28.12.19 「t a p」
thank you for 900, I love you all heaps 💘 if you wanna send me things anonymously, link in bio x
QOTD: what one food would you eat for the rest of your life?
AOTD: some sort of spicy pasta


28.12.19 「t a p」 thank you for 900, I love you all heaps 💘 if you wanna send me things anonymously, link in bio x QOTD: what one food would you eat for the rest of your life? AOTD: some sort of spicy pasta

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p.s excuse the trash explanations 😭 y’all already know my explaining game weak. feel free to ask questions about anything you want me to elaborate on !! thanks for listening to my ted talk 💗
aotd: hmm probably something like aglio olio pasta
oo my school has a house sports day thing too!! mine has 4 houses and I’m in red :))
omg dress up week sounds like so much fun :O
ooooohhh I have most of these things! mine has 4 houses and I’m in red^^^^^😱 my house have names so, Fraser for blue, Goolagong for yellow, Elliot for red and Bradman for green, I’m pretty sure these are all famous old athletes lolol
amd each school has different names of,cdldmdioemd
omgggg activity week sounds so funnnn!! AND WHAT U HV A YEAR 13?? MINE GOES UP TO YEAR 12 AND THEN UNI
yeeee and we have celebration day for the year 12 at the end of the year where they can dress up as anything they want and do whatever they want the whole day! like last year some came mid way our lesson in skateboards and threw candy at us and some sprayed water skskskks
what job do u want to have? sorry if u already told me it’s early in the morning rn😂😂
also ur school activities sound like a lot of fun😎
that all sounds so fun!!! aotd: snow cones!
wow those all sound fun what
aotd : bruh you really got me thinking... hmm probably sushi.. it’s just really good..
My school does this thing.. it’s like if you have all A’s you get to go bowling and other stuff like that and for people with A’s and B’s they get free time and some snacks. It’s basically my school’s way to say “if you keep your grades up then here is some fun stuff!”.
that sounds so fun my school does literally nothing lol
oh my goodness holy moly you just-
HAHAH tysm
I hope you had a great Christmas and thank you so much for all of the love wow
why thanK you!! i swear i learned nothing from the two high school art classes i took but it’s whateveeR
duuuude y o u are spoiling me with your lovely comments 😭💕 ahhhhg thank you so much you are so so sweet 💕💕💕
ooohhh that’s kewl!! I never knew thT😱
tysm! 😭
No way are you serious. I am so glad your willing to be the first person on my talk show. Their is honestly no one else that shown so much support to others as you have and I haven't been for even a whole month yet. I don't know, but just talking to from the time I've been here and seeing your comments on others people's page I just know that your a positive person filled with kindennes and compassion. I will set up a little chat page/interview room in my remix soon to start asking you questions if that works with you. If not just let me know some way that I can ask you questions without having other peoples comments on the post. I'm really excited to start this interview with you not only to learn more about you, but to share with others on PC How much you you just take the time to give someone a compliment. They way your always bringing people up and showing them the talents they have in their collages. Your an amazing example💕💕
same here homie school is school and school is garbage👊😭// bRo congrats on 900💫💫💫
aww thank you so much. you’re amazing!! I live your games and edits so much too ❤️❤️Thank you, I’ll try to continue making collages 😁💓💓
That's great tysm again your amazing. I'll get the interview page up as soon as I can.
thank you so much again 💖💗💕 you said you appreciate the effort i put into my posts but the effort you put into all of your comments is way more special than any collage i could ever make!! 💕
Wow these sound funnn. I also go to an all girls school lol
thanks so much for all your sweet comments!!! They mean a lot 🥺🥺🥰
awe shucks. bro, you’re like sooooo nice! I honestly can’t tell you how much you make me happy when I see your comments. you’re so sweet
and for those comments, I’ll do a request for you. tell me what idol/ person and style and I’ll do it for you 😆
oh my god your literally the sweetest, seeing your comment literally made me so happy 🥺 merry late Christmas !! I also adore your account I love all your story times, they’re so interesting omg 😂💓
aww no problem!! I do not deserve you!! 🥰💫
a: spaghetti
thank you you’re so kind😭🖤
love your account thanks for liking my collage! I was happy on the inside 🥰😁🙃
aotd: same I’d eat spicy pasta! I love pasta and spice! also the my school does the similar thing to you with sport activities and coloured houses that compete for points toward trophy/ shield. I’m Aussie btw, so close to New Zealand:)
BRO you’re like, an esteemed pc art critic😌🤩 thank you SO much & I’m so glad you liked it!!💕💕💕
well. your welcome. so anytime. ask for your request, it could be a month from now. 😂 again, thank you a lot.
Wow I’m just seeing your other comment now. TY😃 Spain was way cool I hope you get to go someday :D
aww thank you!
thank you so much 💕💕💕💕
omg same!! I was captain too! got me no where though sadly! I’m an athlete, but I far from popularity or anyone thinking much of me lol!😂💕
aww ty!!
