♡ Tap ♡
(Caption in comments)
Please read all and then comment :) please! Because the caption is long and I spend some time writing it, then I have comments first and then the caption. Thank you♥️


♡ Tap ♡ (Caption in comments) Please read all and then comment :) please! Because the caption is long and I spend some time writing it, then I have comments first and then the caption. Thank you♥️

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eeeek omg this is so pretttttttyyyyu
omg why it doesn’t let me put the caption!! >:v (check remixes)
please check remixes! thank you ☺️
OOF I also forget saying that I was so happy and very proud of how this ended and then when I saw that @jungskook_ post and edit of Jun I was thinking on don’t post it but I was so happy and I decided to put it 😅 (you can see what happened on that post lol)
this is honestly a 10/10! it's so freaking gorgeous 😍💞💞💞
thank you! this is gorgeous!
ahhh @jungshook_ (sorry) 😓💞
yessss the svt comeback was just lEgEnDAirY💕💕💕 so legendary if ur lactose intolerant beware😂
thanks for all the nice comments!! :)
whoop is going to be posting it for me
awwwwww this is so prettyyyy
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aw thanks!! and you're welcome 🌸
thank you so much for all the nice comments! 💕💕
AWW I LOVE THIS!! and jun uwu 😔💞💞
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gwviabiqobqivacuwugvqu ahhh combing from someone as talented as u that means so much in gushingggg🤧🤧🤧🤧💕
thank you and no problem!
ty for liking all of my post!! ❤️
aww tysm❤️❤️
igwjqvisuvwvusvu UH NU
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omg 😱💙💙💙💙
well 2 days passed right, he came to me and said he wanted to get back with me just because it was a picture (he's the popular boy in school) he loves pictures because he's popular, anyways he then remember the school disco was coming up so he asked me but Stephanie came and said are you go find your clothes for the disco "honey" he said shhh just so I wouldn't find out, that cane to the part when she said "he's my boyfriend now he said he loves me over you" then I ran and cried obviously me and my friend went to her house I was eating her ice cream crying then she joined.... she's the weird one she kept saying sorry Hun it's my fault and crying and eating at the same time lol😂 them her mum came and said what going on you nutcase why r u crying... she just cried harder for me😂 it was funny and yea that's the end the funny end
and also she went close and said honey like she whispered in her ear thinking I couldn't hear her but I could I could even see it she even kissed him afterwards to make me feel jealous
re:// thank you 😂💓💞 also I love this it’s so pretty 😍❤️
thank you so much for your kind words they really made me smile💜💜 im glad you’ve found inspiration to keep yourself going 😊
also this is so beautiful omg jun my heart💙 also I love svt’s comeback it’s perfection
your welcome ❤️😁 Thank you girl ❤️❤️☺️this is random but I’m having trouble with finding a theme to stick with for my edits I’m not sure if it’s good to keep changing it or if I should try and stick with one 🤷🏼‍♀️any advice? 😬💓
aw thank you sm honey 💜
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re//: not yet but I will!
and thank you so much your words really mean alot especially since your edit was one of the first I saw and really inspired me 😭😭🤧💕💕💕
aww no problem and thank you so much 😭🤧♥️
same! lol I was so confused when there was the nananananaannana I was like ummmm??? ohhhh ok
THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️ this has really helped! you have always been so supportive I’m very grateful for all your help😭❤️ LY! ♥️
and thaaaaaankS
yeaaaah 😂😂😂too many comebacks lol
yeaah, ofc i can do ur request. Which idol, what theme, which style from my acc
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omg haha yessss I saw this one meme of him and Sehun since they both have no lines.. hold up I think I still have it
yes because Whoop Whoop is so iconic 😂😂😂
awwww ty 💖💖💖
thank you so much!!!🤧I can’t believe that I’m so close😱😱I really do appreciate all of your lovely comments and support it’s means so much 😭💜💜💜💜
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awwww what you said on KDNA was really sweet tysm!!💞💞
tysm 💖💕
glad you like it 😂❤️and yesss he is my bias wrecker(♥ω♥*)aswell as everyone else in seventeen lol ( ˘ ³˘)♥ 😂❤️
anytime lovely!~
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Hi sorry, I’m back on KRUSH.❤️I was helping out my brother~😅
sorry I got worried for a second😅 I hope everything is going ok for u!