This is a little different, I normally do a colourful collage, so let me know what you guys think of this!☺️💕


⚓️tap⚓️ This is a little different, I normally do a colourful collage, so let me know what you guys think of this!☺️💕

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ooo so prettayyyy
amazing!! please join my guess me challenge! also you are an amazing collager!
hello! I have been great, thanks. I am just so busy to right now. I wanted to make a collage coz I hit 1.4K but it’s talking time. Also, school is taking a lot of chunks out of my free time..so I haven’t had time for pc...but yeah..How about you? Anything you’re looking forward to?
awww thank you so much. you give the greatest advice. yes, I have to do my English GCSE’s in June, which is quite early because I am in Year 9..and GCSE’s aren’t supposed to be done till year 11. My parents put lots of pressure on me to get a level 9. I’m just not ready yet...I just need a break...you know? like a trip somewhere..go to the cinema with my tennis friends..something like that. But for now it’s just tennis and school work. I also have a few tennis tournaments coming up. One tomorrow and one on Wednesday..I’m excited but also really nervous haha..
I do understand h ty at they are doing it bc they want the best for me, but I don’t get a break..
aww thankss
thank you soo much :)
So pretty ❤
Oh the icon! I made it! Tysm!!!
Thank you so much 😁
woah this is so cool!!!
omg, this is stunning🤩 ur such an awesome collager❤️❤️❤️
Thanks! Love this!
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so cool
yep gurl I just used my old photos 4 this check my very old posts
and thx so much so wut u wanna do
ya u could check my old posts same bg
it’s recycled since I deleted my Pinterest
ya and thx! I didn’t know anyone liked recycling aside from me... ❤️
how’s ur life btw? and wuts ur name? I’m Anna nice to meet u
oh it’s totally fine...
I like stuff more fancy than just red background
of course! but it might take me some time tho🙂
do u want it to very similar to mine?
omg thanks so much! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I visited your account! this is absolutely stunning!
I finished a little bit before I expected😉😚
wish u like it!
yes I would love if you could make me an icon🤗✌🖐
also love this collage
np!! thanks! 💗💗
i love the blue💙💙