my edits acc and I entered contests too:(
Guess who hacked my acc again...
okie I got my pass back❤️
I broke up with him.. bc he doesn’t have the Loyalty I need and it’s been making me upset and also he ignores me at times
it’s okie