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9/24/23 Lyrics by FM static

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This is a masterpiece 😍
that's great! what did you do today?
I'm pretty good, I'm just so tired today:(
so gorgeous
this is so pretty!
and I agree. I don’t like the sequel trilogy lol
the vibes of your account, literal indie goals! 💙💚💛
I like a few older shows haha! some older black and white classic american shows, and I love phineas and ferb, tom and jerry, tmnt 2012, big hero six the series
my hobbies are music (listening and playing), photography, writing, reading, learning how to use my skateboard, etc!!
This is so pretty ❤
Thank you!!
thank you so much! 🩷🩷
yes my pfp is james!! love team rocket sm. do you watch/play pokémon?
I like rock, pop, classical, instrumental, sad, lofi, and metal lol
any favorite artists??
yes!! i’ve played flute for almost 7 years now; cello for one and a half years (thoigh I haven’t had one to play in a year ugh!!! so Idk if that counts), piano/keyboard for I think 5 years? but I can’t play well with my left hand still; and rn i’m teaching myself guitar and ukulele:)
thank you girly ❤️