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@pc give me back my captions challenge 😤
this totally reminds me of euphoria
TYY <33
omw hit in the feels again, anouk you are a master of that
Hoe gaat het??
love love loveee
My weekend was great, I hung out with my friends and took pictures of them going to the formal (which apparently everyone asked my crush if he was gonna take me and he said he thought about it but he knows I h8 loud crowds so he didn’t ask me- like omw how sweet is that)
thank you ugh you’re too sweet
i’m glad you’ve been good!!! this is sooo gorgeous btw !!!!!
and i’ve been good too!!! just sooo busy omg i don’t have time for pc anymore and that makes me so sad :((🩷
NO BUT I LOVE THIS OMG !! the colors + the design + the words.. this is a masterpiece ♡ yess definitely, it says: "practice makes the master" !! aww & that sounds nice, it snowed here today :// how was your weekend btw??🫶🫶
YEAHH :// sadly tbh 😭🩷
thank u !! & yess same here, i absolutely love sleek hairstyles but i'm not very good at making them <3
thank you✨✨✨