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hi hi :)) i’m alexia !!
thank you mister! I actually really like yours as well;) I’m pretty good, what about you?
ooh I’d love to!! what do you have in mind mister?
mmm swimming sounds pretty good right now hehe
remix me :))
hello, im magdalena (:
as, thanks! if it’s easier you can call me magda or mags
could be better, i only got three hours of sleep. you?
just had a lot on my mind and couldn’t sleep. it’s been like that for several days
that sounds great, thank you
swimming would be fun!
whichever you prefer, handsome
hi I’m Bianca
*giggles* how are youuu
I’m good thanks for asking would you like to do something
we can watch a movie
ummm lilo and stitch sorry I love Disney movies 🥺
*turns it on*
*sits next to you*
*looks at you* can I put my head on your shoulder
*lays my head on your shoulder and watches*
*smiles a little*
*smiles* this blanket is comfy *cuddles softly*
so what do you look for in a girl
*shrugs* I’m otay. I tink my mommy weft me..well she wasnt my mommy but she took care of me and I got attached *pouts* I tink she ignoring me
hey -looks at u- (btw pc isn’t letting us remix or tap on ppls posts for some reason)
Sorry I’m not trying to ignore you but our pc is acting up but hopefully it gets fixed soon so we can talk 🥺
hey idk if you remember talking to me but it’s magdalena (: how are you
i’m alright, just trying to get back to making friends and stuff
so has ours, it’s annoying. but yeah, sure! have anything in mind???
hey I’ve got a new account, I’ll follow you there (:
hi hi!
how are youuuuu (: ✨
im okay i suppose. soooo wanna do something?
yessir, totally down
RAD is definitely my middle name sir dont u forget it
ima amazing
hey I’m Savannah but you can call me Sav ;)