AHHH thank you so much for taking the time to really look and comment about the details of mine and others collages! you are the best!
thank u so much for all the comments u have posted on my edits!! they’re always super nice and detailed n they’re very motivating! thank you! 💓
k-12 was really fun to wait for because I remember me and my best friend were watching the trailers at the end of the school year and then we had all summer to wait and it came out a little bit after school started again like wow
also if mel made a sequel I would be so happy 🤠🥰
also I like my school a lot. a lot of people think that it’s annoying that’s there’s no boys but honestly I don’t care lol
yeah we have a brother school too lol. the only downside I think is that we have to wear uniforms lol
ofc! yeah you have a way with words dude😌👌// THANK YOU SO MUCH (again) it’s nice to see that someone pays attention to all the little details in my posts :)))
Re: HOLY cOw! I'm dumbstruck by your comment. You took so much time to look through the details, and that makes me feel so happy. Everytime you comment I get so giddy, because you take time to think of a comment. Thank you so much, for just existing really.💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗❤❤❤💗❤💗❤💗❤💗💗❤💗❤❤💗💗💗💗❤💗❤💗💗💗💗❤💗💗💗❤❤❤💗❤💗💗💗💗💗❤❤❤💗💗❤💗💗❤
re: // OMG YOU'RE SO SWEET! thank you so much ☺ i love how you take time to look at everything in the collage 🥰
y’all have a purple house? we only have green , yellow , blue and red !!
i am not hella talented don't even say that :,(
oh wow we have much in common!! I do competitive swimming, ( currently training for a competition this weekend) I play hockey, when it’s hockey season, I dance jazz, lyrical and ballet and I go jogging quite a bit. my main sport I’m passionate about tho is swimming, I want to go to the Olympics one day. but then again I’m very ambitious so.....
oh and thankyou I hope school goes well for you next year to!!! ☺️☺️💕💕
fine, you've convinced me. :)
np!💖your accounts amazing!!!💖
thank you so so much!! 💗
“a chicken roasting in the oven” 😭😭 lollll
Ok I don't know when you'll get this, but on new years eve i'm going to remix you the "talk show studio room" Where I will be able to interview you there. Now since we have been talking for a little I know somethings about you, but not everything. I might ask you questions that you might have told me when we were getting to know each other, but it's all part of the interview;) Make sure you always check in the remix for my replies you and I will be the only ones talking on their. This is all supposed to be fun take your time in answering any of the questions there's no rush. If I ask a question that you don't want to answer or don't feel comfortable answering just let me know. None of the question will be supper personal it's just for fun. When you get the remix just comment on there so I know when to start and that you got it. Thanks again Lia for doing this your awesome!!
I don’t do well in heat so I would probably end up dead lolll
my friend makes fun of me for it because when we hang out in the summer I don’t like going outside loll 😭
also unrelated but I’m listening to Lana right now and wow what an angel
oh my gosh!! thankyou so much, that was so encouraging!! I’ve told ppl before but no one has said such kind and encouraging words like you before. thankyou so much for believing in me!!😭☺️☺️💗💕💖aww
aww hopefully it will happen one day 💘💘
aotd: anything pasta. like spaghetti and meatballs 🤗 my favorite!
Umm can I go to your school?!!! sounds amazing during your fun says
I am holding a winter contest and there are limited spaces , please enter 👍🏼❤️❄️
happy new year!!🎉💓
Happy New year! Your a great collager and I wish you great luck in 2020!
Lia I have no idea what to say. That's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Ever time you comment you make me smile and your one of the sweetest people I know on here. If I knew you in real life you would be one of my closes friends the one I could talk to who wouldn't judge me the one I could go to when I'm having a hard day or the one to help me out with life. Your an amazing Listener and whoever your friends are in real life they are blessed in so many ways. My PC experience has been amazing and so much fun. And you had so much to do with it. I love reading your comments they make me smile all the time. If you ever need anything I mean anything even someone to rant to or just listen to you or make you smile I'm here I may not be sitting right beside you, but always be here. Happy New Year!!
thank you so much 🥺 I hope that 2020 is THAT year for you and it’s filled with love, happiness, and joy. Thank you so much for all of your amazing and kind words. You’re so fun to talk to and I enjoy getting to know you. You’re an amazing person and you spread so much love on here. I enjoy seeing your name in my notifications and it makes me so happy whenever I talk to you. I hope that you have an amazing 2020!! I love you so much 💗 Happy new year!!
aw thank you so much! happy new year to you too!! i haven’t known you for very long but i already know that you are one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people on piccollage and i hope our friendship will grow next year! (next decade??) i appreciate your comments so much and i know everyone else whose posts you comment on cherish you as well 💕💕💕 you’ve made me feel so welcomed in this community and i need to thank you for that 💗 i hope you have a great year !
ahhh!!!!! you are honestly ThE KiNdEsT PeRsOn On Pc!!! we need some kind of award for you!!? like best person on pc ever!!!! I don’t know how to react to your AmAzInG comments!! I’ve seen them on everybody’s posts, and you write something different everyday!! like who else take the time to write an individual comment to everyone on pc and say things that melt everyone’s heart!!! you are like the definition of perfect friend!!!! we will never be able to repay your kindness from 2019!! but I only hope the best wishes for you in 2020, and that your kind heart does not go unseen!!! THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺️💕💗❤️💫💕💗❤️💖
I know you say you say it’s no big deal whenever you comment, but seriously I cannot thank you enough. There are no words to describe what a kind heart you have. You are truly the sweetest person I’ve ever met. I hope you know that you are very much appreciated and I hope your 2019 ended on a good note and that 2020 will be your year. ❤️
aww thank you so much💗💗 I just want you to know that you have been such a big part of 2019 and I’m so glad that you helped people by not only commenting regularly but by your amazing posts💗you are deadašš an angel to our community💀happy New Year and I can’t wait for another year to end so I can give you another shoutout that you deserve😂💀💗💗💛💛
aww you are so sweet, thank you so much! i reckon you are the real role model for all of pc, i honestly always see you commenting amazing things on other peoples posts and im like 'i wish i could be that nice!' you make everyone's day here. i know for sure you made mine! i hope you have an amazing new year, keep up the awesome work 💗
hii i’ve just come back from a break and i saw your comments and oh my god they made me smile so much! thank you so so much they were so thoughtful and specific and it was really nice to come back on pc after being gone ages and seeing that. i hope 2020 gives you everything you didn’t get in 2019 and you have an amazing time! thank you again ♥️
thank you so much! your comments mean so much to me and you deserve an amazing year in 2020. I hope that everything you could possibly need comes to you and that you continue to be the beautiful soul you are. Happy New Year!!!
happy new year!! i just wanted to let you know how much i and other people on the app appreciate you. you take the time out of your day to let others know that you love what they’ve done. or you even go into detail about why you love the post or something stands out to you. your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed i promise♥️ i think everyone else’s (including me) new years resolution should be to send back every bit of love they’ve gotten from you (it won’t be easy)🥰🥰
woah that sounds so fun my school is pretty boring
thank you so very much sweet human being 😂. The spam of likes was because I love your timeless layout and thought that goes into every collage. I hope you have a wonderful decade and a very late merry christmas! lots of love, Maddy
aww yeah that sounds good:)
Ily too Lia you have been only amazing to me and I am so thankfullthat I met you💕💕
awwww tytyty that was so so kind ♥️🤗
Aw no problem!!! happy new year to you too! btw what do you use for your posts? the font is really pretty🥺
I’ve recently moved to a catholic school and omg they do so much. we also do the house thing but every school in Aus does it too, they just do so much in terms of activities (they also made my brother school join which I’m not complained about like who wouldn’t want to watch hot Aussie high school boys play sports) but when I read 6 houses I was like....that seems like too much. in every school here we only have 4 houses and depending on the school uniform you can only pick out of a few colours blue, red, white, green and yellow. the names also vary between schools but the colours stay the same. for my school we have St. Ann’s St. Mary’s St.Terrisa’s and St.Marietta
at my school they do so many camps too. the year 4 are going on a cruise to kangaroo island, the year 5’s are going to have a camp somewhere up north from where I live in South Australia and do like a whole week of kayaking, rock climbing and more, the year 6’s I’m not sure of and my grade we are going out of state to Canberra, the year 8,9,10,11,12 classes go on the thing called the J.A.M program (it’s stands for justice and mercy since our school is called the sisters of mercy) where they go around the world and help with anything that’s happening (for instance last year the year 12’s helped by making birth bags and give emotion support to the woman in Africa’
re/ maybe we do? what is your brother school called then? and also what was the year your school was founded? (sorry I’m bombarding you with questions I’m just really interested) I guess we get do a lot more thing in primary since there are a lot more places we could go hear in Aus, and every place we go isn’t that far from we’re the school is actually located. I think the younger kids just get to on a lot more camps is because my school has been around for along time and they know what there doing when it comes to handling everything it takes to ensure safety for such young kids. the J.A.M program is very interesting and I’m really excited to part take in it next year but it’s not as fun as it seems, don’t get me wrong, going around the world and helping people and partaking in good causes in something amazing is good but there are lots of down sides. the first thing is it can get really pricey and for my school you have to have specific uniform to be able to partake in the J.A.M program and they are the 2 priciest thing in the uniform shop. Also is most partners are really overprotective of the girls so I’ll have to persuade my parents form the start of the year (they sometimes don’t even let me go to sleepovers) and if not enough girls join no one can go.
cool! I’m from SE Asia so we don’t have houses in school but it’s fun anyway. it would be cooler if it was like urs.